GeoTel Sample Clauses

GeoTel if applicable, shall inform Digital and/or BT of the number of employees to be brought onto the Site, and Digital and/or BT shall, where reasonably practicable, provide:
GeoTel. 4. Expected Wait - Startek will play automated "Expected Wait" to all incoming AWS customers as follows: - If estimated wait is less than 3 minutes call is queued to their queue - If estimated wait is greater than 3 minutes caller is presented their estimated wait time utilizing the following announcements: "Due to heavy call volume, we are experiencing delays in answering your call. At the present time, your estimated wait could be..." AT&T Wireless Confidential & Proprietary Use Pursuant to Company Instructions PORTIONS OF THIS EXHIBIT MARKED WITH AN "****" HAVE BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO A REQUEST FOR CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT. - Caller is then queued to queue - After 30 seconds of hearing music on hold, the caller hears the following announcement: "All of our agents are currently busy assisting other customers. Please stay on the line and the next available representative will be with you shortly. Thank you." - The caller hears 45 seconds of music on hold and then the following announcement which is repeated every 45 seconds: "We appreciate your patience. All of our agents are still busy. Please stay on the line and the next available representative will be with you shortly." Any announcements requested by AWS in addition to those listed herein shall be subject to the Change Management section of the MSA.

Related to GeoTel

  • Environmental Site Assessment Lender shall have the right, at any time and from time to time, to undertake an environmental site assessment on the Property, including any testing that Lender may determine, in its sole discretion, is necessary or desirable to ascertain the environmental condition of the Property and the compliance of the Property with Requirements of Environmental Laws. Borrower shall cooperate fully with Lender and its consultants performing such assessments and tests. If Lender undertakes such assessments because Lender reasonably believes contamination has occurred, or if the assessment reveals contamination not previously known to Lender, the expense of such assessment shall be paid by the Borrower. Otherwise, any such assessment shall be at Lender's expense.

  • Phase II A small portion of the work for the Phase II modifications to the Plattsburgh Substation will be performed by Transmission Owner, and the remainder will be performed by Clinton and Ellenburg. A detailed definition of the specific scope for Transmission Owner and Clinton and Ellenburg including interface points shall be defined during the design phase and, as such documents become available, copies will be delivered to the NYISO, Transmission Owner, Noble Altona Windpark, LLC and Marble River, LLC. The full scope includes the installation of wave traps, CCVT’s and modifications and/or additions to relaying on the MWP-1 and MWP- 2 lines. These lines will be reconfigured at the completion of Phase II to connect to Duley and Patnode Substations on MWP-1 and the Ryan Substation on MWP-2. Clinton and Ellenburg will design the upgrades and purchase the materials based on the outline specification that was prepared and issued by Transmission Owner. The work to be performed by Clinton and Ellenburg will include both the materials for the exterior and interior installations and items for Transmission Owner installation inside the control building in existing relay panels and communication racks. In addition, Clinton and Ellenburg will be responsible for the exterior and interior construction work and will provide construction management services in coordination with Transmission Owner. The civil design for the foundations and the electrical design for the cable runs to the control room will be designed by, as approved by Transmission Owner, and installed under the supervision and control of Clinton and Ellenburg. The equipment will be selected and procured in accordance with the specifications developed during the detailed engineering phase, copies of which shall be furnished to the NYISO, Transmission Owner, Noble Altona Windpark, LLC and Marble River, LLC. The construction of the foundations, structures, wave traps, CCTV and cable runs into the control building to the termination cabinets will be completed by Clinton and Ellenburg. The work at the Plattsburgh Substation will be installed under Transmission Owner’s CPP-1. Transmission Owner will provide Protection and Controls Engineering, install and terminate wiring from the termination cabinets to the control panels and relays, install relays and equipment in the existing panels, and will commission such work inside the 230kV control building. Transmission Owner will develop the communications protocols and data flow over the circuits.

