General Conditions of Use Sample Clauses

General Conditions of Use. User agrees as follows:
General Conditions of Use. ROOM HIRE CHARGES Room hire charges will consist of a booking fee plus an hourly rate for the room hire. The booking fee is equivalent to 20% of the total hire charge. A non-refundable administration fee of $35.00 applies for all bookings. Room Hire rates will commence from time of setting up until and including cleaning up time. Variations to rates can be negotiated only with the CEO. NO ADDITIONAL SET UP OR CLEAN UP TIMES ARE ALLOCATED ON TOP OF THE HIRE TIMES. If any variations are agreed upon they will be attached in writing to the Conditions of Use and signed by both parties. BOND All casual hirers are required to pay a bond for the hire of SKCC rooms. Bond money will be returned when the SKCC management is satisfied that the hirer has met the requirements stated in the Conditions of Use. If any of the conditions are not met, either the whole or part of the bond will be withheld at Management’s discretion. Bonds must be paid in cash, by EFTPOS or Credit Cards. Cheques will not be accepted . In the case of any portion of the bond being retained for breach of the Conditions of Use it will incur GST of 10%. APPLICATIONS FOR ROOM HIRE All requests for hall hire must be made in writing using the Agreement for Venue Hire form. The Hirer, having signed the form, undertakes to comply with the Conditions of Use. All enquiries and ‘day to day’ matters concerning South Kingsville Community Centre are to be conducted at the SKCC Office during business hours. A booking will not be confirmed unless a signed completed application form and the booking fee are received. BUILDING ACCESS SKCC staff will either arrange a staff member to provide access to the building or will issue a key and alarm code to the hirer and/or nominated other responsible person at time of bond payment. SKCC staff will walk the hirer through the building access and alarm procedure when the key is picked up. SKCC staff will advise the hirer of the location of the light switches and heating/cooling controls. CANCELLATIONS The amount of notice required for cancellations is 50% of the period that the booking is held. For example, if a booking is made 6 weeks in advance, Notice of 3 weeks is required for cancellation. If a booking is made 2 weeks in advance, 1-week notice is required. This is in order that the Centre treats everyone fairly and is not refusing bookings for people or organisations booking well in advance and then cancelling. Failure to comply will result in additional fees. HIRE REFUN...
General Conditions of Use a) You agree that You will look after the Vehicle carefully (including but not limited to taking all reasonable precautions so as to prevent/mitigate loss or damage) and will not:
General Conditions of Use. 2.1. An obligatory requirement for the entering into this Agreement is the full and unconditional acceptance by the User, and adherence to, of the terms and conditions contained in following documents ("Obligatory Documents"):
General Conditions of Use. The user may install and use one copy of the Software on their compatible computer, on up to the the allowed number of computers.
General Conditions of Use. 7.1 Save as otherwise permitted by law or agreed by LOCOG in writing, the Licensee shall not use any Games Marks other than the Designated Marks and the Licensee shall only use the Designated Marks for the Permitted Uses and only in conjunction with the appropriate Designation, in the manner indicated in Part A of this Agreement, but for the avoidance of doubt the Designations need not be used with the Pictograms. The Licensee shall not use the Descriptor otherwise than in Non- commercial Communications in an editorial manner, or as otherwise agreed by LOCOG.
General Conditions of Use. Individual agrees as follows: Individual is responsible for the proper use and care of any Detati Communications property. The Individual will be liable for the replacement cost of any Detati Communications property which is damaged, destroyed or lost. Individual agrees to clean up or restore the Premises immediately after usage to the same condition provided to INDIVIDUAL prior to its use of the Premises. Costs may be assessed for clean up by Detati Communications if INDIVIDUAL’s clean up is not satisfactory. INDIVIDUAL acknowledges that it has inspected the Premises and that it is satisfied that the Premises have the capacity and capability to accommodate the use contemplated under this Agreement.
General Conditions of Use. The Borrower may draw down an Advance only if:
General Conditions of Use. 1. The author vests the right of use of his works to the blog operator. The rights of use are restricted to the medium Internet and unrestricted in space and time. This entails all forms of publishing, sales, duplication, and making it openly available in other languages.