HIGHWAY AGREEMENT. ARTICLE A-1 - SCOPE OF THE AGREEMENT Highway Construction shall include but not be limited to the construction, or modification, or addition, or repair of railroad and highway bridges (including setting of super structure steel on bridges), pile driving, piers, abutments, retaining walls, viaducts, pedestrian tunnels, subways, track elevation projects, railroad construction; sanitary sewers, waterlines, underground utilities, pre-fabricated package bid sewer and/or water treatment plants; aqueducts, irrigation projects; flood control projects, reservoirs, water supply projects; transmission lines and all work let by the Kentucky Department of Transportation except building construction; all work normally included in highway or street construction contracts when let by Federal, State, Counties, municipalities or their agencies and other political sub-division, except that covered in Heavy, Section B, of this agreement, or building contracts; airport construction, including but not limited to, flight strips, runways, taxi strips, holding areas, aprons and construction required and incidental to this work; cross-country railroads, including highway and railroad bridges; all reclamation work, overburden excavation or any excavation related to mining; all subdivision excavation including underground utilities, grading, drainage, and paving; inland dredging and/or open waste containments not incidental to new construction; building site projects: all site preparation including all excavation and embankments, all utilities, roads, streets, parking lots, paving, railroads, new pits or holding ponds or liquid storage areas, hazardous waste removal and containment areas.
HIGHWAY AGREEMENT. I further acknowledge that I understand the same as was explained and agree to conduct a safety briefing with all participants prior to any field activity in accordance with the aforementioned program. Date Group Safety Leader Group Name Date Safety Officer Clinton County Highway Department SAFETY SIGNATURE SHEET (To be Signed at Safety Briefing) As a participant in the Clinton County Adopt-A-Highway Program along , I have been briefed on the potentially hazardous nature of the work and a list of safety points has been covered. I understand the importance of safety on the job and will take appropriate precautions. Signature: Safety Briefer: Date: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF STATUTORY LIMIT ON LIABILITY The undersigned hereby acknowledges and understands that Section 277 of the General Municipal Law provides as follows: "Notwithstanding any inconsistent provisions of law, the County and its employees shall not be liable for damages suffered by any person resulting from the actions or activities of such volunteers or groups.” Participant's Signature Parent/Guardian's Signature (Required if Participant is 12 to 18 years of age)
HIGHWAY AGREEMENT. The Department of Transportation, hereinafter called the “Department” and hereinafter called the “Group”’ recognize the need and desirability of reducing litter along state highways. This Agreement allows the Group to adopt a section of state highway in an effort to reduce litter along state highways.
HIGHWAY AGREEMENT. A-1 Scope 6 A-2 Reporting Time 6 A-3 Work Rules 7 A-4 Payday 7 X-0 Xxx-Xxxxxxxxxx 0 X-0 Xxxx Carryover 8 A-7 Project Agreement 8 A-8 Inclusion 9 SECTION B - HEAVY AGREEMENT X-0 Xxxxx 00 X-0 Shift work 13 B-3 Reporting Time 13 B-4 Work Rules 14&15 B-5 Payday 15 B-6 Minor Equipment 15&16 X-0 Xxxxxxxxxxxxx 00 X-0 Jurisdictional Disputes 17 B-9 Project Agreement 17 B-10 Inclusion 17 AGREEMENT DURATION 17 SIGNATORY CONTRACTORS 19 It is understood and agreed by and between the parties signatory hereto that the following Article shall and will be incorporated in both Section A, Highway Agreement, and Section B, Heavy Agreement, as though written therein:


