In Attendance Sample Clauses

In Attendance. 5.1 Managerial and clinical leads from the specialised service commissioning team, including programme of care leads and CCG leads as required.
In Attendance. 1.2.7 The Joint Committee Chair may invite other members of the WHSST or others to attend all or part of a meeting on an ex-officio basis to assist the Joint Committee in its work. U se of the termIndependent Members
In Attendance. 4.10 The Board will also include the following non-voting members in attendance: ◻ Chief Information Officer of the South East Coast Strategic Health Authority, or agreed representative ◻ Sussex HIS Lead for the NPfIT Programme

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  • Attendance Each Member shall use all reasonable efforts to cause its Representatives or Alternate Representatives to attend each meeting of the Management Committee, unless its Representatives are unable to do so because of a "force majeure" event or other event beyond his reasonable control, in which event such Member shall use all reasonable efforts to cause its Representatives or Alternate Representatives to participate in the meeting by telephone pursuant to Section 6.02(h).

  • Court Attendance Any employee covered by this Agreement who may be required to attend any commission, court or hearing, to give evidence in any case, civil or criminal respecting the hotel in which they are employed, shall be compensated at the same hourly rate as called for in this Agreement, with a minimum of four (4) hours pay.

  • Conference Attendance Effective October 1, 1996, unit employees shall be entitled to up to four (4) days administrative leave of absence within any two consecutive fiscal years subject to the following conditions:

  • Attendance at Meetings Employees designated as shop stewards or official representatives of the Union shall be allowed to attend meetings held by County agencies during regular working hours on County time as follows:

  • Attendance Bonus Employees are eligible for an attendance bonus when every shift is satisfactorily worked throughout the monthly schedule period and no changes are requested in the schedule by the employee except for trading shifts as provided for in Article 13.4.4 or utilizing unpaid union leave. To qualify, a minimum of 130 compensated hours must have been worked during the qualifying period. The bonus will be an additional twenty-five ($0.25) per hour on only the hours worked in the qualifying period.

  • Perfect Attendance Regular full-time employees who do not utilize any sick leave in pay periods 1 through 26 consecutively, (or 27 when applicable) and who do not record any sick leave without pay or absent without pay, Medical Emergency Leave, or Military Leave except to the extent as may be required by law, during those consecutive pay periods, shall be reimbursed up to a maximum of $299 for an annual individual (employee only) health club membership. The health club membership cost must be incurred and submitted for reimbursement within a reasonable period from when it was awarded. In lieu of the reimbursement, the employee has the option of utilizing sixteen (16) hours of perfect attendance leave, no cash-out provision, from the pay period the perfect attendance leave is credited to the employee’s leave balances until the end of pay period 26 (or 27 when applicable). Failure to utilize perfect attendance leave by pay period 26 (or 27 when applicable) shall result in forfeiture of the same.

  • Board Meetings The Superintendent shall attend, and shall be permitted to attend, all meetings of the Board, both public and closed, with the exception of those closed meetings devoted to the consideration of any action or lack of action on the Superintendent's Contract, or the Superintendent's evaluation, or for purposes of resolving conflicts between individual Board members, or when the Board is acting in its capacity as a tribunal. In the event of illness or Board-approved absence, the Superintendent's designee shall attend such meetings.

  • Attendance Incentive It is the desire of both the Employer and the Union to provide consistent quality bus service for all students. It is also a mutual desire to have qualified permanent District bus drivers available to drive all identified bus routes. Based on this mutual interest, the parties agree to this Attendance Incentive program during the life of the Agreement: