Highlight Sample Clauses

Highlight. Certain paragraphs of the Agreement have been highlighted solely for the purposes of emphasis.
Highlight. Section 13.6 Employees shall be given the opportunity to have a Union Steward or representative, chosen by the Employee, present in any disciplinary hearing. Employees shall be notified in writing of any pre-action or pre-termination hearing at least two (2) (or equivalent work hours) working days prior to such hearing. The written notification of hearings shall include: 1) general information concerning the alleged offense(s), 2) the work rule(s) violated (if any), 3) the policy or procedure(s) violated (if any), 4) the time, date and place of hearing, and 5) the right to have a Union Steward or representative at the hearing.
Highlight. A. For Employees whose regular days off are Saturday and Sunday, when a holiday falls on Saturday it shall be observed on the preceding Friday whose regular shift extends beyond midnight, when a holiday falls on the employee’s scheduled day off and/or the shift begins the evening of the holiday as defined in Section 25.1 or this Section, the employee shall observe the holiday on the calendar day following the holiday designated in Section 26.1 or this Section. Formatted: Highlight December 24, 2017 (Christmas Eve) which shall be observed on Friday, December 22, 2017 and a holiday falling on Sunday on the following Monday. For Employees whose regular days off are other than Saturday and Sunday, either the workday preceding the holiday or the Employee’s next scheduled workday shall be observed as the holiday as determined in advance by the Employee’s supervisor based on the operational needs of the department. For night and evening employees
Highlight. In addition to producing QRs, CohnReznick’s efforts also resulted in delivering a 5% increase in asset recovery for the entire agency; proactive communication with fellow agencies—i.e., Enterprise Service Center, U.S. AttorneysOffices, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the U.S. Department of Justice—which ensured efficient tracking of assets recovered and restitution paid; and reviewed and synthesized data to reconcile a greater percentage of inconsistencies. Louisiana Housing Corporation Period of Performance: 2013 – 2016 Work Performed: Program Management, Resource Assessment, Process Improvement Project Description: CohnReznick was contracted with the Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) to provide subject matter expertise and technical assistance to assist LHC to develop an efficient delivery system for the LHC’s programs and services while maximizing staff resources. We assessed LHC’s accounting, information technology (IT), compliance, construction, and asset management departments to provide recommendations in ways to improve processes and assist with implementation. We made recommendations regarding process improvements, business requirement definitions for application systems, and system coordination.
Highlight. 15.1 This Agreement shall remain in force in accordance with IPR requirements, until 30 June 2017 (at the latest) unless earlier terminated by the withdrawal of one party from it in accordance with this clause.
Highlight. Changes shall be made to a Unit’s “normal teaching load” on the approval of the Dean or the Principal in writing. If the Dean/Principal does not approve the Unit Workload Committee’s recommendations, the reasons will be indicated in writing with suggested changes.
Highlight. 11.2 An employee shall have the right upon request and by appointment to review the contents of his/ her personnel file(s) wherever maintained. except information supplied by reference sources. Appointments shall be set during the employee's scheduled working hours. Each employee shall have the right, upon request, to review and reproduce any contents of his/her personnel file at no charge. A representative of BTU may, at the request of the employee, accompany the employee in such reviews and may, upon written authorization by the employee, review and reproduce any contents of an employee's personnel file. The review or reproduction of the contents of an employee's personnel file shall be made in the presence of the record custodian or designee.
Highlight. At any given time prior the commencement of the construction of the Connection Works, the Customer has the right to reduce the MEC applicable to this Connection Agreement by issuing a written notice to that effect to the Company and subject to paying the Company an amount of €10,000 per each the commencement of construction of the Connection Works. This will lead to a draw down of the MEC Bond in accordance with the process outlined in Clause 24.3 of the Connection Agreement General Conditions as appropriate.
Highlight. 13 Effective the pay period that includes January 1, 2017, or upon the first pay period that 14 includes the date of ratification, whichever is later, increase current base rates of pay by Formatted: Not Highlight