Highlight Sample Clauses

Highlight. The Employer agrees that all full-time employees on the Permanent Seniority Rosters as of June 30, 1973 shall be guaranteed a full month's equivalent of regular straight time work or pay in any month in which they work one (1) day or more. The aforementioned guarantee shall not apply to employees hired after June 30, 1973.
Highlight. Section 13.6 Employees shall be given the opportunity to have an IT/IS Unit Xxxxxxx or representative, chosen by the Employee, present in any disciplinary hearing. Employees shall be notified in writing of any pre-action or pre-termination hearing at least two (2) working days (or equivalent work hours) prior to such hearing. The written notification of hearings shall include: 1) general information concerning the alleged offense(s), 2) the work rule(s) violated (if any), 3) the policy or procedure(s) violated (if any), 4) the time, date and place of hearing, and 5) the right to have an IT/IS Unit Xxxxxxx or representative at the hearing.
Highlight. CohnReznick worked with LHC stakeholders to improve the program application submittal and review process by defining functional requirements. We also managed the implementation of a universal online application that local governments, private entities, and developers could use to apply for funds through the LHC. Project Description: CohnReznick, subcontractor to Metric Engineering, was contracted with Pasco County, Florida, as a fiscal recovery affiliate to perform disaster recovery services in response to Hurricanes Xxxxxxx and Xxxx. CohnReznick was responsible for establishing consistent oversight standards, providing proactive technical assistance and communication, centralized data and reporting, effective quality management protocols, and reviewing and improving procedures, as well as reimbursements and financial management. Highlight: CohnReznick successfully identified 17 FEMA projects and reconciled over $10M in damages from Hurricane Xxxx. We also organized, scanned, and reconciled over 10,000 timesheets for 2,200+ county employees for federal reimbursement purposes. Period of Performance: 2017 – 2019 Work Performed: Emergency Management, Grants Management Pasco County, Florida State of New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery Period of Performance: 2014 – 2016 Work Performed: Grants Management and Emergency Management Project Description: CohnReznick contracted with the State of New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) to determine whether the non-federal share of costs associated with FEMA-eligible Public Assistance projects were reimbursable in accordance with the HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) requirements. We successfully developed processes for providing daily project management support and updating and maintaining GOSR’s FEMA Public Assistance Tracking System. In addition to project eligibility review, our team conducted external data collection and project file retrieval (document retrieval process) directly with the local-level New York government entities across the state. Additionally, our staff reviewed and reconciled duplicative documentation on the state’s drives/servers within GOSR’s and the state’s Housing Trust Fund Corporation’s SharePoint site.
Highlight. A. For Employees whose regular days off are Saturday and Sunday, when a holiday falls on Saturday it shall be observed on the preceding Friday. with the exception of December 24, 2017 (Christmas Eve) which shall be observed on Friday, December 22, 2017. When a holiday falls on Sunday, it shall be observed on the following Monday. For Employees whose regular days off are other than Saturday and Sunday, the observance of the holiday shall be the actual day defined in Section .1 of this Article, except that when a holiday falls on an Employee’s scheduled day off, either the workday preceding the holiday or the Employee’s next scheduled work day shall be observed as the holiday as determined in advance by the Employee’s supervisor based on the operational needs of the department. For night and evening Employees whose regular shift extends beyond midnight, when a holiday falls on the Employee’s scheduled day off and/or the shift begins the evening of the holiday as defined in Section 32.1 or this Section, the Employee shall observe the holiday on the calendar day following the holiday designated in Section 32.1 or this Section. Employees shall be given at least thirty (30) days advance notice of their designated holiday.
Highlight. The County of Xxxxx, in addition to being a founding Partner, will also serve as the landlord of the facility itself subject to appropriate arrangements being put in place with the Centre. Additional founding Partners will be added as the project advances. Following a review of opportunities throughout the region, Xxxxx Power has indicated the facility will be located in the Municipality of Saugeen Shores in Southampton, with other physical locations will be considered as part of the business case analysis.
Highlight. This MOU is a non-precedent setting document. Provisions applicable to specific bargaining provisions shall either be incorporated into the union’s Agreement, or this MOU shall be solely for the purpose of setting baseline safety and health standards. This MOU is intended to consider staff, student, and community safety. If any provision contained in this MOU conflicts with a provision of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Union and the District, the higher standard shall prevail. .
Highlight. A. The obligation assigned to CDOT in the Utility Agreements of collecting payments due from the Utility Owners and/or reimbursing Utility Owners for their costs of performing Utility Work (without limiting the Contractor’s obligation to indemnify CDOT and/or the Utility Owners with respect to certain matters, in accordance with Book 1, Section 18.1.6 and/or with the Utility Agreements).
Highlight. To accomplish that goal it is anticipated that the Task Force functions will include:  Identify data gaps and collect necessary data on PCBs and other toxics on the Washington 2008, Category 5, § 303(d) listing for the Spokane River.  Further analyze the existing and future data to better characterize the amounts, sources, and locations of PCBs and other toxics as defined above entering the Spokane River.  Prepare recommendations for controlling and reducing the sources of listed toxics in the Spokane River.  Review proposed Toxic Management Plans, Source Management Plans, and Comment [JB5]: Spell out? This is the first time the acronym appears BMPsBMPs.  Monitor and assess the effectiveness of toxic reduction measures.  Identify aan mutually agreeable entity to serve as the clearinghouse for data, reports, minutes, and other information gathered or developed by the Task Force and its members. This information shall be made publicly available by means of a website and other appropriate means. To accomplish these functions, the Task Force will provide for an independent community technical advisor(s)), who shall assist in review of data, studies, and control measures, as well as assist in providing technical education information to the public. The permits also state that if Ecology determines the Task Force is failing to make measurable progress toward meeting applicable water quality criteria for PCBs, Ecology would shall be obligated to proceed with development of a TMDL in the Spokane River for PCBs or to determine an alternative to ensure water quality standards are met. The permits require 1) the permittees to participate in a cooperative effort to create a Regional Toxics Task Force and participate in the functions of the Task Force, and 2) that by November 30, 2011, the Task Force shall provide Ecology with the details of the organizational structure, specific goals, funding, and the governing documents of the Task Force. The following sections present the Task Force concept and organizational structure required by the permits: