Food & Beverage Sample Clauses

Food & Beverage a) The Wedding Banquet must take place at the Hotel on the same day as the wedding ceremony. A service charge of €400 will be applicable when a banquet is booked outside the Hotel and is not in addition to a Wedding Banquet held at the hotel.
Food & Beverage. Food and beverage distribution must be approved by TRB ( and must be arranged with Aramark, the exclusive catering provider for the Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx Convention Center.
Food & Beverage. As stated in Bylaws of The Club’s “No Member or guest shall bring onto The Club premises food or beverage for consumption at The Club without the consent of the General Manager or Duty Manager unless such food or beverage is (a) required for medical purposes, (b) intended for children under the age of two years or (c) wine or champagne for which the relevant corkage charge is paid. The General Manager shall specify a schedule of corkage charges from time to time, which shall apply to wine or champagne purchased outside The Club premises or in The Club’s retail operation.” Please be advised that food catered for the event must be consumed on the premise and not allowed to be packed and taken away.
Food & Beverage. 5.1 All menus together with numbers should be notified to the hotel no later than 14 days prior to the event arrival date.
Food & Beverage. All exhibitors must comply with OCC sampling policy and size restrictions. Food must be pre-packaged to go. No food or beverage may be sold for on-site consumption outside of designated areas, unless specifically agreed to in writing. *Food/Beverage Exhibitors have the option to purchase a sampling distribution license for $99. This will allow the exhibitor to sample and sell their products. All products sold must be sealed for consumption away from Convention Center. If the Exhibitor does not purchase the license fee, they are prohibited from sampling and limited to general marketing and advertising within their exhibitor space.
Food & Beverage. The group must purchase all alcoholic beverages from EVGC. Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited. A catering menu is available for all food requests. All catering requests must be finalized FOURTEEN days in advance. A 20% gratuity will be added for all food and beverage orders. Food & Beverage Requests:
Food & Beverage. Licensee will not dispense, whether for a price or free of charge, any food or beverage from its space unless permission is granted from Licensor.
Food & Beverage. The Food and Beverage liquidated damages cancellation fee percentages as specified in the cancellation section of this Agreement applies to Food & Beverage revenue only on a signed banquet event order. Such liquidated damages shall be calculated by multiplying Facility’s estimated net profit on the lower of the original estimate noted above or the actual revenue on a signed banquet event order, by the applicable cancellation fee percentage. Liquidated damages shall not include any taxes or gratuity amounts whatsoever. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there will be no charge to NYL for cancellations on banquet/catering event(s) if NYL gives notice of cancellation more than fourteen (14) days before such banquet/catering event(s).