Goals and Strategies Sample Clauses

Goals and Strategies. The overall goal of the partnership is to create a relationship that focuses on preventing fatalities, controlling or eliminating serious hazards, and improving safety management systems.
Goals and Strategies. After several years of steady growth as a San Francisco bay area consulting services provider, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx is ready to break out into the national scene. The firm has opened regional offices in four major metropolitan cities in the United States, and has begun to offer its services in these markets. This section will review the overall goals of Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, and identify some of the keys to its success.
Goals and Strategies. Palmtop Innovations is well on its way to success. Now that the research and development stage of PalmPal's life cycle is complete, it is time to introduce the product to its target market.
Goals and Strategies. Example: Goal Take on a leadership role within the organization, gain experience or learn specific skills. Goal:
Goals and Strategies. 2.1 The primary goals of FFA General Services are to:
Goals and Strategies. IMT is well on its way to success. A retail market leader has accepted the SmartScanner, and a price level that is profitable to the company has been established. The first year’s projection of 1,000 unit sales is already 25 percent secured, which will result in IMT’s first year sales of $775,000.
Goals and Strategies. Snap-Quick recognizes the opportunity for obtaining a significantly increased market share in the coaxial cable connector market is at hand. With the right strategic partner, this opportunity can be seized to the mutual benefit of both Snap-Quick and its partner. This section will outline the specific goals of the company, as well as where it wants to be in the future.
Goals and Strategies. HydroHut will be the first of its kind in Austin, a major metropolitan area of more than 1 million people. The store's high quality products, marketed to Austin's health-conscious population, are expected to lead the partners to financial success.
Goals and Strategies 

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  • Strategies The ESC will seek to achieve employment stability strategies as follows: - current and multi-year strategies should be developed within the resources available. Such strategies could include, but not necessarily be limited to, planning, retraining, identifying ways of determining employees= skills, training and experience previously achieved, early retirement, voluntary exit programs, alternative assignment, secondment, employee career counselling, job sharing, job trading, job shadowing, and professional development; - discussions between the parties which explore these possible strategies would assist in the development of appropriate enhancements to Employment Stability; - data which is relevant to employment stability shall be made available to both parties.

  • Product Development If Licensee exercises its option, Licensee shall use its reasonable efforts to test, develop the PRODUCT for commercial purposes through the world. On or before January 1 of each year during the term of this Agreement, commencing January 1, 1998, Licensee shall submit to USC a report detailing its research, regulatory approval, marketing and product development objectives the coming year as well as the research, regulatory approval, marketing and development activities which Licensee undertook during the preceding year. The reports shall identify specific future milestones (regulatory approval and product development) and information demonstrating that the Licensee is providing sufficient financial and manpower resources to evidence its use of reasonable efforts. Within six (6) months after the signing of this Agreement and each two (2) years thereafter, a representative of the Office of Patent and Copyright Administration of USC, at Licensee's expense (including transportation, and, if appropriate, lodging and meals), shall visit the manufacturing and marketing facilities of Licensee and be presented with an in-depth updating of the manufacturing capability and marketing network of Licensee.

  • Strategy As an organization without operational services (fuel, maintenance, etc.), and in consideration that the majority of potential issues come from boat maintenance whereby the boats are personal property, the predominant strategy will be the minimization of on-site waste. With this approach, the organization will have minimal potential impact on the environment and reduce regulatory risk. To accomplish this, requirements will be established by policy, periodic communications shall occur, and audits will be utilized to provide feedback for improvement.

  • INTERNET PLANNING, ENGINEERING AND OPERATIONS ‌ Job Title: Internet/Web Engineer Job#: 2620 General Characteristics Integrally involved in the development and support of all Internet/Intranet/Extranet sites and supporting systems. Works closely with other IT groups and customers to define the system design and user interface based on customer needs and objectives. Participates in all phases of the development and implementation process, and may act as a project manager on special projects. Ensures the integration of the Web servers and all other supporting systems. Responsible for system tuning, optimization of information/data processing, maintenance and support of the production environment.

  • Project Development a. Collaborate with COUNTY and project clients to identify requirements and develop a project Scope Statement.

  • Operational All expenses for running and operating all machinery, equipments and installations comprised in the Common Areas, including elevators, diesel generator set, changeover switch, pump and other common installations including their license fees, taxes and other levies (if any) and expenses ancillary or incidental thereto and the lights of the Common Areas and the road network.

  • Metrics The DISTRICT and PARTNER will partake in monthly coordination meetings at mutually agreed upon times and dates to discuss the progress of the program Scope of Work. DISTRICT and PARTNER will also mutually establish criteria and process for ongoing program assessment/evaluation such as, but not limited to the DISTRICT’s assessment metrics and other state metrics [(Measures of Academic Progress – English, SBAC – 11th grade, Redesignation Rates, mutually developed rubric score/s, student attendance, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) data)]. The DISTRICT and PARTNER will also engage in annual review of program content to ensure standards alignment that comply with DISTRICT approved coursework. The PARTNER will provide their impact data based upon these metrics.

  • Targets a) Seller’s supplier diversity spending target for Work supporting the construction of the Project prior to the Commercial Operation Date is ____ percent (___%) as measured relative to Seller’s total expenditures on construction of the Project prior to the Commercial Operation Date, and;

  • Personnel Information Employee shall not divulge or discuss personnel information such as salaries, bonuses, commissions and benefits relating to Employee or other employees of Employer or any of its subsidiaries with any other person except the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of Employer.

  • Objectives The Parties conclude this Agreement, among others, for purposes of: