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for Adult and Professional Studies at Azusa Pacific University. Additional courses may transfer as elective credit. Completed courses that transfer to UC or CSU systems will be accepted; however, university transfer limits will apply. Please consult your program contact for additional information. ENGLISH COMPOSITION (choose one) SPEECH/ADVANCED COMPOSITION (choose one) ENGL 101 Reading & Composition LITERATURE (choose one) BLAS 155 Afro-American Literature CHIC 135 Chicano Literature ENGL 105 Composition and Literature ENGL 208 Introduction to Literature ENGL 210 American Literature l ENGL 211 American Literature II ENGL 220 Masterpieces of World Literature l ENGL 221 Masterpieces of World Lit. ll 1600-Present ENGL 230 Asian American Literature ENGL 238 Evaluating Children’s Literature SCIENCE (choose one) *if course does not include laboratory, student must complete a separate lab course to meet entire science requirement. ANTH 102 Introduction to Physical Anthropology ANTH 104 Laboratory in Physical Anthropology ASTR 101& 109 Descriptive Astronomy & Practice in Observing or 111 or Astronomy Laboratory BIOL 100 Natural History-Environmental Biology BIO 107 Natural History-Environmental Biology CHEM 100+100L Fund. Of Chemistry & Gen. Chem Lab CHEM 152+152L Intro. to Gen. Chem. & Phys. Geog. Lab GEOG 101+101L Physical Geography & Phys. Geog. Lab GEOL 100+101 General Geology & General Geology Lab PHYN 100+101 Survey of Physical Science & Phys. Sci. Lab PHYS 100 Introductory Physics PHYS 125 General Physics FINE ARTS (choose one) ARTF 100 Art Orientation ARTF 107 Contemporary Art ARTF 109 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art ART F 110 Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic ARTF 111 Art History: Renaissance to Modern HUMA 101 Introduction to the Humanities l HUMA 102 Introduction to the Humanities ll MUSI 100 Introduction to Music MUSI 102 Music History ll Mid 18th Cent.-Early 20th MUSI 109 World Music MUSI 150A Basic Musicianship ENGL 205 Critical Thinking & Intermediate Comp COMM 103 Oral Communication COMM 135 Interpersonal Communication BIBLE LITERATURE (choose one) HUMA 103 Introduction to the New Testament HUMA 104 Introduction to the Old Testament HISTORY/U.S. GOVERNMENT (choose one) BLAS 140A History of the U.S. Black Perspectives BLAS 140B History of the U.S. Black Perspectives CHIC 141A U.S. History from a Chicano Perspective CHIS 141B U.S. History from a Chicano Perspective HIST 100 World History l HIST 101 World History ll HIST 105 Introduction to Western Civilization HIST 106 Introduction to Western Civilization ...

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  • Research, Science and Technology Cooperation 1. The aims of cooperation in research, science and technology, carried out in the mutual interest of the Parties and in compliance with their policies, will be: (a) to build on existing agreements already in place for cooperation on research, science and technology; (b) to encourage, where appropriate, government agencies, research institutions, universities, private companies and other research organizations in the Parties to conclude direct arrangements in support of cooperative activities, programs or projects within the framework of this Agreement, specially related to trade and commerce; and (c) to focus cooperative activities towards sectors where mutual and complementary interests exist, with special emphasis on information and communication technologies and software development to facilitate trade between the Parties. 2. The Parties will encourage and facilitate, as appropriate, the following activities including, but not limited to:

  • Training and Professional Development 2.6.1 Te Kura recognises the importance of training and professional development and appropriate provision will be available in line with the current Learning and Development framework, policy and procedures.

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENT A. Purpose In our rapidly changing society, teachers must constantly review curricular content, teaching methods and materials, educational philosophy and goals, social change, and other topics related to education. The Board recognizes that it shares with its professional staff responsibility for the upgrading and updating of teacher performance and attitudes. The Board and the Association support the principle of continuing training of teachers and the improvement of instruction. The parties further agree that each teacher should fulfill this obligation for professional improvement.

  • Outside Activities of Limited Partners Subject to any agreements entered into by a Limited Partner or its Affiliates with the General Partner, Partnership or a Subsidiary, any Limited Partner and any officer, director, employee, agent, trustee, Affiliate or stockholder of any Limited Partner shall be entitled to and may have business interests and engage in business activities in addition to those relating to the Partnership, including business interests and activities in direct competition with the Partnership or that are enhanced by the activities of the Partnership. Neither the Partnership nor any Partners shall have any rights by virtue of this Agreement in any business ventures of any Limited Partner or Assignee. Subject to such agreements, none of the Limited Partners nor any other Person shall have any rights by virtue of this Agreement or the partnership relationship established hereby in any business ventures of any other Person, other than the Limited Partners benefiting from the business conducted by the General Partner, and such Person shall have no obligation pursuant to this Agreement to offer any interest in any such business ventures to the Partnership, any Limited Partner or any such other Person, even if such opportunity is of a character which, if presented to the Partnership, any Limited Partner or such other Person, could be taken by such Person.

  • TECHNOLOGY/KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER ACTIVITIES The goal of this task is to develop a plan to make the knowledge gained, experimental results, and lessons learned available to the public and key decision makers. The Recipient shall: • Prepare an Initial Fact Sheet at start of the project that describes the project. Use the format provided by the CAM. • Prepare a Final Project Fact Sheet at the project’s conclusion that discusses results. Use the format provided by the CAM. • Prepare a Technology/Knowledge Transfer Plan that includes: o An explanation of how the knowledge gained from the project will be made available to the public, including the targeted market sector and potential outreach to end users, utilities, regulatory agencies, and others.

  • Information Technology Enterprise Architecture Requirements If this Contract involves information technology-related products or services, the Contractor agrees that any such products or services are compatible with the technology standards, including the assistive technology standard, all found at xxxxx:// The State may terminate this Contract for default if the terms of this paragraph are breached.

  • Přetrvající platnost This Section 3 “

  • Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention and Control (a) The Hospital in consultation with the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) shall develop, establish and put into effect, musculoskeletal prevention and control measures, procedures, practices and training for the health and safety of employees.

  • Přetrvávající platnost Tento odstavec 1.3 “Zdravotní záznamy a Studijní data a údaje” zůstane závazný i v případě zániku platnosti či vypršení platnosti této Smlouvy.

  • SERVICE MONITORING, ANALYSES AND ORACLE SOFTWARE 11.1 We continuously monitor the Services to facilitate Oracle’s operation of the Services; to help resolve Your service requests; to detect and address threats to the functionality, security, integrity, and availability of the Services as well as any content, data, or applications in the Services; and to detect and address illegal acts or violations of the Acceptable Use Policy. Oracle monitoring tools do not collect or store any of Your Content residing in the Services, except as needed for such purposes. Oracle does not monitor, and does not address issues with, non-Oracle software provided by You or any of Your Users that is stored in, or run on or through, the Services. Information collected by Oracle monitoring tools (excluding Your Content) may also be used to assist in managing Oracle’s product and service portfolio, to help Oracle address deficiencies in its product and service offerings, and for license management purposes.