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if required. Urea is known to be unstable in solution, however urea sequencing buffer is sold commercially with a reported shelf life of over 6 months when refrigerated. We will determine whether urea can if fact meet the shelf life requirements, or whether alternate denaturants (Smith et al., 1990) need to be investigated. If these approaches are unsuccessful, we can dehydrate the matrix in the channels for shipment. A re-sealable cover/base design will be preferred in this approach for rehydration kinetics, and should be feasible through the formulation of the cover material (e.g., use of an elastomeric polymer layer enabling sealing through compression). Polymerization of crosslinked gels in capillary size channels can result in shrinkage-induced defects, particularly when the gel is linked to the channel walls. SBio's patented process (Soane, 1991) with proven ability to prepare defect-free, gel-filled capillaries can be employed here. This method compensates for polymerization-induced shrinkage by a sequential curing technique similar to that described for substrate replication. This process can be readily applied to all of the channels simultaneously using a single UV scan from one end to the other of the sealed microreplicated system. The above methods should also allow for incorporation of dynamic porosity compositions for situations where longer read lengths are desired.
if required. (b) If approval is required, ChemGenex will do all things reasonably necessary to procure the approval at the next annual general meeting of ChemGenex or any prior extraordinary general meeting of ChemGenex, but not later than October 30, 2005.
if required. (b) The Parties acknowledge that IID is not a public utility subject to FERC’s jurisdiction under Section 205 or 206 of the Federal Power Act. Therefore, as applied to IID, the Effective Date for the Agreement shall not commence until the later of the date the Agreement is executed by IID, either voluntarily or pursuant to a lawful order issued by FERC in accordance with Sections 210 and 212 of the Federal Power Act, and the effective date of the Agreement specified by FERC for the Transmission Owners and CAISO that are FERC-jurisdictional public utilities as specified in the order.
if required. The Borrower hereby covenants with the Collateral Agent that the Borrower will provide the Collateral Agent with sufficient information so as to enable the Collateral Agent to determine whether or not the Collateral Agent is obliged to make any withholding tax in respect of any payments (and if applicable, to provide the necessary detailed information to effectuate the withholding tax, such as setting forth applicable amounts to be withheld).

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  • Check if Required  If checked, the Supplemental State Terms and attached hereto as Exhibit “G” are hereby incorporated by reference into this DPA in their entirety.  If Checked, the Provider, has signed Exhibit “E” to the Standard Clauses, otherwise known as General Offer of Privacy Terms

  • Consents Required A complete list of all agreements wherein consent to the transaction herein contemplated is required to avoid a default thereunder; or where notice of such transaction is required at or subsequent to closing, or where consent to an acquisition, consolidation, or sale of all or substantially all of the assets is required to avoid a default thereunder. (Schedule F.)

  • APPROVALS REQUIRED Except as set forth on Schedule 3.18 or as contemplated or as required by this Agreement, no approval, authorization, consent, order or other action of, or filing with, any person, firm or corporation or any court, administrative agency or other governmental authority is required in connection with the execution and delivery by the Acquiree Shareholders of this Agreement or the consummation by them of the transactions described herein, except to the extent that any of Acquiree Shareholders may be required to file reports in accordance with relevant regulations under federal and state securities laws upon execution of this Agreement and/or consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Insurance Required The Engineer shall secure the insurance specified below. The insurance shall be issued by insurance company(s) acceptable to the City and may be in a policy or policies of insurance, primary or excess. Certificates of all required insurance including any policy endorsements shall be provided to the City prior to or upon the execution of this Agreement.

  • No Governmental Approvals Required Except as previously obtained or made, no authorization, consent, approval, order, license or permit from, or filing, registration or qualification with, any Governmental Agency is or will be required to authorize or permit under applicable Laws the execution and delivery by Borrower of the Loan Documents to which it is a Party and payment of the Obligations.

  • Mitigation Not Required As a condition of any payment hereunder, Executive shall not be required to mitigate the amount of such payment by seeking other employment or otherwise, nor will any profits, income, earnings or other benefits from any source whatsoever create any mitigation, offset, reduction or any other obligation on the part of Executive under this Agreement.

  • Upload of Current W-9 Required Please note that you are required by TIPS to upload a current W-9 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Form for your entity. This form will be utilized by TIPS to properly identify your entity. Additionally, if not designated “Confidential” in your proposal response, this W-9 may be accessed by TIPS Members for the purpose of making TIPS purchases from you in the event that you are awarded. If you wish to designate your required W-9 confidential, please do so according to the terms of the Confidentiality Claim Form which is an attachment to this solicitation. 5

  • Notice Required Employees must notify the Employer prior to the commencement of their shift of any anticipated absence from duty because of sickness and employees must notify the Employer prior to their return to work.

  • No Approvals Required Other than consents and approvals previously obtained and actions previously taken, neither the execution and delivery of this Agreement and the other Transaction Documents to which it is a party, nor the consummation of any of the transactions contemplated hereby or thereby requires the consent or approval of, the giving of notice to, or the registration, recording or filing by it of any document with, or the taking of any other action in respect of, any Governmental Authority that has jurisdiction over it or any of its Property.

  • Prior Procedure Required No grievance shall be considered by the arbitrator which has not been first duly processed in accordance with the grievance procedure and appeal provisions.