Forklifts Sample Clauses

Forklifts which operate on asphalt paving areas shall not have solid rubber tires and shall only use tires that do not damage the asphalt.
Forklifts. Forklifts with operators are available at the prevailing rates. Arrangements must be made with the general service contractor at least 14 days prior to setup for special requests, such as cranes or forklifts with over 5,000-pound lift capacity for special handling of large equipment or machinery.
Forklifts. Charterers may load cargoes by forklifts with pneumatic or semi pneumatic tires always taking into account deck strength as per vessel description.
Forklifts. 7.01 The Employer shall supply a forklift with a competent driver which will be available to pieceworkers at all relevant times. If the Employer does not supply the forklift and driver, the Employer agrees to pay an additional premium per house agreed upon by the interested parties. The Employer shall make sure that the forklift driver is competent and has an up-to-date Safety Certificate from L.I.U.N.A, Local 183 Training Program. SCHEDULE “C” – CROSS OVERS
Forklifts. Modern forklift operator panels often feature data-entry key-logging keypads and membrane controls. They typically have embedded interfaces that link them with the larger system through serial communications. Container Lifting (airport/freight) Container handling is an important industry, particularly at airports and transport hubs. Operator controls are used inside and outside the vehicles. EAO designs intuitive and easy to use controls, ensuring the containers are placed in the most precise, safe and efficient manner. 8 Heavy-Duty Vehicles Heavy-duty vehicles require combination interfaces - resistant, non-tactile keypads inside with rubberised side-of-vehicle control panels. Special attention is paid to ergonomics, visibility in changeable light conditions, and functional ease of use for gloved operators. Portable Wireless Controls These controls allow the operator to freely move around the crane, maintaining load visibility at all times. Units must be light, comfortable to wear, and very durable. Wireless technology is a normal requirement. 9 Comprehensive Services From concept to delivery, EAO is the expert partner for human machine interfaces A partnership with EAO offers global expertise in the following areas: ■ HMI system design and layout that is functional and intuitive. ■ Knowledge of all safety, ergonomic, industry, and international standards. ■ Modern design-to-manufacturing methods such as 3D CAD/CAM/CAE (Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks). ■ Rapid prototyping techniques for plastic components and short-run PCBs. ■ On-board microcontrollers, real-time operating systems, encryption technology and Serial Bus communication protocols. ■ Planned production processes to ensure just-in-time delivery. ■ An international supply chain provider – service and procurement of parts on a global level. EAO has a dynamic Total Quality Management system linked to all aspects of its business and is certified and managed to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and other standards as required. 10
Forklifts telehandlers and power telescoping materials handler operators shall follow all applicable OSHA 29 CFR 1917.43 and 1910.178 requirements for the safe operations of the equipment.
Forklifts. No modifications or additions that affect the capacity or safe operations of the equipment shall be made without the manufacture’s writtenapproval. Only trained and certified personnel shall be permitted to operate forklifts. All forklifts must be inspected daily before operations begin. If a load is lifted by two or more trucks working in unison, the proportion of the total load carried by any one truck shall not exceed its capacity. Gr av e l P it Solar F i e ld T e c hn ician S t and ard – All the st and ar d s and r e g ulatio ns list ed ab o ve apply to any forklift operations.
Forklifts. Smithway shall not purchase either of the forklifts at the Yankton terminal. Smithway previously paid Seller $7,500 for one forklift and such amount shall be deducted from the Escrowed Funds and be returned to Smithway.
Forklifts. The purchase price for the Forklifts, as set forth on Schedule L attached hereto, shall be $13,000.00.