Franchise Tax Status Sample Clauses

Franchise Tax Status. Contractor represents and warrants that it is not currently delinquent in the payment of any franchise taxes owed the State of Texas under Chapter 171 of the Texas Tax Code.
Franchise Tax Status. Upon request, the Contractor agrees to execute and provide to the Owner a Certification of Franchise Tax Payment, on a form approved by the Owner.

Related to Franchise Tax Status

  • Tax Status Except for matters that would not, individually or in the aggregate, have or reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect, the Company and its Subsidiaries each (i) has made or filed all United States federal, state and local income and all foreign income and franchise tax returns, reports and declarations required by any jurisdiction to which it is subject, (ii) has paid all taxes and other governmental assessments and charges that are material in amount, shown or determined to be due on such returns, reports and declarations and (iii) has set aside on its books provision reasonably adequate for the payment of all material taxes for periods subsequent to the periods to which such returns, reports or declarations apply. There are no unpaid taxes in any material amount claimed to be due by the taxing authority of any jurisdiction, and the officers of the Company or of any Subsidiary know of no basis for any such claim.

  • Franchise Tax Board Review (a) In addition to the reporting requirements in section 6, Taxpayer agrees to comply with the FTB’s review of the books and records for purposes of determining if Taxpayer has complied with the requirements of this Agreement.