Griffin Sample Clauses

Griffin. This Employment Agreement (this "Agreement"), is made and entered into as of the 16th day of December, 1999, by and between Corporate Office Management, Inc., a Maryland corporation (the "Employer"), and Corporate Office Properties Trust, a Maryland business trust ("COPT"), and Randall M. Griffin (the "Executive").
Griffin s/ James C. Johnson -------------------------------- JAMES C. JOHNSON /s/ Michael W. Johnston -------------------------------- MICHAEL W. JOHNSTON /s/ Robert W. Korthals -------------------------------- ROBERT W. KORTHALS /s/ Kevin G. Rooney -------------------------------- KEVIN G. ROONEY /s/ Wesley Voorheis -------------------------------- WESLEY VOORHEIS /s/ Sonia S. Yung -------------------------------- SONIA S. YUNG /s/ Joseph P. Burton -------------------------------- JOSEPH P. BURTON /s/ Robert G. Burton, Jr. -------------------------------- ROBERT G. BURTON, JR.
Griffin. THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into as of the 1st day of December, 1999, by and between Shuffle Master, Inc., a Minnesota corporation (the "Company"), and Gary W. Griffin (the "Employee").
Griffin. GAHC4 SW Illinois Senior Housing Portfolio, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, By: Griffin-American Healthcare REIT IV Holdings, LP, a Delaware limited partnership, Its Sole Member By: Griffin-American Healthcare REIT IV, Inc., a Maryland corporation, Its General Partner By: /s/ Mathieu Streiff Name: Mathieu Streiff Its: Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Griffin. T.G., Gurney, A.J.T.: Increasing bisemigroups and algebraic routing. In: 10th In- ternational Conference on Relational Methods in Computer Science (RelMiCS10). (April 2008)
Griffin. R.W. – Management :Principles& Practices, Cengage Learning
Griffin. Griffin is a GridFTP server, entirely written in JAVA, that can access iRODS resources as well as plain file systems. Leveraging the Globus Toolkit23 libraries makes it possible to access and stage data from iRODS to any external GridFTP server or client. Thanks to a powerful bash script, the installation is relatively simple, although the configuration may require more effort and expertise (as the official documentation lacks descriptions of some fundamental steps). Consequently, it took a long time to set up the test-bed properly; server X.509 credentials needed to be included in the JAVA runtime trust-store and that was not described adequately in the official documentation. Like a traditional GridFTP server, Griffin makes use of X.50924 proxies for authenticating users and supports most of the GridFTP featuresincluding 21 File Transfer Service, 22 XSEDE File Manager, 23 Globus Toolkit, 24 X.509 Proxy Certificate Profile, multiple streams, tcp-buffer size tuning and pipelining files. The only unsupported feature is the multiple-stripe (that is, having multiple GridFTP nodes transferring parts of the same data set on different network paths). From the security point of view, Griffin behaves like a normal GridFTP server, thus requiring a control-channel port and a range of data-transfer ports to be made available to external clients. Griffin is not widely used  there are probably only tens or hundreds of installations around the world  but its development team is actively working to maintain the code, and they are also following the iRODS evolution roadmap. The willingness of Griffin developers to promote their technology culminated in a prompt reaction where they fixed important bugs which were discovered during our tests using the Globus On-line service. Several tests were performed at CINECA and SARA where large data sets (containing hundreds of GBs of data) were transferred back and forth between the two sites without experiencing any instability problems or misuse of the machine memory. Griffin is an open-source project, now hosted at Google Code25, and being released under the Apache License, version 2.026. <bean id="fileSystem" class="" singleton="false"> <property name="serverName" value="" /> <property name="serve...
Griffin. Dated as of November 7, 1997 --------------------------
Griffin. The foregoing Agreement is hereby confirmed and accepted as of the date first above written.
Griffin. Is that all you think about? CARTER (jokingly) I mean.... They laugh, and Griffin shoves Carter playfully. GRIFFIN (seriously) Why didn’t you stand up for Max? CARTER He doesn’t need me to fight his battles for him. He’s a big boy. GRIFFIN But your whole specialization is about helping people, isn’t it? CARTER Specialization just sets you on a path. The track is what determines who you have to be. GRIFFIN Not who you have to be. Who you are. It’s different. And I guess you aren’t meant to be a defender. Carter turns so he is facing Griffin. CARTER