Governing law and jurisdictionANNEX A Sample Clauses

Governing law and jurisdictionANNEX A details of the Award) The Award will provide for the support of a Industry Academia Partnership Programme to be undertakenby Dr Phanwadee Chureemart (the ‘Principal Contact’) and the Awardee(s), to be hosted byMahasarakham University (the ‘Recipient’) Dates of Programme of Activities: from 1 March 2016 (the ‘Start Date’) to 28 February 2018 (the ‘End Date’) for the completion of the programme of activities (the ‘Programme of Activities’) under the title: Advanced reader model for magnetic recording via mutiscale approach as detailed in the application, (the ‘Application’) to the scheme attached at Annex B which was submitted to the Academy by the Principal Contact [and dated: 24 January 2016] Award letter details: Date: 18 MARCH 2016Addressee: Academy Reference: IAPP\1516\33 Annex B: APPLICATION FORM Additional, Amended, or Excluded Activities (if any) (see clause 3.4)100% completeCurrent application:Industry Academia Partnership Programme(IAPP\1516\33) You have fully completed:Submitted: 24/01/2016 Applicant and institution details Denotes a required field With which country is the intended exchange to take place? Thailand Lead Applicant (main Partner Country university representative) and Co-Applicant (main UK and Industry collaborator representatives) Contact Details DrPhanwadeeChureemartLead Applicant 66(0)910633116 (Mobile)