Hereinafter referred to as Sample Clauses

Hereinafter referred to as. The Bidder/Contractor" Preamble The Principal intends to award, under laid down organizational procedures, contract/s for procurement of products / services vide tender No. ……………………….dated………………. The Principal values full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, and the principles of economic use of resources, and of fairness and transparency in its relations with its Bidder/s and Contractor/s. In order to achieve these goals, the Principal cooperates with the renowned international Non- Governmental Organization "Transparency International" (TI). Following TI's national and International experience, the Principal will appoint an external independent Monitor who will monitor the tender process and the execution of the contract for compliance with the principles mentioned above.
Hereinafter referred to as. THE PARTIES"
Hereinafter referred to as. December 1, 1980 Twenty-First Supplemental Indenture* April 1, 1981 Twenty-Second Supplemental Indenture February 1, 1984 Twenty-Third Supplemental Indenture March 15, 1984 Twenty-Fourth Supplemental Indenture October 1, 1985 Twenty-Fifth Supplemental Indenture December 1, 1987 Twenty-Sixth Supplemental Indenture* September 1, 1991 Twenty-Seventh Supplemental Indenture July 1, 1992 Twenty-Eighth Supplemental Indenture October 1, 1992 Twenty-Ninth Supplemental Indenture February 1, 1993 Thirtieth Supplemental Indenture July 1, 1993 Thirty-First Supplemental Indenture November 1, 1993 Thirty-Second Supplemental Indenture December 1, 1998 Thirty-Third Supplemental Indenture August 1, 2001 Thirty-Fourth Supplemental Indenture December 1, 2002 Thirty-Fifth Supplemental Indenture December 1, 2003 Thirty-Sixth Supplemental Indenture December 1, 2006 Thirty-Seventh Supplemental Indenture August 1, 2006 Thirty-Eighth Supplemental Indenture November 1, 2007 Thirty-Ninth Supplemental Indenture December 1, 2008 Fortieth Supplemental Indenture *Includes amendments to or modifications of certain provisions of the 1941 Mortgage. ________________________ (said 1941 Mortgage, as supplemented, amended and modified by the aforesaid Prior Supplemental Indentures, being hereinafter referred to as the “Indenture”), whereby the Company granted, bargained, sold, warranted, released, conveyed, assigned, transferred, mortgaged, pledged, set over and confirmed unto the Trustee, and to its respective successors in trust, upon the terms, conditions and trusts therein set forth, all the property as therein described, real, personal and mixed, then owned or thereafter acquired by the Company, with certain exceptions as in the granting clauses and definitions of the Indenture set forth, to be held by the Trustee in trust, under the terms and subject to the conditions of the Indenture, as security for the bonds of the Company issued and to be issued thereunder in accordance with the provisions of the Indenture; and
Hereinafter referred to as. MINISTRY SITE”) AND ALL OFFICERS, AGENTS, SERVANTS OR EMPLOYEES OF SUCH ORGANIZATIONS, FROM LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR WRONGFUL DEATH OF THE MINOR NAMED ABOVE, WHICH WAS CAUSED BY ANY ACT OF NEGLIGENCE OF ILLINOIS BAPTIST STATE ASSOCIATION OR “MINISTRY SITE”, OR OFFICERS, AGENTS, SERVANTS OR EMPLOYEES OF SUCH ORGANIZATIONS. For and in consideration of permitting minor (as named above) to observe, or use any facility or equipment located at the “MINISTRY SITE”, or engage in and/or receive instruction in any activity or activity incidental thereto SOME OF WHICH MAY INVOLVE DANGERS AND RISK OF BODILY INJURY, during the period of Saturday, March 21, 2020, the undersigned parent and/or guardian of minor hereby voluntarily and absolutely releases, discharges, waives and relinquishes any and all loss or damages or actions or causes of action for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death occurring to minor as a result of minor observing or using facilities or equipment of “MINISTRY SITE” or Illinois Baptist State Association, or engaging in or receiving instructions in any activities SOME OF WHICH MAY INVOLVE DANGERS AND RISK OF BODILY INJURY or in activities incidental thereto wherever or however the same may occur, and for whatever period said activities or instructions may continue. The undersigned parent or guardian of minor for him/herself, his/her heirs, executors, administrators or assigns agrees that in the event any claim for personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death shall be prosecuted against Illinois Baptist State Association or “MINISTRY SITE” or their officers, agents, servants or employees, the undersigned parent or guardian will indemnify and hold harmless such organizations and their officers, agents, servants or employees from any and all claims or causes of action by, or on behalf of minor, or by any other person or entity, by whomever or wherever made or presented, and under no circumstances will the undersigned parent or guardian of minor present any claim against organizations or their agents for personal injuries, property damage, wrongful death or otherwise, caused by any act of negligence by organizations and/or its agents. The undersigned parent or guardian represent that he/she has read this Release, has requested and has been provided with, or has requested and declined advisement on the potential dangers/risks of engaging in the observation, activities or instruction offered, assumes all risks...