  • Cooperation Agreement Xxxxxx and Meggitt have entered into a cooperation agreement dated 2 August 2021, (the Cooperation Agreement) pursuant to which, among other things: • Xxxxxx has agreed to take or cause to be taken all necessary steps in order to secure the regulatory clearances and authorisations necessary to satisfy Conditions 3 to 20 (inclusive) of Part A of Appendix 1 to this announcement, in sufficient time to enable the Effective Date to occur prior to the Long-Stop Date; and • Xxxxxx and Meggitt have each agreed to certain undertakings to co-operate and provide each other with reasonable information, assistance and access in relation to the filings, submissions and notifications to be made in relation to such regulatory clearances and authorisations. Under the terms of the Cooperation Agreement, Xxxxxx has agreed with Meggitt that it will offer a number of legally binding commitments to HM Government, as further described at paragraph 9 above. The Cooperation Agreement records the parties’ intentions to implement the Acquisition by way of Scheme, subject to the ability of Xxxxxx to implement the Acquisition by way of a Takeover Offer in certain circumstances set out in the Cooperation Agreement and with the consent of the Panel. The Cooperation Agreement will be capable of termination by either party in certain circumstances, including if the Scheme does not become Effective by the Long-Stop Date, a competing transaction completes, becomes effective or is declared or becomes unconditional in all respects, any Condition has been invoked by Xxxxxx (in circumstances where invocation of the relevant Condition is permitted by the Panel) prior to the Long-Stop Date or if the Acquisition is withdrawn or lapses in accordance with its terms prior to the Long-Stop Date. In addition, Xxxxxx may terminate the Cooperation Agreement on written notice to Meggitt where the Meggitt directors have publicly withdrawn, adversely qualified, adversely modified or failed to reaffirm or re-issue (when reasonably requested by Xxxxxx to do so) their unanimous and unconditional recommendation that Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx vote in favour of the Scheme or a competing transaction is either recommended by the directors of Meggitt or completes, becomes effective or is declared or becomes unconditional in all respects. Pursuant to the terms of the Cooperation Agreement, Xxxxxx has undertaken that it will deliver a notice in writing to Meggitt on the business day prior to the Scheme Court Hearing confirming either: (i) the satisfaction or waiver of all conditions (other than Condition 2); or (ii) if permitted by the Panel, that it intends to invoke one or more Conditions. The Cooperation Agreement also contains provisions that will apply in respect of the Meggitt Share Schemes and certain other employee incentive arrangements. Clean Team Agreement Xxxxxx and Meggitt have entered into a due diligence clean team agreement dated 7 July 2021 (the Clean Team Agreement), which sets out how any confidential information that is commercially sensitive can be disclosed, used or shared for the purposes of due diligence, synergies evaluation, integration planning and regulatory clearance. Such commercially sensitive information must only be made available to the party receiving information through designated persons removed from day-to-day commercial or strategic operations and decisions and external professional advisers. The findings of such designated persons and external advisers may only be relayed to other employees, officers and directors of the receiving party in specified circumstances and subject to certain restrictions.

  • One Agreement This Agreement and any related security or other agreements required by this Agreement, collectively:

  • Amended and Restated Agreement This Agreement amends and restates, in its entirety, and replaces, the Prior Loan Agreement. This Agreement is not intended to, and does not, novate the Prior Loan Agreement and Borrower reaffirms that the existing security interest created by the Prior Loan Agreement is and remains in full force and effect.

  • Amended and Restated Agreement and Declaration of Trust A copy of the Amended and Restated Agreement and Declaration of Trust for the Trust is on file with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Amended and Restated Agreement and Declaration of Trust has been executed on behalf of the Trust by Trustees of the Trust in their capacity as Trustees of the Trust and not individually. The obligations of this Agreement shall be binding upon the assets and property of the Trust and shall not be binding upon any Trustee, officer, or shareholder of the Trust individually.

  • Parties to Lock-Up Agreements The Company has furnished to the Underwriters a letter agreement in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A (the “Lock-up Agreement”) from each of the persons listed on Exhibit B. Such Exhibit B lists under an appropriate caption the directors and executive officers of the Company. If any additional persons shall become directors or executive officers of the Company prior to the end of the Company Lock-up Period (as defined below), the Company shall cause each such person, prior to or contemporaneously with their appointment or election as a director or executive officer of the Company, to execute and deliver to the Representatives a Lock-up Agreement.

  • Fifth Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement Dated as of November 30, 2012

  • Letter Agreements The Company shall not take any action or omit to take any action which would cause a breach of any of the Letter Agreements executed and will not allow any amendments to, or waivers of, such Letter Agreements without the prior written consent of the Representative.

  • Certain Operative Agreements Furnish to the Liquidity Provider with reasonable promptness, such Operative Agreements entered into after the date hereof as from time to time may be reasonably requested by the Liquidity Provider.

  • Operating Agreement You haves received and read a copy of the Company’s Operating Agreement (the “Operating Agreement”) and agree that your execution of this Agreement constitutes your consent to and execution of the Operating Agreement, and that upon acceptance of this Agreement by the Company, you will become a member of the Company as a holder of Shares. When this Agreement is countersigned by the Company, the Operating Agreement shall be binding upon you as of the applicable closing date.

  • Reciprocal Easement Agreements (a) Neither Borrower, nor any other party is currently in default (nor has any notice been given or received with respect to an alleged or current default) under any of the terms and conditions of the REA, and the REA remains unmodified and in full force and effect;