FAM Sample Clauses

FAM. FAM assumes and shall pay for maintaining the staff and personnel necessary to perform its obligations under this Agreement, and shall at its own expense, provide the office space, facilities, equipment and necessary personnel which it is obligated to provide under Article I hereof, and shall pay all compensation of officers of the Fund and all Directors of the Fund who are affiliated persons of FAM.

Related to FAM

  • New Teachers 15.1 The Board agrees to acquaint new teachers with the fact that this Agreement is in effect and with the deductions provided for in Article 52 of the Teachers’ Provincial Agreement.

  • Investor Relations Firm Promptly after the execution of a definitive agreement for a Business Combination, the Company shall retain an investor relations firm with the expertise necessary to assist the Company both before and after the consummation of the Business Combination for a term to be agreed upon by the Company and the Representative.

  • TEACHER EVALUATION A. All monitoring or observation of the work performance of a teacher shall be conducted openly and with full knowledge of the teacher.

  • Special Service networks The following services must be received from special service network providers in order to be covered. All terms and conditions outlined in the Summary of Benefits apply.

  • Pregnancy and Parental Leave (a) Pregnancy/Parenting leave will be granted in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Standards Act, except where amended in this provision.

  • Staffing Consultant will designate in writing to Authority its representative, and the manner in which it will provide staff support for the project, which must be approved by Authority. Consultant must notify Authority’s Contract Representative of any change in personnel assigned to perform work under this Contract, and the Authority’s Contract Representative has the right to reject the person or persons assigned to fill the position or positions. The Authority’s Contract Representative shall also have the right to require the removal of the Consultant’s previously assigned personnel, including Consultant’s representative, provided sufficient cause for such removal exists. The criteria for requesting removal of an individual will be based on, but not limited to, the following: technical incompetence, inability to meet the position’s qualifications, failure to perform, poor attendance, ethics violation, unsafe work habits, or damage to Authority or other property. Upon notice for removal, Consultant shall replace such personnel with personnel substantially equal in ability and qualifications for the positions and shall submit the proposed replacement personnel qualification and abilities to the Authority, in writing, for approval.

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences A. Unit member shall be available at mutually arranged times during the regular school day to confer with parents regarding learning difficulties, student progress and/or behavioral problems a student may be experiencing. Unit members are encouraged to arrange a meeting or conference with parents before or after the regular school day if both time and place are mutually agreeable.

  • Investor Relations Provide fair and accurate analysis of Dominion and its operating subsidiaries and its outlook within the financial community. Enhance Dominion’s position in the energy industry. Balance and diversify shareholder investment in Dominion through a wide range of activities. Provide feedback to Dominion and its operating subsidiaries regarding investor concerns, trading and ownerships. Hold periodic analysts meetings, and provide various operating data as requested or required by investors.

  • Mentor Teacher A. A Mentor Teacher shall be defined as a Master Teacher as identified in Section 1526 of the Revised School Code and shall perform the duties of a Master Teacher.

  • Wellness A. To support the statewide goal for a healthy and productive workforce, employees are encouraged to participate in a Well-Being Assessment survey. Employees will be granted work time and may use a state computer to complete the survey.