Hearsay evidence Sample Clauses

Hearsay evidence. Hearsay evidence may be used for the purpose of supplementing or explaining any direct evidence, but shall not be sufficient in itself to support a finding unless it would be admissible over objection in civil actions in courts of competent jurisdiction in this State.
Hearsay evidence. Hearsay evi- dence is admissible in proceedings gov- erned by this part. The fact that evi- dence is hearsay goes to the weight of evidence and does not affect its admis- sibility.
Hearsay evidence. Hearsay evi- dence is admissible in proceedings gov- erned by this subpart. The fact that evidence submitted by a party is hear- say goes only to the weight of the evi- dence and does not affect its admissi- bility.§ 1503.637 Standard of proof.The ALJ may issue an initial deci- sion or may rule in a party’s favor only if the decision or ruling is supported by a preponderance of the evidence con- tained in the record. In order to pre- vail, the party with the burden of proof must prove the party’s case or defense by a preponderance of the evidence.§ 1503.639 Burden of proof.(a) Except in the case of an affirma- tive defense, the burden of proof is on the agency.(b) Except as otherwise provided by statute or rule, the proponent of a mo- tion, request, or order has the burden of proof.(c) A party who has asserted an af- firmative defense has the burden of proving the affirmative defense.§ 1503.641 Offer of proof.A party whose evidence has been ex- cluded by a ruling of the ALJ may offer the evidence for the record on appeal. § 1503.643 Public disclosure of evi- dence.This section applies to information other than Sensitive Security Informa- tion (SSI). All release of SSI is gov- erned by § 1503.415 and 49 CFR part 1520.(a) The ALJ may order that any other information contained in the § 1503.645record be withheld from public disclo- sure. Any person may object to disclo- sure of information in the record by fil- ing a written motion to withhold spe- cific information with the ALJ and serving a copy of the motion on each party. The party must state the spe- cific grounds for nondisclosure in the motion.(b) The ALJ must grant the motion to withhold information in the record if, based on the motion and any re- sponse to the motion, the ALJ deter- mines that disclosure would be detri- mental to transportation safety, dis- closure would not be in the public in- terest, or that the information is not otherwise required to be made avail- able to the public.§ 1503.645 Expert or opinion witnesses.An employee of the agency may not be called as an expert or opinion wit- ness, for any party other than TSA, in any proceeding governed by this sub- part. An employee of a respondent may not be called by an agency attorney as an expert or opinion witness for TSA in any proceeding governed by this sub- part to which the respondent is a party.§ 1503.647 Subpoenas.(a) Request for subpoena. A party may obtain a subpoena to compel the at- tendance of a witness at a deposition or he...
Hearsay evidence. Except where this Act provides otherwise, no evidence which is of the nature of hearsay evidence shall beadmissible if such evidence would have been inadmissible on the thirtieth day of May, 1961. 216A. Admissibility of certain statements made by young children (1) Evidence of any statement made by a child younger than 14 years is admissible in order to prove any fact alleged in that statement if -
Hearsay evidence. Hearsay evidence may be admitted for any purpose but shall not be sufficient in itself to support a finding unless it would be admissible over objection in civil actions.
Hearsay evidence. 47] As we noted at the hearing, we have the discretion to admit relevant evidence that might not otherwise be admissible as evidence in a court, including hearsay evidence, under subsection 15(1) of the Statutory Powers Procedure Act, R.S.O. 1990 c. S.22. [48] In determining what weight, if any, to assign to evidence in this matter, we have considered the source of the evidence and whether the parties had an opportunity to cross- examine on that evidence.
Hearsay evidence. Hearsay evidence will be admissible provided that it is relevant. The weight to be attributed to hearsay evidence will be a matter for the Committee.

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