IN BUSINESS Sample Clauses

IN BUSINESS. A business entity that has been in business for any period of time. A sub-category is start up business. See also definition of Client.
IN BUSINESS. Advise the Agent and each Lender, in a timely manner, of material changes to the nature of business of the Borrower or the Broker Subsidiary as at present conducted. The Broker Subsidiary is at present engaged in the business of providing financial services, primarily to individual investors and/or their advisors. 
IN BUSINESS. Seller has not granted, and there is not outstanding, any option, right, agreement or other obligation pursuant to which any Person could claim a right to acquire in any way all or any part of, or interest in, the Business.
IN BUSINESS. This agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the successor in business of the Company at the said Site.

Related to IN BUSINESS

  • Union Business (a) The Hospital shall grant leave of absence without pay to employees to attend Union conventions, seminars, education classes and other Union business in connection with the administration of the collective agreement provided that such leave will not interfere with the efficient operation of the Hospital. Such leave will not be unreasonably denied. In requesting such leave of absence for an employee or employees, the Union must give at least fourteen (14) days clear notice in writing to the Hospital, unless not reasonably possible to give such notice. The cumulative total leave of absence, the number of employees that may be absent at any one time from any one area, and the number of days of absence shall be negotiated locally and are set out in the Local Provisions Appendix. During such leave of absence, the employee's salary and applicable benefits shall be maintained by the Hospital on the basis of what his normal regular hours of work would have been, provided that the Union reimburses the Hospital in the amount of such salary and applicable benefits within thirty (30) days of billing. Notwithstanding the above, time spent by the eight (8) Executive Board members and seven (7) Alternate Executive Board members of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions to fulfill the duties of the position shall be in addition to leave for Union Business under this clause. Part-time and casual employees will be given full credit for seniority purposes for regularly scheduled hours missed in accordance with this provision.

  • The Business The parties acknowledge that the Company is engaged in the development, marketing and sale of certain proprietary technologies, processes and related products in the areas of chemical detection, technical processes, and technical/business services, and that the Company may also from time to time become or may intend to become engaged in other business endeavors (individually and collectively, the "BUSINESS"). The Company shall be deemed to intend to become engaged in a business endeavor if it has devoted or expended any significant resources, either financial or human resources, towards the proposed endeavor, either in planning or implementing the undertaking of such planned endeavor.

  • For Union Business The Employer agrees that, where permission has been granted to representatives of the Union to leave their employment temporarily in order to carry on negotiations with the Employer, or with respect to a grievance, they shall suffer no loss of pay for the time so spent.

  • Change in Business Borrower shall not enter into any line of business other than the ownership and operation of the Property, or make any material change in the scope or nature of its business objectives, purposes or operations, or undertake or participate in activities other than the continuance of its present business.

  • Changes in Business From the Closing Date, the Borrower and its Subsidiaries taken as a whole will not fundamentally and substantively alter the character of their business taken as a whole from the business conducted by the Borrower and its Subsidiaries taken as a whole on the Closing Date and other business activities incidental or related to any of the foregoing (the “Business”).

  • Time Off for Union Business (a) Without Pay Leave of absence without pay and without loss of seniority will be granted:

  • Association Business Duly authorized representatives of the Association shall have access to University premises for the purposes of transacting Association business consistent with this Agreement and the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act.

  • Leave for Union Business The Hospital agrees to grant leaves of absence, without pay, to nurses selected by the Union to attend Union business including conferences, conventions and Provincial Committee meetings and to any nurse elected to the position of Local Co-ordinator. The cumulative total leave of absence, the amount of notice, the number of nurses that may be absent at any time from one area and the number of days (including those of the Local Co-ordinator) is set out in the Appendix of Local Provisions. During such leave of absence, a nurse's salary and applicable benefits or percentage in lieu of fringe benefits shall be maintained by the Hospital and the local Union agrees to reimburse the Hospital in the amount of the daily rate of the full-time nurse or in the amount of the full cost of such salary and percentage in lieu of fringe benefits of a part-time nurse except for Provincial Committee meetings which will be reimbursed by the Union. The Hospital will xxxx the local Union within a reasonable period of time. Part-time nurses will receive service and seniority credit for all leaves granted under this Article.

  • No Change in Business There has been no change in the business, operations, financial condition, properties or assets of the Servicer since the date of its financial statements that would have a material adverse effect on the ability of the Servicer to perform its obligations under this Agreement;

  • Non-Company Business Except with the prior written consent of the Board, Executive will not during the term of Executive’s employment with the Company undertake or engage in any other employment, occupation or business enterprise, other than ones in which Executive is a passive investor. Executive may engage in civic and not-for-profit activities so long as such activities do not materially interfere with the performance of Executive’s duties hereunder.