Felony Conviction Notice Texas Education Code, Section 44 Sample Clauses

Felony Conviction Notice Texas Education Code, Section 44. 034, Notification of Criminal History, Subsection (a), states “a person or business entity that enters into a contract with a school district must give advance notice to the district if the person or an own er or operator of the business entity has been convicted of a felony. The notice must include a general description of the conduct resulting in the conviction of a felony.” Subsection (b) states “a school district may terminate a contra ct with a person or business entity if the district determines that the person or business entity failed to give notice as required by Subsection (a) or misrepresented the conduct resulting in the conviction. The district must compensate the person or business entity for services performed before the termination of the contract.” (c) This section does n ot apply to a publicly held corporation. The person completing this proposal certifies that they are authorized to pro vide the answer to this question. Select A., B. or C. A. My firm is a publicly held corporation; therefore, this reporting requirement is not applicable. OR X.Xx firm is not owned nor operated by anyone who has been convicted of a felony, OR C. My firm is owned or operated by the following individual(s) who has/have been convicted of a felony. (if you answ er C below, you are required to provide information in the next attribute. B. Firm not owned nor operated by felon; per above If you answered C. My Firm is owned or operated by a felon to the previous question, you are REQUIRED TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. If you answered C. My Firm is owned or operated by a felon to the previous question, you must provide the following information.

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