• Description of Work (a) that has been omitted or

  • PROTECTION OF WORK Subcontractor shall effectually secure and protect the work done hereunder and assume full responsibility for the condition thereof until final acceptance by Architect, Owner and Contractor. Subcontractor further agrees to provide such protection as is necessary to protect the work and the workmen of Contractor, Owner and other subcontractors from its operations. Subcontractor shall be liable for any loss or damage to any work in place or to any equipment and materials on the job site caused by it or its agents, employees or guests.

  • Coordination of Work Contractor shall be in charge of and responsible for the coordination, scheduling, performance and sequence of all elements of the work unless otherwise stated.

  • Location of Work The Executive shall be based in the United States in West Orange, New Jersey. However, the Executive agrees to undertake whatever domestic and worldwide travel is required by the Company. The Executive shall not be required or permitted to relocate without the mutual, written consent of the Executive and the Company.

  • Statements of Work This Agreement, by itself, does not obligate Spirent to provide any services to Client nor does it obligate Client to procure any services from Spirent. To the extent Client wishes to procure services from Spirent and Spirent wishes to provide services to Client, the parties shall execute a statement of work in a format similar to Exhibit A which specifically references this Agreement and is signed by both parties (each an “SOW”). Upon execution of an SOW, Spirent shall perform the services set forth in the SOW using generally accepted industry standards and practices. Spirent shall determine in its sole discretion what personnel is required to complete the work contemplated by this Agreement and may use third parties, as determined by Spirent in its sole discretion, to complete any work.

  • HOURS OF WORK AND SCHEDULING 15.01 The normal hours of work for an employee are not a guarantee of work per day or per week, or a guarantee of days of work per week. The normal hours of work shall be seven and one-half (7-1/2) hours per day, and seventy-five (75) hours in any bi-weekly period.

  • Statement of Work The Contractor shall provide the services and staff, and otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance of work, as set forth below:

  • Inspection of Work Consultant and any subconsultant shall permit TAMC, the State, and the FHWA (if federal participating funds are used in this Agreement) to review and inspect the project activities and files at all reasonable times during the performance period of this Agreement including review and inspection on a daily basis.

  • PROSECUTION OF WORK FIRST PARTY will employ a sufficient staff to prosecute the work diligently and continuously and will complete the work in accordance with the schedule of work approved by the CITY. (See Exhibit "A," Scope of Services).

  • Completion of Work The Contractor is accountable for completing the Work in the time stated in the Contract, or as otherwise amended by Change Order.