For part commissioning Sample Clauses

For part commissioning. Part commissioning shall mean commissioning of a threshold capacity of 15 MW and can achieve further Part Commissioning in minimum steps of 5 MW till full Commissioning of the Project is achieved, subject to the acceptance by the APDCL. However, the Scheduled Commissioning Date shall not get altered due to Part Commissioning of the Project. Irrespective of dates of Part Commissioning, the PPA shall remain in force for the Contract Year only. The Solar Power Developer shall be permitted to achieve the Part Commissioning for the Project only prior to the Scheduled Commissioning Date. For part commissioning, the purchase of such generation shall be settled at a rate equivalent to 75% of PPA tariff, provided first right of refusal will vest with APDCL. However, the SCD will not get altered due to part-commissioning. Irrespective of dates of part commissioning or full commissioning, the PPA will remain in force for a period of 25 (twenty-five) years from the date of signing of PPA. In the case of part commissioning, the Bidder may have the opportunity to submit a revised Performance Security equivalent to the remaining un-commissioned capacity. On submission of revised Performance Security from the successful Bidder, the previous Performance Security will be returned within thirty (30) days from the date of submission of revised Performance Security. In case the Bidder is unable to commission the balance capacity within the COD, then APDCL shall en-cash and invoke the revised Performance Security as per the procedure mentioned in clause 1.3.3 of the RFP and clause 5.8 of the draft PPA, and recover the balance amount from payment of Monthly Bills/ Supplementary Bill payable by APDCL to the Solar Power Developer to the extent of allotted full/ entire capacity. In this regard, the successful Bidder shall provide an undertaking on 200 INR (Indian Rupees Two Hundred only) non-judicial stamp paper while submitting revised Performance Security for the un-commissioned capacity for deduction of amount equivalent to the Performance Security for the part-commissioned capacity in relation to clause 1.3.3 of the RFP and clause 5.8 of the draft PPA. However, APDCL’s decision shall be final and binding on the Solar Power Developer.
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