FOREST ACCESS ROAD MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS. Cuts and Fills • Maintain slope lines to a stable gradient compatible with the cut slope/fill slope ratios. Remove slides from ditches and the roadway. Repair fill-failures in accordance with Clause 4-6 Embankment Slope Ratio, and with material approved by the Contract Administrator. Remove overhanging material from the top of cut slopes. • Waste material from slides or other sources shall be placed and compacted in stable locations identified in the road plan or approved by the Contract Administrator, so that sediment will not deliver to any streams or wetlands. • Slide material and debris shall not be mixed into the road surface materials, unless approved by the Contract Administrator.
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FOREST ACCESS ROAD MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS. Preventative Maintenance  Perform preventative maintenance work to safeguard against storm damage, such as blading to ensure correct runoff, ditch and culvert cleaning, and waterbar maintenance.
FOREST ACCESS ROAD MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS. Termination of Use or End of Season  At the conclusion of logging operations, ensure all conditions of these specifications have been met. Debris  Remove fallen timber, limbs, and stumps from the slopes, roadway, ditchlines, and culvert inlets. Do not undercut backslope No berms except as directed Keep clear of obstructions Add stable material or flume Keep ditches open and free of debris to ensure water drainage away from road. ‘NL√SRI AND DRAFNAGS 5PS‘FFF‘AIFON5 ‘7lIGRN f2SNÆllÆNf92 (fPf‘Ælf ‘7lIGRN JGÆDWÆll- SG‘Nf92 IfGW &#AD )-&£A‘f l#0f& DI*‘JlI!f *# A‘‘# #DA*f ‘-l/f&* ‘7lIGRN f2SNÆllÆNf92 XxXX X0X0XX00X PlÆSNf‘ ‘7lIGRN f2SNÆllÆNf92 WfNJ PlÆSNf‘ D9W2SP97N (+ª&‘ G'#."D *-&!f& fl8#0 ()ff Df*AIl) ƒ ‘7lIGRN JGÆDWÆll- PlÆ2 IfGW XXXXX N7R2GR Gl89W TS NAME ‘-l/f&* DIA f*f& )I!Glf 0All $lA)*I‘ $I$f D&A$fD Al#!G )l#$f JfAD0All !#*f: JfAD0All *# 8f ‘#!)*&-‘*fD #£ I $f&/I#-) A*f&IAl *JA* 0Ill &f)I)* f&#)I#! A!D A& #&fD 0I*J &I$&A$ %-A!*I, )$f‘I£IfD I! &#AD $lA!. 8#l*fD 0I*J 9/8" 8#l*) A!D 0A)Jf&) (8#*J )IDf)) ‘#!*&A‘*@ 30-09622L $&#Jf‘* )-l*A! $f$$f& )Jff* 00 XX 00 XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX DETAIL AND SPECIFICATIONS Road Edge Key into cutbank Skew 30° from perpendicular Road Edge IsometricView Existing Road Surface Original Grade 1 ft 3 to 4ft 3 to 4 ft 3 to 4 ft minimum minimum minimum RoadProfile 1. Construct a waterbar downgrade of each ditch relief culvert. 2. Outlets will be free of woody debris or other obstructions that prohibit drainage. 3. Specifications are typical, adjust to site conditions. Drawing Not To Scale CONTRACT # 30-09622L PROJECT )-l*A! $f$$f& SHEET 27 OF 27 ℄ Road SUMMARY - Road Development Costs REGION: NW DISTRICT: Cascade SALE/PROJECT NAME: SULTAN PEPPER CONTRACT #: 30-096221 ROAD NUMBERS: XX-00, XX-00, XX-00 - - XXXX STANDARD: Construction Reconstruction Maintenance NUMBER OF STATIONS: 15.33 0.00 0.00 CLEARING & GRUBBING: $1,288 - - EXCAVATION AND FILL: $1,466 - - MISC. MAINTENANCE: - - - ROAD ROCK: $4,570 - - ROCK STOCKPILE PROD: - - - CULVERTS AND FLUMES: $1,151 - - STRUCTURES: - - - MOBILIZATION: $3,175 - - TOTAL COSTS: $11,651 $0 $0 COST PER STATION: $760 $0 $0 ROAD DEACTIVATION & ABANDONMENT COSTS: $4,903 TOTAL (All Roads) = $16,554 SALE VOLUME MBF = 1700 TOTAL $/MBF = $10 Compiled by: Date: L O G G I N G P L A N M A P S A L E N A M E : SULTAN PEPPER RE G I O N : Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx XX X X X X X X X # : 30-096221 CO U N T Y ( S ) : Snohomish TO W N S HI P ( S ) : T28R8E E L E VAT I O N R G E : 480-480 " ! T R U S T ( S ) : State Forest Tra...