Hereinafter referred to as. Customer” The other party: Operation Center/… Branch – of J.S.C Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam Address: ........................................................................................................................................................... Telephone:.................................................................. Fax............................................................................... Represented by: Mr/Ms:............................................. Position……………………………………………… (Under the Minutes of Responsibility Assignment no…...…..dated ………..….by Director of Operation Center /. Branch approved by the General Director of J.S.C Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam).
Hereinafter referred to as. Vietcombank” Hereby agree to sign the Electronic Banking Service Contract with the following terms and conditions:
Hereinafter referred to as. ‘Dirk Raes’. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, having its business address at Kloveniersburgwal 29, 1011 JV, Amsterdam, acting for Vogeltrekstation Dutch Centre for Avian Migration and Demography NIOO-KNAW, PO Box 50, 6700 AB Wageningen, the Netherlands, lawfully represented by its Managing Director, Dr. ir. Petra van den Berg. Hereinafter referred to as: ‘Vogeltrekstation’. The association with full legal capacity Sovon Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology, with its registered legal seat in Nijmegen and having its business address at Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED Nijmegen, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 40534547, and lawfully represented by its Director, drs. Theo Verstrael. Hereinafter referred to as: ‘Sovon’. And: Project-owner: Name Project: Bird Species: Project-code: Address Project-owner: Hereafter referred to as ‘Project owner’ and ‘CR-birding Partners’, Considering: That CR-birding Partners have jointly built and jointly manage a web-application and databank for ringing data and observations of colour-ringed birds, named CR-birding submit. That CR-birding submit is an extension to, and will be further integrated into the website CR-, which is built and managed by Dirk Raes. That CR-birding Partners want to increase the use of colour-ringing data for analyses on the demography and movements of birds for science, management and conservation. That CR-birding Partners want to facilitate easy submission of observations of colour-ringed birds by observers. That CR-birding Partners have signed a second agreement on the terms and conditions under which the joint management, maintenance and development of and CR-birding submit are agreed and that this agreement is included with the current agreement as a supplement. Agree to:

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SUBJECTS REFERRED TO Each reference in this Lease to any of the following subjects shall be construed to incorporate the data stated for that subject in this Article:
Mutual Fund Entity Name Reference ID Entity Type T. Rowe Price Financial Services Fund, Inc. FSF Mutual Fund T. Rowe Price Fixed Income Series, Inc. FIS Mutual Fund - Parent T. Rowe Price Limited-Term Bond Portfolio LTP Mutual Fund - Series T. Rowe Price Prime Reserve Portfolio PRP Mutual Fund - Series T. Rowe Price Floating Rate Fund, Inc. FRI Mutual Fund - Parent T. Rowe Price Global Allocation Fund, Inc. GAF Mutual Fund – Parent T. Rowe Price Global Multi-Sector Bond Fund, Inc. SNF Mutual Fund – Parent T. Rowe Price Global Real Estate Fund, Inc. GRE Mutual Fund - Parent T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund, Inc. GTF Mutual Fund T. Rowe Price GNMA Fund GMA Mutual Fund T. Rowe Price Growth & Income Fund, Inc. GIF