Horizon Sample Clauses

Horizon solely in connection with the Applicable Licensed Product Items and in connection with providing, marketing, and selling the same set of CSC and third-party components provided, marketed, and sold at such time by CSC under CSC’s then-current use of the HORIZON mark, compliance with such limitation to be determined by CSC;
Horizon. Horizon is a reporting and management tool that provides detailed information on storage and backup data utilization. Based on Tek-Tools Profiler product. GlassHouse Methodologies (collectively referred to as “Transom”) • Service Provider Model The Service Provider Model is a methodology to align business requirements with IT service delivery capabilities and to transform the IT organization to effectively respond to business needs. • Data Value Model The Data Value Model provides a methodology for information classification and management in accordance with business value. • Storage Management Lifecycle The Storage Management Lifecycle is a best practices framework of specific activities required for optimal planning, deployment, and operation of the storage infrastructure. • Storage Maturity Model The Storage Maturity Model is a method to evaluate the capabilities of a storage organization against industry norms and to identify and address operational deficiencies. • RapidDeploy RapidDeploy is a process for designing and integrating network and systems infrastructures via an accelerated four-stage process. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the License Agreement, Dell acknowledges and agrees that it may be necessary for Dell to separately procure license rights from the third party vendors identified in this Exhibit D (Tek-Tools, Itheon and Aptare) to use the corresponding GlassHouse Intellectual Property in the manner contemplated herein. To avoid uncertainty, GlassHouse Intellectual Property shall not be deemed to include usual generally available third party provided operating environment infrastructure components (such as, for example, web servers, operating systems and database applications) and not materials GlassHouse built or had others build for it.
Horizon. Average portfolio maturity of one year or less with individual investment maturities of one (I) year or less from the current fiscal quarter end
Horizon. CMS SUBSIDIARIES AND HORIZON/CMS OTHER ENTITIES. (a) There is included in the Disclosure Schedule, as EXHIBIT 3.3(a), a true and correct list of all Subsidiaries of Horizon/CMS (individually, a "Horizon/CMS Subsidiary", and collectively, the "Horizon/CMS Subsidiaries") and their states of incorporation. Except as set forth on EXHIBIT 3.3(a), Horizon/CMS does not own stock in and does not control, directly or indirectly, any other corporation, association or business organization other than the Horizon/CMS Other Entities (as defined below).
Horizon. For a bank trading portfolio invested in highly liquid currencies, a one-day horizon may be acceptable. For an investment manager with a monthly rebalancing and reporting focus, a 30-day period may be more appropriate. Ideally, the holding period should correspond to the longest period needed for an orderly portfolio liquidation.
Horizon. Horizon’s main objective is to raise capital for educational purposes through systematic investment while offering insurance protection in the event of loss of life. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents and anyone interested in securing a child’s education can be insured. In the event of loss of life of the insured person, the owner or the owner’s beneficiaries will be paid the selected sum insured or the surrender value, whichever is greater. It is possible to add Additional Benefits, as per point 6.2 below. DurationFrom 10 to 25 years, with maximum expiration at the age of 75. AgeIndividuals between 2 and 65 years old can be insured.
Horizon. FUNDING 2019-1 LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, as the trust depositor (together with its successor and assigns, in such capacity, the “Trust Depositor”);
Horizon. 846 F.3d at 636 (using limiting words of “when it comes to laws that protect privacy” and “in the context of statutes protecting data privacy” (quoting Nickelodeon, 827 F.3d at 272-73)).