  • Operating and Maintenance Manuals 58.1 If “as built” Drawings and/or operating and maintenance manuals are required, the Contractor shall supply them by the dates stated in the Contract Data.

  • Support and Maintenance Services Information about Teradici’s support and maintenance for the Licensed Product may be found at xxxxx://

  • Routine Maintenance Services PM1.03.2-1 Respond immediately to restrict all access to Highway Crossing Infrastructure, as directed by the Province.

  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals Receipts for transmittal of Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Brochures and Data to the Design Professional (or Commissioning Agent) as required by Section

  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE If technical support and maintenance is a part of the Goods that Contractor provides under the Contract, Contractor will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to the Department in a reasonable time when the Department makes technical support or maintenance requests regarding the Goods.

  • Planned Maintenance (a) Sellers may designate up to twenty (20) Days of Planned Maintenance on Sellers’ Facilities during each Contract Year. Sellers shall be entitled to reduce (including down to zero (0)) its Gas scheduling under Clause 8 and Exhibit 3 for each Day of Planned Maintenance.

  • Installation, Maintenance, Testing and Repair Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties, to the extent required by Applicable Law, Interconnection provided by a Party shall be equal in quality to that provided by such Party to itself, any subsidiary, affiliates or third party. If either Party is unable to fulfill its obligations under this Section 14.2, it shall notify the other Party of its inability to do so and will negotiate alternative intervals in good faith. The Parties agree that to the extent required by Applicable Law, the standards to be used by a Party for isolating and clearing any disconnections and/or other outages or troubles shall be at parity with standards used by such Party with respect to itself, any subsidiary, affiliate or third party.

  • Software Maintenance and Support If You purchase Software Maintenance and Support for the Software, the Software Maintenance and Support will be provided as described in Kofax’s then current Software Maintenance and Support Agreement, available at xxxx://, and which is incorporated herein by this reference. If You are active and current on Software Maintenance and Support, You may request reconfigurations of the Software subject to Your payment of Kofax’s then current standard rates for such reconfigurations. Kofax will have no liability to You arising from or related to Your cessation of Software Maintenance and Support, whether from Your failure to timely renew Software Maintenance and Support or otherwise. If You elect to reinstate Software Maintenance and Support following expiration of the Software Maintenance and Support for whatever reason, You will (a) pay a reinstatement fee equal to the sum of the current annual Software Maintenance and Support fees, any unpaid Software Maintenance and Support fees from the date of expiration to the date of reinstatement, and an amount equal to one additional year of Software Maintenance and Support fees, and (b) apply all upgrades, enhancements and new releases to the Software needed to bring Your Software current with Kofax’s most current supported version of the Software. Software Maintenance and Support pricing will increase for renewal terms by an amount not to exceed 5% of the prior year term fee, provided that increases associated with additional software license purchases, if any, will be incorporated into the base for the purpose of calculation of each annual increase.

  • Installation and Maintenance Except for the bi‐directional and production metering equipment owned by the City, all equipment on Customer’s side of the delivery point, including the required disconnect device, shall be provided and maintained in satisfactory operating condition by Customer and shall remain the property and responsibility of the Customer. The City will bear no responsibility for the installation or maintenance of Customer’s equipment or for any damage to property as a result of any failure or malfunction thereof. The City shall not be liable, directly or indirectly for permitting or continuing to allow the interconnection of the Facility or for the acts or omissions of Customer or the failure or malfunction of any equipment of Customer that causes loss or injury, including death, to any party.

  • Support and Maintenance Where Licensee purchases support and/or maintenance services, Licensee’s initial support and/or maintenance term will begin upon delivery to Licensee of the Licensed Software and continue for one (1) year thereafter (or the length of the term if less than a year for any subscription/term license) unless otherwise specified in the applicable annual support and/or maintenance agreement, Product Order, or other written agreement executed between Licensor and Licensee. Where Licensee purchases support and/or maintenance for any Licensed Software, Licensee hereby agrees that it shall purchase such support and/or maintenance services for all of Licensee’s licensed units of such Licensed Software product. Support and/or maintenance services provided by Licensor will be subject to Licensor’s then current applicable standard annual support and/or maintenance agreement unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing.

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