Mutual Fund T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund, Inc. GSF Mutual Fund - Parent T. Rowe Price Health Sciences Fund, Inc. HSF Mutual Fund T. Rowe Price High Yield Fund, Inc. HYF Mutual Fund - Parent T. Rowe Price Index Trust, Inc. INDX Mutual Fund - Parent T. Rowe Price Equity Index 500 Fund EXF Mutual Fund - Series T. Rowe Price Extended Equity Market Index Fund XMX Mutual Fund - Series T. Rowe Price Total Equity Market Index Fund TMX Mutual Fund - Series T. Rowe Price Inflation Focused Bond Fund, Inc. STI Mutual Fund T. Rowe Price Inflation Protected Bond Fund, Inc. IPB Mutual Fund T. Rowe Price Institutional Equity Funds, Inc. IEF Mutual Fund - Parent T. Rowe Price Institutional Large-Cap Core Growth Fund LCC Mutual Fund - Series T. Rowe Price Institutional Large-Cap Growth Fund LCG Mutual Fund - Series T. Rowe Price Institutional Large-Cap Value Fund LCV Mutual Fund - Series T. Rowe Price Institutional Mid-Cap Equity Growth Fund MCE Mutual Fund - Series
THE FIRST SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO PART – I (Description of the Project Land) ALL THAT piece and parcel of land containing an area of 49 Cottahs 1 Chittack 23 sq.ft. in premises No. Premises No. 224, Briji East, Kolkata – 700084, Ward – 110, Borough – XI, P.S. Patuli (formerly Jadavpur) within the municipal limits of Kolkata Municipal Corporation Ward No. 110. The said premises is delineated in the plan annexed hereto duly bordered thereon in “Red” and butted and bounded as follows: ON THE NORTH : ON THE SOUTH : ON THE EAST : ON THE WEST : OR HOWSOEVER OTHERWISE the same now are or is or heretofore were or was butted, bounded, called, known, numbered, described or distinguished. PART – II (DEVOLUTION OF TITLE) THE SECOND SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO: PART – I (SAID APARTMENT) DESCRIPTION OF THE APARTMENT ALONG WITH BOUNDARIES IN ALL FOUR DIRECTIONS ALL THAT the Apartment No. [∎] having carpet area of [∎] square feet together with [∎] Nos. of exclusive balcony / verandah attached to the said apartment and containing a total area of [∎] square feet, or Built-Up area[∎] square feet, or chargeable area of [∎] square feet , on the [∎] floor of the Building as earmarked in the plan annexed hereto duly bordered thereon in red, in the Building named at within the jurisdiction of _, under P.S. , P.O. TOGETHER WITH the variable proportionate undivided indivisible impartible share or interest in the Common Areas of the said Project butted and bounded as follows. A layout plan of the said Apartment is annexed herewith and marked “A”. Part – II (SERVANT QUARTER / SERVICE ROOM) ALL THAT the Servant Quarter / Service Room with an attached toilet being SR No. SR , containing carpet area of ∎ square feet, Built Up area of ∎ square feet and total chargeable area of ∎ square feet, be the same a little more or less, situated on the floor of the said Building at the said Premises morefully described in the First Schedule hereinabove written butted and bounded as follows: ON THE NORTH : By ; ON THE SOUTH : By ; ON THE EAST : By ; ON THE WEST : By ; PART – III (SAID GARAGE SPACE) [ Description of the Parking Space earmarked (if applicable) ] Sl. No. Type of car parking spaces No. of spaces earmarked THE THIRD SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO: (COMMON AREAS, AMENITIES AND FACILITIES) BUILDING/BLOCK COMMON AREAS, AMENITIES AND FACILITES:
Definition of “Knowledge For purposes of the Loan Documents, whenever a representation or warranty is made to Borrower’s knowledge or awareness, to the “best of” Borrower’s knowledge, or with a similar qualification, knowledge or awareness means the actual knowledge, after reasonable investigation, of the Responsible Officers.
