Hiring Committee Sample Clauses

Hiring Committee. 6.03.1 Hiring committees shall be composed of a minimum of four (4)
Hiring Committee. 1. A Hiring Committee shall be formed at the School and will be responsible for ensuring that the School attracts, recruits, and hires high-quality educators. The committee consists of the principal, Faculty representatives, and may also include students. Notwithstanding the below procedures, the Hiring Committee will determine the process for hiring new employees. Best efforts will be made to reach consensus on all hiring decisions, with due consideration to majority opinion. However, the principal retains the final authority on all hiring decisions.
Hiring Committee. A hiring committee (herein for the remainder of Article 16 referred to as “the Committee”) will be appointed for the purposes of undertaking the hiring process for any vacancy that exists. The Committee will consist of one member from the sub-unit or in exceptional circumstances one member appointed by the Union’s Executive, and two members appointed by the Employer from the Executive. The Employer will notify the Union of the creation of the Committee, following which both the Union and the Employer will have five (5) business days to appoint their respective members. The work of the hiring committee and the subject matter of interviews shall remain confidential during the hiring process. However, if the hiring committee agrees, such information may be disclosed to the Executive members.
Hiring Committee. The District shall contact the CCE/AFT regarding requests for classified bargaining unit representatives on non-faculty hiring committees. The CCE/AFT shall designate the classified representative(s) to serve on such committees.
Hiring Committee. 12.4,1 When more than one (1) internal employee applies for an open position, or when no internal employee is hired to an open position, a hiring committee shall be struck to make recommendations to the relevant Personnel Manager or designate for the position being filled.
Hiring Committee a) For all competitions the Executive Director and Union shall establish a hiring committee consisting of the Executive Director or Director of Programming, a program supervisor or an appropriate alternate, and a Union representative. Where possible, this committee will endeavour to make decisions by consensus. Final approval for hiring is the responsibility of the Executive Director or Director of Programming.
Hiring Committee. In filling bargaining unit positions, interviews shall be conducted by a hiring committee composed of at least three (3) members, including at least one (1) supervisor and one (1) bargaining unit employee. A majority of the hiring committee will be drawn from the department with the vacancy. Bargaining unit participation in the hiring committee is voluntary. In the event that there is only one volunteer, the committee shall convene with the participation of that employee. In the event that there are no volunteers for the committee, hiring shall proceed under the direction of Management.
Hiring Committee. The hiring of employees shall be initiated by the Executive Director who will convene a Hiring Committee which shall consist of a minimum of one (1) Employer member, the Executive Director, and a minimum of one (1) employee. The Hiring Committee will make recommendations to the Employer who will make the final decision. The employee representative shall be chosen by the employees.
Hiring Committee. Management agrees to include one bargaining unit Employee to participate on the hiring committee for bargaining unit positions. It is the responsibility of the union to assign a member to participate on this committee; failure to do so will in no way slow down and/or prevent this committee from meeting and making their recommendation to hire.
Hiring Committee. The Employer shall establish a Hiring Committee consisting of, at minimum, the Supervisor and two (2) others. The Hiring Committee shall conduct all interviews and hiring and shall be formed before the Employer posts any position or hires any Employee (as outlined in Articles 10 and 11).