General Membership Sample Clauses

General Membership. To enroll in the Region One ESC General Purchasing Cooperative, requires the approval of this Agreement by the Member’s governing body and by the Region One ESC Board of Directors. The General Purchasing Cooperative Program encompasses all of the ESC-sponsored purchasing cooperative programs currently active or which may become active, and which do not require payment of a special membership fee (see Paragraph #4). From time-to-time, the ESC may notify the Member of new general purchasing cooperative programs which it is activating, and poll membership interest in participating in such program.
General Membership is voluntary and is open to any person or entity, including any entity participating in the Registered Ballot Body of the ERO that has an interest in the reliable operation of the Northeastern North American Bulk Power System. General Members that are also registered entities within the NPCC Region are subject to compliance with reliability standards, consistent with their registration, and are also entitled to receive additional services from the Regional Entity division of NPCC.
General Membership. Up to ten (10) days of paid leave shall be available each school year to conduct association business. Those eligible for such leave are to be selected by the Association and are not to exceed three (3) in number at one time without District approval. The Association shall reimburse the District for full costs of substitutes when substitutes are used to cover the assignments of those on such leave.
General Membership. Up to six (6) days of paid leave shall be available each school 920 year to conduct Council business. 921
General Membership. First Monday of Each Month (Excluding July August) Last Monday of Each Month UNION XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx (705) Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxx, Xxxxxxx WE (807) OFFICE STAFF XXXXXXX BUSINESS MANAGER Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Union Representative Union Representative Union Representative (Thunder Bay) (Thunder Bay) Mane) Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Accountant Secretary (Thunder Bay) (Thunder Bay) Mane) Xxxx Union Representative (Thunder Bay) PART-TIME OFFICE AND CLERICAL AGREEMENT Between MEMORIAL PUBLIC HOSPITAL. Mane) hereinafter called the “Corporation” OF THE FIRST PART and SERVICE EMPLOYEES UNION, LOCAL affiliated with Service Employees International Union, of and OF THE SECOND PART
General Membership. The primary policy body composed of two (2) representatives appointed by, and serving at the pleasure of, each Member County. The representatives may be members of or appointees of the County Commission and will serve for one (1) year term, with appointments made in February of each calendar year. Each representative has one vote.
General Membership. The term "general membership" as used in these by-laws shall mean all members in good standing of Local 17. A decision of the general membership shall require a majority of those voting. The general membership shall be the supreme authority of the Local Union in the following respects:
General Membership. Up to six (6) days of paid leave shall be available each school 970 year to conduct Council business. 971
General Membership. A. Each member of the QCPH Club is responsible for his or her own actions and behavior. All members are expected to fully comply with all laws. Any member who breaks a law does so at their own risk and is personally liable for the consequences of those actions. The QCPH Club will not be responsible or liable for any such actions.