GAME CHARACTER. 1.1 The User is forbidden from performing the following actions in the Game with his/her characters: selling, purchasing, exchanging, transferring, gifting, as well as distributing information regarding the intent to perform actions indicated by the User himself/herself or by any third party. 1.2 The User is forbidden from using (including blurred, hidden with special symbols, for instance, @#$%) the following designations as the name of the Game character, name of the Game clan, or other group: 1.2.1 offensive or rude words, inciting words of a discriminatory character, swear words and phrases, expletives in any language, composed of letters of any alphabet; 1.2.2 proper names and other words and phrases used in religions or cults, which may insult the feelings of believers (using such common religious concepts (except for proper names) as “paradise”, “hell”, “angel”, “devil”, “voodoo”, etc. in the name of the Game’s clans and the Game’s groups is not prohibited. For example, the clan name of the group such as “Team of Devils” or “Voodoo Dolls” corresponds to these Game Rules); 1.2.3 names of historical figures and politicians; 1.2.4 words and phrases that are directly or indirectly related to drugs and the means of their preparation, use, and acquisition; 1.2.5 words and phrases that may mislead other Users that the User, registered under such a name, is a representative of the COMPANY or otherwise has a direct or indirect relation to it, or has any rights of administration of the Game; 1.2.6 unpronounceable letter combinations; 1.2.7 words and phrases that contain advertisements for goods or services, including any domain names and trademarks; 1.2.8 words and phrases that violate the rights of third parties (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights) or the requirements of the applicable law.