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Granting Clause and Rent Provisions 

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  • Basic Lease Provisions and Definitions In addition to other terms elsewhere defined in this Lease, the following terms whenever used in this Lease should have only the meanings set forth in this Preamble, unless such meanings are expressly modified, limited or expanded elsewhere herein.

  • BASIC LEASE PROVISIONS For convenience of the parties, certain basic provisions of this Lease are set forth herein. The provisions set forth herein are subject to the remaining terms and conditions of this Lease and are to be interpreted in light of such remaining terms and conditions.

  • Agreement Provisions If the Company, on behalf of any Account, purchases Trust Portfolio shares (“Eligible Shares”) that are subject to a Rule 12b-1 plan adopted under the 1940 Act (the “Plan”), the Company, on behalf of its Distributor, may participate in the Plan. To the extent the Company or its affiliates, agents or designees (collectively “you”) provide any activity or service that is primarily intended to assist in the promotion, distribution or account servicing of Eligible Shares (“Rule 12b-1 Services”) or variable contracts offering Eligible Shares, the Underwriter, the Trust or their affiliates (collectively, “we”) may pay you a Rule 12b-1 fee. “Rule 12b-1 Services” may include, but are not limited to, printing of prospectuses and reports used for sales purposes, preparing and distributing sales literature and related expenses, advertisements, education of dealers and their representatives, and similar distribution-related expenses, furnishing personal services to owners of Contracts which may invest in Eligible Shares (“Contract Owners”), education of Contract Owners, answering routine inquiries regarding a Portfolio, coordinating responses to Contract Owner inquiries regarding the Portfolios, maintaining such accounts or providing such other enhanced services as a Trust Portfolio or Contract may require, or providing other services eligible for service fees as defined under FINRA rules. Your acceptance of such compensation is your acknowledgment that eligible services have been rendered. All Rule 12b-1 fees, shall be based on the value of Eligible Shares owned by the Company on behalf of its Accounts, and shall be calculated on the basis and at the rates set forth in the compensation provision stated above. The aggregate annual fees paid pursuant to each Plan shall not exceed the amounts stated as the “annual maximums” in the Portfolio’s prospectus, unless an increase is approved by shareholders as provided in the Plan. These maximums shall be a specified percent of the value of a Portfolio’s net assets attributable to Eligible Shares owned by the Company on behalf of its Accounts (determined in the same manner as the Portfolio uses to compute its net assets as set forth in its effective Prospectus). The Rule 12b-1 fee will be paid to you within thirty (30) days after the end of the three-month periods ending in January, April, July and October. You shall furnish us with such information as shall reasonably be requested by the Trust’s Boards of Trustees (“Trustees”) with respect to the Rule 12b-1 fees paid to you pursuant to the Plans. We shall furnish to the Trustees, for their review on a quarterly basis, a written report of the amounts expended under the Plans and the purposes for which such expenditures were made. The Plans and provisions of any agreement relating to such Plans must be approved annually by a vote of the Trustees, including the Trustees who are not interested persons of the Trust and who have no financial interest in the Plans or any related agreement (“Disinterested Trustees”). Each Plan may be terminated at any time by the vote of a majority of the Disinterested Trustees, or by a vote of a majority of the outstanding shares as provided in the Plan, on sixty (60) days’ written notice, without payment of any penalty, or as provided in the Plan. Continuation of the Plans is also conditioned on Disinterested Trustees being ultimately responsible for selecting and nominating any new Disinterested Trustees. Under Rule 12b-1, the Trustees have a duty to request and evaluate, and persons who are party to any agreement related to a Plan have a duty to furnish, such information as may reasonably be necessary to an informed determination of whether the Plan or any agreement should be implemented or continued. Under Rule 12b-1, the Trust is permitted to implement or continue Plans or the provisions of any agreement relating to such Plans from year-to-year only if, based on certain legal considerations, the Trustees are able to conclude that the Plans will benefit each affected Trust Portfolio and class. Absent such yearly determination, the Plans must be terminated as set forth above. In the event of the termination of the Plans for any reason, the provisions of this Schedule F relating to the Plans will also terminate. You agree that your selling agreements with persons or entities through whom you intend to distribute Contracts will provide that compensation paid to such persons or entities may be reduced if a Portfolio’s Plan is no longer effective or is no longer applicable to such Portfolio or class of shares available under the Contracts. Any obligation assumed by the Trust pursuant to this Agreement shall be limited in all cases to the assets of the Trust and no person shall seek satisfaction thereof from shareholders of the Trust. You agree to waive payment of any amounts payable to you by Underwriter under a Plan until such time as the Underwriter has received such fee from the Trust. The provisions of the Plans shall control over the provisions of the Participation Agreement, including this Schedule F, in the event of any inconsistency. You agree to provide complete disclosure as required by all applicable statutes, rules and regulations of all rule 12b-1 fees received from us in the prospectus of the Contracts.

