In Paragraph 2 Sample Clauses

In Paragraph 2. 2.1 of Section Two of the Agreement, the words, "provided that DISTRIBUTOR had given written notice to DEALER not less than twelve (12) months prior to the end of the initial ten (10) year term that such notice is required by DEALER" shall be added at the end of the fourth line on the first sentence after the word "effect" and before the semicolon.
In Paragraph 2. 1, the second paragraphs (a) and (b) are renumbered as subparagraphs (c) (i) and (ii) and are amended to read as follows:
In Paragraph 2. 2.3 of Section Two of the Agreement, the words, "together with those amendments in form and substance previously agreed upon", are added at the end of the first sentence.

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  • Sole Paragraph The intervention will be considered unnecessary in the events set forth by Paragraph 1 of clause 27.4, as well as in the cases set forth in Article 114, item IV of Law no. 9.472, dated 1997.

  • Paragraph 2nd The efficiency will be characterized by the attainment and preservation of the parameters included in the present Contract and by the meeting to the user of the service within the time limits in this Contract.

  • Paragraph 3rd Anatel will follow permanently the relationship between the providers that make use of the service now being granted and the Concessionaire, so as to restrain conducts that may imply in unfair loss to any one of the parties or that imply in violation to the economic order and to the free competition, communicating, in these hypotheses, such conducts to the Administrative Council of Economic Defense – XXXX, after the exercise of its competence, as per disposition of art. 19, item XIX, of Law No. 9,472 of 1997.

  • FIRST PARAGRAPH Any modification of the clauses of this Independent Affiliation Agreement or of the documents that are an integral part of this agreement, will come into effect from the moment they are expressly accepted by the INDEPENDENT AFFILIATE. SECOND PARAGRAPH. - If the INDEPENDENT AFFILIATE does not expressly accept any modification, it will be understood that it terminates the Contract immediately, without being subject to any type of sanction or penalty and always maintaining the benefits to which it is entitled until then, according to the Compensation Plan.

  • PREAMBLE The parties agree that this article constitutes the method and procedure for a final and conclusive settlement of any dispute (hereinafter referred to as "the grievance") respecting the interpretation, application, operation or alleged violation of this Collective Agreement, including a question as to whether a matter is arbitrable.

  • Grant of Put Option Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Company irrevocably grants and issues to each Grantee a Put Option to require the Company to purchase the Shares at a purchase price (the "Put Payment Price") per Share of (i) $2.50 or, if the Company has effected one or more Subsequent Dilutive Offerings prior to the exercise of the Put Option, at the lowest Purchase Price Per Common Share Equivalent (as defined in the Third Amended and Restated Investors Rights Agreement) prior to the exercise of the Put Option, as equitably adjusted from time to time for combinations of shares, stock splits, stock dividends, recapitalizations and the like (the "Share Purchase Price"), plus (ii) interest on the Share Purchase Price at the rate of nine percent (9%) simple interest per annum from the date on which such Shares subject to the exercise of the Put Option were originally acquired from the Company (except that, for purposes of this section 2, the Shares issued to the Grantees in connection with a Subsequent Dilutive Offering shall be deemed to have been issued on the date on which the Shares underlying such additional issuance were originally purchased from the Company) to the date on which the Put Payment Price is paid in full.

  • Conditions Term of Agreement 57 3.1 Conditions Precedent to the Initial Extension of Credit........................................57 3.2 Conditions Subsequent to the Initial Extension of Credit.......................................61 3.3 Conditions Precedent to all Extensions of Credit...............................................61 3.4 Term...........................................................................................62 3.5

  • Commencement of Exercisability (a) So long as the Optionee continues to be employed by the Company or any other Service Recipients, the Option shall become exercisable pursuant to the following schedules:

  • Additional Terms Applicable to an Incentive Option In the event this option is designated an Incentive Option in the Grant Notice, the following terms and conditions shall also apply to the grant:

  • Additional Terms and Conditions Applicable to Subletting The following terms and conditions shall apply to any subletting by Lessee of all or any part of the Premises and shall be deemed included in all subleases under this Lease whether or not expressly incorporated therein: