Governing Law; Attornment to Ontario Sample Clauses

Governing Law; Attornment to Ontario. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein. Any and all disputes arising under this Registration Rights Agreement, whether as to interpretation, performance or otherwise, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Ontario and each of the parties hereto hereby irrevocably attorns to the jurisdiction of the courts of such province.
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  • Governing Law; Attornment This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein and the Guarantor hereby irrevocably attorns to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario.

  • Governing Law and Attornment The provisions of this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Alberta and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein. Any legal actions or proceedings with respect to this Agreement shall be brought in the courts of the Province of Alberta. Each Party hereby attorns to and accepts the jurisdiction of such courts.

  • SUBORDINATION, NON-DISTURBANCE AND ATTORNMENT AGREEMENT Simultaneously upon Tenant's execution of this Lease, Tenant shall execute a Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement in the form attached hereto as EXHIBIT J. Landlord shall return a fully executed Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement in the form attached hereto as EXHIBIT J executed by Landlord and the Lender named therein, in recordable form, to Tenant as soon as reasonably possible but not later than ninety (90) days after the date of this Lease. Landlord shall use reasonable efforts (which efforts shall not require the expenditure of funds or the threat (or commencement) of litigation) to obtain a so-called "nondisturbance agreement" from any future Landlord's Mortgagee in the form attached hereto as EXHIBIT J or another form reasonably acceptable to Tenant and such Landlord's Mortgagee or other institutional lenders (either the form attached hereto as EXHIBIT J or such other reasonably acceptable form being herein referred to as the "NON-DISTURBANCE AGREEMENT"). Notwithstanding any other provision of this Lease, the subordination of this Lease to any Mortgage under Section 12.(a) and the Attornment of Tenant to any future Landlord Mortgagee under Section 12.(b) shall be conditioned upon such future Landlord's Mortgagee's execution and delivery of a Non-Disturbance Agreement.

  • GOVERNING LAW; Assignment; Jurisdiction; Notices THIS GUARANTY SHALL BE GOVERNED BY, AND CONSTRUED IN ACCORDANCE WITH, THE INTERNAL LAWS OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. Subject to the terms of the Credit Agreement, this Guaranty shall (a) bind each Guarantor and its successors and assigns, provided that no Guarantor may assign its rights or obligations under this Guaranty without the prior written consent of the Administrative Agent and the Lenders (and any attempted assignment without such consent shall be void), and (b) inure to the benefit of the Administrative Agent, the Lenders, and their respective successors and assigns and the Administrative Agent and the Lenders may, without notice to any Guarantor and without affecting any Guarantor’s obligations hereunder, assign, sell or grant participations in the Guaranteed Obligations and this Guaranty, in whole or in part, in each case, to the extent permitted under the Credit Agreement. Each Guarantor hereby irrevocably (i) submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of any United States Federal or State court sitting in New York, New York in any action or proceeding arising out of or relating to this Guaranty, and (ii) waives to the fullest extent permitted by law any defense asserting an inconvenient forum in connection therewith and any objection to the venue of any such action or proceeding. Service of process by the Administrative Agent in connection with such action or proceeding shall be binding on a Guarantor if sent to such Guarantor by registered or certified mail at its address specified below or such other address as from time to time notified by such Guarantor. Each Guarantor agrees that the Administrative Agent or any Lender may disclose, to the extent permitted by Section 10.07 of the Credit Agreement, to any assignee of or participant in, or any prospective assignee of or participant in, any of its rights or obligations of all or part of the Guaranteed Obligations any and all information in the Administrative Agent’s or such Lender’s possession concerning such Guarantor, this Guaranty and any security for this Guaranty. All notices and other communications to any Guarantor under this Guaranty shall be in accordance with the Credit Agreement.

  • Subordination and Attornment Requirements All Non-Residential Leases, regardless of whether Lender’s consent or approval is required, will specifically include the following provisions:

  • SUBORDINATION, ATTORNMENT AND NON-DISTURBANCE At the request from time to time by one or more holders of an Encumbrance that may hereafter be placed upon the Leased Property or any part thereof, and any and all renewals, replacements, modifications, consolidations, spreaders and extensions thereof, Lessee will subordinate this Lease and all of Lessee's rights and estate hereunder to each such Encumbrance and will attorn to and recognize such holder (or the purchaser at any foreclosure sale or any sale under a power of sale contained in any such Encumbrance or a holder by a deed in lieu of foreclosure, as the case may be) as Lessor under this Lease for the balance of the Term then remaining, subject to all of the terms and provisions of this Lease; provided that each such institutional holder simultaneously with or prior to recording any such Encumbrance executes and delivers a written agreement in recordable form (a) consenting to this Lease and agreeing that, notwithstanding any such other lease, mortgage, deed of trust, right, title or interest, or any default, expiration, termination, foreclosure, sale, entry or other act or omission under, pursuant to or affecting any of the foregoing, Lessee shall not be disturbed in peaceful enjoyment of the Leased Property nor shall this Lease be terminated or canceled at any time, except in the event Lessor shall have the right to terminate this Lease under the terms and provisions expressly set forth herein; (b) agreeing that it will be bound by all the terms of this Lease, perform and observe all of Lessor's obligations set forth herein; and (c) agreeing that all proceeds of the casualty insurance described in Article 13 of this Lease and all Awards described in Article 14 will be made available to Lessor for restoration of the Leased Property as and to the extent required by this Lease, subject only to reasonable regulation regarding the manner of disbursement and application thereof. Lessee agrees to execute and deliver to Lessor or the holder of an Encumbrance any written agreement required by this Article within ten days of written request thereof by Lessor or such holder of an Encumbrance. Lessee agrees to execute from time to time, at the request of Lessor, an institutional investor of Lessor's or a Facility Mortgagee, a certificate setting forth any defaults of Lessor hereunder and the dates through which Rent has been paid and such other matters as may be reasonably requested.

  • Subordination Attornment Non Disturbance 30.1 Provided that Tenant is provided with a subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreement in a commercially reasonable form which (i) does not modify the economic terms of this Lease (or materially modify any other provision hereof) and (ii) recognizes all of Tenant's prospective and accrued rights under this Lease with respect to (A) the Letters of Credit and any matter relating to Capital Items under this Lease and (B) any default occurring before foreclosure (or delivery of a deed in lieu of foreclosure) (collectively, "Foreclosure Transfer") of a security instrument defined below) which continues after such Foreclosure Transfer ("SNDA") duly executed by the holder of any ground leases, deeds of trust, mortgages security interests (collectively, "Security Instruments") affecting the Premises, this Lease is and shall be subject and subordinate at all times to the security interests evidenced by the Security Instruments. Notwithstanding any provision of this Lease to the contrary, (a) Landlord shall not permit any Security Instrument to be recorded against the Premises or otherwise become prior to the lien of this Lease (without providing to Tenant an SNDA) prior to the earlier of the time of recordation of the Memorandum of this Lease described in Paragraph 25 (provided Tenant causes such Memorandum to be executed in recordable form, by Tenant within ten (10) business days after Landlord's request if such Memorandum was not previously recorded) or the date of Tenant's occupancy of the Premises for the conduct of business, and (b) in the event Landlord shall breach its obligations under clause (a), and Landlord shall not cure such breach (by causing such Security Instrument to be subordinate to this Lease or by providing Tenant an SNDA conforming to the requirements of this Paragraph 30) within thirty (30) days following receipt by Landlord of written notice from Tenant of such breach, without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, Tenant shall have the right to terminate this Lease, exercisable by delivery of written notice to Landlord at any time after such breach and expiration of such thirty (30) day period.

  • Subordination and Attornment Prior to the Commencement Date, Landlord shall provide Tenant with reasonable nondisturbance agreements pursuant to which each existing holder of a mortgage or deed of trust or lessor under a ground lease shall agree that Tenant shall not be disturbed in the event of sale, foreclosure or other actions so long as Tenant is not in default hereunder. Tenant covenants and agrees that, within ten (10) business days from Landlord’s written request, it will execute without further consideration instruments reasonably requested by Landlord or Landlord's mortgagee subordinating this Lease in the manner requested by Landlord to all ground or underlying leases and to the lien of any mortgage or any deed of trust or other encumbrance which may now or hereafter affect the Premises or the Project, or any portion thereof, together with all renewals, modifications, consolidations, replacements or extensions thereof; provided that any lienor or encumbrancer relying on such subordination or such additional agreements will covenant with Tenant that this Lease shall remain in full force and effect, and Tenant shall not be disturbed in the event of sale, foreclosure or other actions so long as Tenant is not in default hereunder. Tenant agrees to attorn to the successor in interest of Landlord following any transfer of such interest either voluntarily or by operation of law and to recognize such successor as Landlord under this Lease. However, if Landlord or any such ground lessor or mortgagee so elects, this Lease shall be deemed prior in lien to any ground lease, mortgage, deed of trust or other encumbrance upon or including the Premises regardless of date of recording, and Tenant will execute a statement in writing to such effect at Landlord's request

  • Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment In the event that Landlord places any Facility Mortgage on the Leased Property, Tenant agrees to promptly enter into, execute and deliver to the requesting party a commercially reasonable subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreement with any such Facility Mortgagee, which shall acknowledge that this Lease, Tenant's interest hereunder and Tenant's leasehold interest in and to the Leased Property are junior, inferior, subordinate and subject in right, title, interest, lien, encumbrance, priority and all other respects to the lien of any Facility Mortgage or Mortgages now or hereafter in force and effect upon or encumbering Landlord's interest in the Leased Property, or any portion thereof, and to all collateral assignments by Landlord to any third party or parties of any of Landlord's rights under this Lease or the rents, issues and profits thereof or therefrom as security for any liability or indebtedness, direct, indirect or contingent, of Landlord to such third party or parties, and to all future modifications, extensions, renewals, consolidations and replacements of, and all amendments and supplements to any such mortgage, mortgages or assignments; provided such lender agrees not to disturb Tenant's occupancy of the Leased Property or its rights under this Lease as long as there is no existing and continuing Event of Default. If, within fifteen (15) days following Tenant's receipt of a written request by Landlord or the holder or proposed holder of any such Facility Mortgage, Tenant shall fail or refuse or shall have not executed any such subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreement, Tenant shall be in breach and default of its obligation to do so and of this Lease and Landlord shall be entitled thereupon to exercise any and all remedies available to Landlord pursuant to this Lease or otherwise provided by law.

  • HEADINGS; COUNTERPARTS; GOVERNING LAW; ASSIGNMENT; LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 13.1 The Article and paragraph headings contained in this Agreement are for reference purposes only and shall not affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement.

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