Historical Test Sample Clauses

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Financial testing The financial covenants set out in Clause 20.2 (Financial condition) shall be tested by reference to each of the financial statements and/or each Compliance Certificate delivered pursuant to Clause 19.2 (Compliance Certificate).
Financial Tests The Company hereby certifies and warrants to you that the following is a true and correct computation as at the Computation Date of the following ratios and/or financial restrictions contained in the Credit Agreement:
Performance Testing 7.2.1 The Design-Builder shall direct and supervise the tests and, if necessary, the retests of the Plant using Design-Builder’s supervisory personnel and the Air Emissions Tester shall conduct the air emissions test, in each case, in accordance with the testing procedures set forth in Exhibit A (the “Performance Tests”), to demonstrate, at a minimum, compliance with the Performance Guarantee Criteria. Owner is responsible for obtaining Air Emissions Tester and for ensuring Air Emissions Tester’s timely performance. Design-Builder shall cooperate with the Air Emissions Tester to facilitate performance of all air emissions tests. Design-Builder shall not be held responsible for the actions of Owner’s employees and third parties involved in the Performance Testing, including but not limited to Air Emissions Tester.
Performance Tests Contractor shall perform Performance Tests in accordance with Section 11.2 of the Agreement and Attachment S.
Space Availability Report Upon request by CLEC, Qwest will submit to CLEC within ten (10) Days of CLEC's request, a report for each requested Premises, that includes:
Net Operating Income For any Real Estate and for a given period, the sum of the following (without duplication): (a) gross revenues (including interest income) received in the ordinary course from such Real Estate minus (b) all expenses paid or accrued related to the ownership, operation or maintenance of such Real Estate, including but not limited to taxes, assessments and the like, insurance, utilities, payroll costs, maintenance, repair and landscaping expenses, marketing expenses, and general and administrative expenses (including an appropriate allocation for legal, accounting, advertising, marketing and other expenses incurred in connection with such Real Estate, but specifically excluding general overhead expenses of the REIT, Borrower or any Subsidiary, any property management fees, debt service charges, income taxes, depreciation, amortization, other non-cash expenses, and any extraordinary, non-recurring expense associated with any financing, merger, acquisition, divestiture or other capital transaction) minus (c) a management fee in the amount of three percent (3.0%) of the gross revenues for such Real Estate for such period.
Payment of Operating Expenses Subject to the provisions of Section 6.08(c), Borrower will (i) pay the expenses of operating, managing, maintaining and repairing the Mortgaged Property (including utilities, Repairs and Capital Replacements) before the last date upon which each such payment may be made without any penalty or interest charge being added, and (ii) pay Insurance premiums at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of each policy of Insurance, unless applicable law specifies some lesser period.
Benchmark Testing This benchmark testing restriction applies to You if You are a software developer or licensor or if You are performing testing on the Software at the direction of or on behalf of a software developer or licensor. You may not, without Novell's prior written consent not to be unreasonably withheld, publish or disclose to any third party the results of any benchmark test of the Software. If You are a licensor of products that are functionally similar to or compete with the Software (“Similar Products”), or are acting on behalf of such a licensor, and You publish or disclose benchmark information on the Software in violation of this restriction, then notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Similar Product's end user license agreement, and in addition to any other remedies Novell may have, Novell shall have the right to perform benchmark testing on Similar Products and to disclose and publish that benchmark information and You hereby represent that You have authority to grant such right to Novell.
Rent Rolls; Operating Histories Mortgage Loan Seller has obtained a rent roll (the “Certified Rent Roll(s)”) other than with respect to hospitality or single tenant properties certified by the related Mortgagor or the related guarantor(s) as accurate and complete in all material respects as of a date within 180 days of the date of origination of the related Mortgage Loan. Mortgage Loan Seller has obtained operating histories (the “Certified Operating Histories”) with respect to each Mortgaged Property certified by the related Mortgagor or the related guarantor(s) as accurate and complete in all material respects as of a date within 180 days of the date of origination of the related Mortgage Loan.
Random Testing Notwithstanding any provisions of the Collective Agreement or any special agreements appended thereto, section 4.6 of the Canadian Model will not be applied by agreement. If applied to a worker dispatched by the Union, it will be applied or deemed to be applied unilaterally by the Employer. The Union retains the right to grieve the legality of any imposition of random testing in accordance with the Grievance Procedure set out in this Collective Agreement.