Geographic Limitation Sample Clauses

Geographic Limitation. The geographic limitation for the Non-Compete Obligations is North America, Europe and Japan; and
Geographic Limitation. The geographic limitation for the Non-Compete Obligations is North America, Europe and Japan.
Geographic Limitation. Neither Operator nor any Affiliate, successor or assignee of Operator shall develop, syndicate, own, invest, lease, operate, manage, franchise or license (or grant such rights to third parties), provide hotel related services or otherwiseparticipate either directly, indirectly or by any means in any other hotel within the Geographic Zone of the Hotel as designated on Exhibit D for a period beginning on the date of thisAgreement and ending four (4) months after the termination of this Agreement. Without limiting the rights and remedies of the parties under any provision of this Agreement, Owner shall be entitled, in the case of any breach (actual or threatened) of the covenants of this Section by Operator or any of its Affiliates, to injunctive relief and to any other right or remedy available at law or in equity. Operator acknowledges that compliance by Operator and its Affiliates with the restrictions imposed by this Section is necessary in connection with the fulfillment by Operatorof its duties as Owner’s agent and that Owner would not have entered into this Agreement in the absence of such restrictions.
Geographic Limitation. The Executive acknowledges that the Company is engaged in business throughout the United States and in many foreign countries and that the Company intends to continue expanding the geographic scope of its activities. Accordingly and in view of the nature of his position and responsibilities, the Executive agrees that the provisions of Section 13.1 shall be applicable to each state and each foreign country, possession or territory in which the Company may be engaged in business as of the termination of the Agreement.
Geographic Limitation. Active remediation will not be required in the area within 500 feet of the waste boundary of each impoundments as shown on the most recent NPDES permit for each of the Facilities (except that if a property boundary or body of water is located closer than 500 feet to the waste boundary, that property boundary or body of water shall define the geographic limits for active remediation) (“geographic limitation”), provided that, subject to the provisions of Paragraph 51, coal ash constituents outside the geographic limitation described in this paragraph do not increase beyond the 2L groundwater standards post-closure. It is expressly understood and agreed that DEQ will not assess a civil penalty or pursue an enforcement action for any exceedances of the 2L groundwater standards within the geographical limitation so long as Duke Energy is making best efforts (as defined by paragraph 55) to implement the approved corrective action plan and closure plan as determined by DEQ. The corrective action plans may be periodically updated as required by DEQ if the groundwater cleanup fails to meet projected targets.
Geographic Limitation. C3 Partner may promote and resell Pax8 Products only to Customers in the Territory.
Geographic Limitation. For many employees, the geographical restriction can be more problematic and of greater concern than the time restriction. The courts in this state have repeatedly asserted that “the general rule is that the application of a restrictive covenant will be confined to a geographic areawhich is reasonable in view of the particular situation.”63 The court analyzes the geographic restriction in the same manner as it evaluates the time restriction- the geographic terms are analyzed in the context of the specific facts of the situation and the particular industry in which the employer and employee are engaged. Non-compete agreements executed under Connecticut law can be invalidated when a geographic restriction is so broad that it severely limits or prevents a former employee “from carrying on his usual vocation and earning a livelihood, thus working undue hardship.”64A valid restrictive covenant will clearly define the geographic restriction prohibiting the employee upon termination from engaging in competing business activities within a specific area. The total lack of specified geographical restriction creates an unintended consequence in the form of a global restriction on competition, an effect that the courts consider “patently and grossly unreasonable.”65 Courts are likely to invalidate a non-compete agreement for lack of a defined geographic restriction regardless of whether that characteristic of the agreement was intentional or purely by mistake. If intentional, a global restriction on competition is unconscionable and unenforceable under Connecticut law. Courts will also refuse enforcement of such a non-compete if the lack of geographical restriction was a mistake or error in drafting and execution. Employers should not be allowed the benefit of enforcing the agreement merely because of an unintended, ambiguous clause that was the product of sloppy drafting of the agreement.66
Geographic Limitation. For the avoidance of doubt: XOMA’s right to employ a portion of the sales force to detail Collaboration Products is limited to the United States. XOMA shall not have any right to detail Collaboration Products outside the United States. For the further avoidance of doubt, Chiron is responsible for commercialization of Collaboration Products globally.
Geographic Limitation. Notwithstanding any other provisions contained herein to the contrary, the aggregate amount of Advances outstanding in respect of Projects located in a single Metropolitan Statistical Area (as determined by reference to the Census Bureau's Survey of Metropolitan Statistical Areas) shall not exceed Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000).
Geographic Limitation. The Authority may conduct activities outside of the County, subject, however, to a contract with a Subscribing Agency.