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Forms for filing a grievance as agreed upon by the negotiating teams, will be prepared by the Association and given appropriate distribution so as to facilitate operation of the grievance procedure. (See Appendix E: Grievance Form) Article X – Confidentiality
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  • Filing a Grievance Grievances may be filed by the Union on behalf of an employee or on behalf of a group of employees. If the Union does so, it will set forth the name of the employee or the names of the group of employees.

  • Time Limit for Filing The parties may mutually agree in writing to extend any of the time limits set forth in this Agreement.

  • GRIEVANCE REPORT FORM Grievance # School District Distribution of Form 1. Superintendent

  • Statement of Grievance The grievance shall contain a statement of:

  • Grievance Forms Each grievance, request for review, and notice of arbitration must be submitted in writing on the appropriate form attached as Appendices C, D and E to this Agreement and shall be signed by the grievant. All grievance forms shall be dated when the grievance is received. If there is difficulty in meeting any time limit, the UFF representative may sign such documents for the grievant; however, grievant's signature shall be provided prior to the Step 2 meeting.

  • Forms of Cooperation Development cooperation may take the form of technical or financial cooperation, humanitarian or emergency assistance. It may be carried out either on a purely bilateral basis, or also in cooperation with other donors and/or multilateral organisations.

  • Filing a Complaint If an employee believes that they have been harassed and/or discriminated against on the basis of any prohibited ground of discrimination, there are specific actions that may be taken to put a stop to it. First, request a stop of the unwanted behaviour. Inform the individual that is doing the harassing or the discriminating against you that the behaviour is unwanted and unwelcome. It is advisable to document the events, complete with times, dates, location, witnesses and details. However, it is also understood that some victims of discrimination or harassment are reluctant to confront their harasser or they may fear reprisals from the harasser, lack of support from their work group, or disbelief by their supervisor or others. The incident should be brought to the attention of your Supervisor and/or Committeeperson.

  • Form 700 Filing The California Political Reform Act and the Chula Vista Conflict of Interest Code require certain government officials and consultants performing work for government agencies to publicly disclose certain of their personal assets and income using a Statement of Economic Interests form (Form 700). In order to assure compliance with these requirements, Consultant shall comply with the disclosure requirements identified in the attached Exhibit C, incorporated into the Agreement by this reference.

  • Forms of Discipline ‌ Discipline includes oral and written reprimands, reduction in pay, suspension, demotion, and discharge.

  • Accurate and Timely Submission of Reports a) The reports and administrative fees shall be accurate and timely and submitted in accordance with the due dates specified in this section. Vendor shall correct any inaccurate reports or administrative fee payments within three (3) business days upon written notification by DIR. Vendor shall deliver any late reports or late administrative fee payments within three (3) business days upon written notification by DIR. If Vendor is unable to correct inaccurate reports or administrative fee payments or deliver late reports and fee payments within three

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