Partnership Only for Purposes Specified The Partnership shall be a partnership only for the purposes specified in Section 3.1, and this Agreement shall not be deemed to create a partnership among the Partners with respect to any activities whatsoever other than the activities within the purposes of the Partnership as specified in Section 3.1. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, no Partner shall have any authority to act for, bind, commit or assume any obligation or responsibility on behalf of the Partnership, its properties or any other Partner. No Partner, in its capacity as a Partner under this Agreement, shall be responsible or liable for any indebtedness or obligation of another Partner, nor shall the Partnership be responsible or liable for any indebtedness or obligation of any Partner, incurred either before or after the execution and delivery of this Agreement by such Partner, except as to those responsibilities, liabilities, indebtedness or obligations incurred pursuant to and as limited by the terms of this Agreement and the Act.
Captions and Cross References The various captions (including, without limitation, the table of contents) in this Agreement are provided solely for convenience of reference and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation of any provision of this Agreement. Unless otherwise indicated, references in this Agreement to any Section, Appendix, Schedule or Exhibit are to such Section of or Appendix, Schedule or Exhibit to this Agreement, as the case may be, and references in any Section, subsection, or clause to any subsection, clause or subclause are to such subsection, clause or subclause of such Section, subsection or clause.
Definitions and Incorporation by Reference Section 1.01 Definitions 1 Section 1.02 Other Definitions 34 Section 1.03 Incorporation by Reference of Trust Indenture Act 34 Section 1.04 Rules of Construction 35 Section 1.05 Acts of Holders 35 ARTICLE 2 THE NOTES Section 2.01 Form and Dating; Terms 37 Section 2.02 Execution and Authentication 38 Section 2.03 Registrar and Paying Agent 39 Section 2.04 Paying Agent To Hold Money in Trust 39 Section 2.05 Holder Lists 39 Section 2.06 Transfer and Exchange 39 Section 2.07 Replacement Notes 51 Section 2.08 Outstanding Notes 51 Section 2.09 Treasury Notes 52 Section 2.10 Temporary Notes 52 Section 2.11 Cancellation 52 Section 2.12 Defaulted Interest 52 Section 2.13 CUSIP Numbers 53 ARTICLE 3 REDEMPTION Section 3.01 Notices to Trustee 53 Section 3.02 Selection of Notes To Be Redeemed or Purchased 53 Section 3.03 Notice of Redemption 54 Section 3.04 Effect of Notice of Redemption 54 Section 3.05 Deposit of Redemption or Purchase Price 55 Section 3.06 Notes Redeemed or Purchased in Part 55 Section 3.07 Optional Redemption 55 Section 3.08 Mandatory Redemption 56 Section 3.09 Offers To Repurchase by Application of Excess Proceeds 56 Page
Cross-References Unless otherwise specified, references in this Agreement and in each other Loan Document to any Article or Section are references to such Article or Section of this Agreement or such other Loan Document, as the case may be, and, unless otherwise specified, references in any Article, Section or definition to any clause are references to such clause of such Article, Section or definition.
Provisions Solely to Define Relative Rights The provisions of this Article XII are and are intended solely for the purpose of defining the relative rights of the Holders of the Securities on the one hand and the holders of Senior Debt on the other hand. Nothing contained in this Article XII or elsewhere in this Indenture or in the Securities is intended to or shall (a) impair, as between the Company and the Holders of the Securities, the obligations of the Company, which are absolute and unconditional, to pay to the Holders of the Securities the principal of and any premium and interest (including any Additional Interest) on the Securities as and when the same shall become due and payable in accordance with their terms, (b) affect the relative rights against the Company of the Holders of the Securities and creditors of the Company other than their rights in relation to the holders of Senior Debt or (c) prevent the Trustee or the Holder of any Security (or to the extent expressly provided herein, the holder of any Preferred Security) from exercising all remedies otherwise permitted by applicable law upon default under this Indenture, including filing and voting claims in any Proceeding, subject to the rights, if any, under this Article XII of the holders of Senior Debt to receive cash, property and securities otherwise payable or deliverable to the Trustee or such Holder.