  • Miscellaneous Assignment Provisions Any assigning Bank shall retain its rights to be indemnified pursuant to Sections 4.6, 4.9, 15 and 16 with respect to any claims or actions arising prior to the date of the assignment. If any assignee Bank is a Foreign Bank, it shall, prior to the date on which it becomes a Bank hereunder, deliver to the Borrowers and the Administrative Agent the documents required to be delivered pursuant to Section 4.11. Anything contained in this Section 18 to the contrary notwithstanding, any Bank may at any time pledge all or any portion of its interest and rights under this Credit Agreement, including to any central bank or any of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks organized under §4 of the Federal Reserve Act, 12 U.S.C. §341. No such pledge or the enforcement thereof shall release the pledgor Bank from its obligations hereunder or under any of the other Loan Documents.

  • Severability of Covenants/Blue Pencilling If any court determines that any of the Restrictive Covenants, or any part thereof, is invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the Restrictive Covenants shall not thereby be affected and shall be given full effect, without regard to the invalid portions. If any court determines that any of the Restrictive Covenants, or any part thereof, are unenforceable because of the duration of such provision or the area covered thereby, such court shall have the power to reduce the duration or area of such provision and, in its reduced form, such provision shall then be enforceable and shall be enforced. Executive hereby waives any and all right to attack the validity of the Restrictive Covenants on the grounds of the breadth of their geographic scope or the length of their term.

  • OPERATIVE PROVISIONS 1. In consideration of the disclosure of Proprietary Information by the Disclosing Party, the Receiving Party hereby agrees: (i) to hold the Proprietary Information in strict confidence and to take all reasonable precautions to protect such Proprietary Information (including, without limitation, all precautions the Receiving Party employs with respect to its own confidential materials), (ii) not to disclose any such Proprietary Information or any information derived therefrom to any third person, (iii) not to make any use whatsoever at any time of such Proprietary Information except to evaluate internally its relationship with the Disclosing Party, and (iv) not to copy or reverse engineer any such Proprietary Information. The Receiving Party shall procure that its employees, agents and sub-contractors to whom Proprietary Information is disclosed or who have access to Proprietary Information sign a nondisclosure or similar agreement in content substantially similar to this Agreement

  • Definitions and Interpretive Provisions In this Agreement:

  • Release Provisions The provisions of Schedule B(1) are incorporated into and form part of this Agreement.

  • General Payment Provisions All payments of Obligations shall be made in Dollars, and subject to Section 5.9, without offset, counterclaim or defense of any kind, and in immediately available funds, not later than 11:00 a.m. (Central Time) on the due date. Any payment after such time shall be deemed made on the next Business Day. Borrower may, at the time of payment, specify to Agent the Obligations to which such payment is to be applied, but Agent shall in all events retain the right to apply such payment in such manner as Agent, subject to the provisions hereof, may determine to be appropriate. If any payment under the Loan Documents shall be stated to be due on a day other than a Business Day, the due date shall be extended to the next Business Day and such extension of time shall be included in any computation of interest and fees. Any payment of a LIBOR Loan prior to the end of its Interest Period shall be accompanied by all amounts due under Section 3.9. Any prepayment of Loans shall be applied first to Base Rate Loans and then to LIBOR Loans; provided, however, that as long as no Event of Default exists, prepayments of LIBOR Loans may, at the option of Borrower and Agent, be held by Agent as Cash Collateral and applied to such Loans at the end of their Interest Periods.

  • Payment Provisions Once this AGREEMENT is executed, the ORGANIZATION may submit claims vouchers to the COUNTY requesting reimbursement for eligible expenses and/or for eligible services as listed in Section 2. Use of Funds and Attachment A: Scope of Work up to the amount as specified in Section 1.