Field Equipment Sample Clauses

Field Equipment. 4.1 Subject to the terms of this Contract, with respect to any Well which has been connected to Processor’s Pipeline System pursuant to this Contract, Shipper shall contractually require that one or more owners of the Contractually Dedicated Area Interests in the Well (“Contracted Parties”) furnish, install and maintain, or use their respective reasonable efforts to cause the operator of such Well to furnish, install and maintain such post-production equipment at the well site of such Well (such as a separator or a treater) between the wellhead of such Well and the first pipe connection to Processor’s Pipeline System as is reasonably necessary for the proper, safe and efficient operation of such Well, as reasonably determined by such Contracted Parties in their sole discretion, and to enable Shipper to make delivery, or cause delivery to be made, of Committed Gas to such pipe connection to the Delivery Points.
Field Equipment. Prior to Closing, GeoSouthern shall cause Seller to contribute the Field Equipment to the Company for which such Field Equipment is primarily used.
Field Equipment the equipment, tools, components, software and hardware set forth in Exhibit D hereto (to be attached in accordance with and as set forth in Sections 3.2 and 3.3 below, based on and in compliance with the SOW and Tender).
Field Equipment. The following equipment and field elements are necessary to meet the general requirements of the rules of baseball and the minimum standards used by the International Baseball Federation. Numerous variations of equipment are used, but this section may assist the understanding of the level of detail needed at the field to host Pacific Association competitive play. Field Lighting Considering that league play is generally conducted at municipal and collegiate-level fields that may have varying degrees of lighting capacity that may or may not comply with the levels of play by other users of the facility. Each level of play requires different levels of lighting requirements; therefore, several factors should be considered. These factors include the size of the facility, the durability of the lighting system, the age of the facility, the requirements of the applicable governing body (i.e. NCAA, IBAF, Little League, Inc., etc.), the potential for televised games or international play. It is important that these issues are discussed with a field lighting professional during the planning process. The general lighting guidelines for Pacific Association level of fields is as follows: Infields: 70 foot candles Outfields: 50 foot candles Bases Each field will need three bases, three base plugs and a clean-out tool to clear any soils that may enter the base anchors. First, second and third bases are 15 inches square, and cannot be taller than 3 inches. The “Hollywood-Style” base is the accepted base for baseball fields throughout the U.S. This style of base is tough, durable, convenient to handle and can be permanently located on the field. There is no slipping of the base, which makes it very safe. The base can be cleaned and painted prior to each event to provide a professional appearance to the field. This type of base does not require spikes or straps. Strap down bases have been ruled as unsafe in some tournaments.
Field Equipment. The Athletics Office is unable to loan or rent field preparation equipment or field maintenance equipment to groups or teams reserving fields for games or tournaments due to liability issues. Renters are not allowed to use any of their own equipment on the fields without prior authorization from the Athletics Office.
Field Equipment. City shall be responsible for the installation of the vehicle detection system in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation and the Final Design and Implementation Plan.
Field Equipment. 3.1.1 General Equipment Specifications These specifications will be common across all PRESTO field equipment.
Field Equipment. All field equipment to be installed according to the Field Installation Standard listed below: • 240-56355754 - Field Instrument Installation Standard. • 240-56355815 - Junction Boxes and Cable Termination Standard. • 240-56355843 - Pressure Measurement Systems Installation Standard. • 240-56355888 - Temperature Measurement Systems Installation Standard. • 240-56239129 - High Pressure Pipe Work for Fossil Fired Power Stations • 240-56356396 - Earthing and Lightning Standard • 240-56227443 - Requirements for Control and Power Cables for Power Stations • 240-43156827 - Introduction to the Welding Rulebook • 240-56355729 - Plant Control Modes Guideline