  • Phase I Design Documents – 30% Submittal (Owner Review):

  • Environmental Inspections In the event Landlord has a reasonable basis to believe that Tenant is in breach of its obligations under this Article XXXII, Landlord shall have the right, from time to time, during normal business hours and upon not less than five (5) days written notice to Tenant, except in the case of an emergency in which event no notice shall be required, to conduct an inspection of the Leased Property to determine the existence or presence of Hazardous Substances on or about the Leased Property. Landlord shall have the right to enter and inspect the Leased Property, conduct any testing, sampling and analyses it deems necessary and shall have the right to inspect materials brought into the Leased Property. Landlord may, in its discretion, retain such experts to conduct the inspection, perform the tests referred to herein, and to prepare a written report in connection therewith. All reasonable costs and expenses incurred by Landlord under this Section 32.5 shall be paid on demand as Additional Charges by Tenant to Landlord. Failure to conduct an environmental inspection or to detect unfavorable conditions if such inspection is conducted shall in no fashion be intended as a release of any liability for environmental conditions subsequently determined to be associated with or to have occurred during Tenant’s tenancy. Tenant shall remain liable for any environmental condition related to or having occurred during its tenancy regardless of when such conditions are discovered and regardless of whether or not Landlord conducts an environmental inspection at the termination of this Master Lease. The obligations set forth in this Article XXXII shall survive the expiration or earlier termination of this Master Lease.

  • Environmental Inspection If Lessee has not given notice of exercise of its Purchase Option on the Expiration Date pursuant to Section 20.1 or for whatever reason Lessee does not purchase a Property in accordance with the terms of this Lease, then not more than one hundred twenty (120) days nor less than sixty (60) days prior to the Expiration Date, Lessee at its expense shall cause to be delivered to Lessor a Phase I environmental site assessment recently prepared (no more than thirty (30) days prior to the date of delivery) by an independent recognized professional reasonably acceptable to Lessor, and in form, scope and content reasonably satisfactory to Lessor.

  • Environmental Reports Furnish Agent, concurrently with the delivery of the financial statements referred to in Sections 9.7 and 9.8, with a certificate signed by the President of Borrowing Agent stating, to the best of his knowledge, that each Borrower is in compliance in all material respects with all federal, state and local Environmental Laws. To the extent any Borrower is not in compliance with the foregoing laws, the certificate shall set forth with specificity all areas of non-compliance and the proposed action such Borrower will implement in order to achieve full compliance.

  • Surveys Each Borrower shall submit the Ship owned by it regularly to all periodical or other surveys which may be required for classification purposes and, if so required by the Security Trustee provide the Security Trustee, with copies of all survey reports.

  • Architect/Engineer (A/E) means a person registered as an architect pursuant to Tex. Occ. Code Ann., Chapter 1051, as a landscape architect pursuant to Tex. Occ. Code Ann., Chapter 1052, a person licensed as a professional engineer pursuant to Tex. Occ. Code Ann., Chapter 1001 and/or a firm employed by Owner or a design-build contractor to provide professional architectural or engineering services and to exercise overall responsibility for the design of a Project or a significant portion thereof, and to perform the contract administration responsibilities set forth in the Contract.

  • Environmental Review (a) Buyer shall have the right to conduct or cause a consultant (“Buyer’s Environmental Consultant”) to conduct an environmental review of the Assets and Seller’s records pertaining to the Assets (as set forth in Section 3.01) prior to the expiration of the Examination Period (“Buyer’s Environmental Review”). The cost and expense of Buyer’s Environmental Review, if any, shall be borne solely by Buyer. The scope of work comprising Buyer’s Environmental Review shall not include any intrusive test or procedure without the prior written consent of Seller. Buyer shall (and shall cause Buyer’s Environmental Consultant to): (i) consult with Seller before conducting any work comprising Buyer’s Environmental Review, (ii) perform all such work in a safe and workmanlike manner and so as to not unreasonably interfere with Seller’s operations and (iii) comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain any Third Party consents and otherwise cooperate with Buyer in conducting Buyer’s Environmental Review and any activities related thereto. Seller shall have the right to have a representative or representatives accompany Buyer and Buyer’s Environmental Consultant at all times during Buyer’s Environmental Review. With respect to any samples taken in connection with Buyer’s Environmental Review, Buyer shall take split samples, providing one of each such sample, properly labeled and identified, to Seller. The Parties shall execute a “common undertaking” letter regarding the confidentiality for the Environmental Review where appropriate. Buyer hereby agrees to release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless Seller from and against all claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, causes of action and judgments of any kind or character (including those resulting from Seller’s sole, joint, COMPARATIVE or concurrent negligence or strict liability) to the extent arising out of Buyer’s Environmental Review. Buyer hereby covenants and agrees that it will have at least $2,000,000 of general liability insurance to cover its indemnification hereunder prior to the commencement of the Environmental Review.

  • Environmental Report Lender shall have received an Environmental Report (not more than six months old) with respect to the Property that discloses no material environmental contingencies with respect to the Property.