Failure to Reach Quorum Sample Clauses

Failure to Reach Quorum. The President cancels the Meeting if a quorum is not present within one half-hour after the set time for the Meeting. If cancelled, the Meeting must be rescheduled to take place within fourteen (14) days. If, at the second scheduling of the Meeting, a quorum is not present within one half-hour of the set time for the Meeting, the meeting will proceed with the Voting Members in attendance.

Related to Failure to Reach Quorum

  • Failure to Respond Except pursuant to §7.02(c) or when this Agreement expressly requires affirmative approval of a Participant, any Participant who fails to respond in writing within the time specified to a request by the Managing General Partner as set forth below, for approval of, or concurrence in, a proposed action shall be conclusively deemed to have approved the action. Except pursuant to §7.02(c), when this Agreement expressly requires affirmative approval of a Participant, the Managing General Partner shall send a first request and the time period for the Participant’s written response shall not be less than 15 business days from the date of mailing of the request. If the Participant does not respond in writing to the first request, then the Managing General Partner shall send a second request. If the Participant does not respond in writing to the second request within seven calendar days from the date of mailing the second request, then the Participant shall be conclusively deemed to have approved the action.

  • Failure to Return Failure of the employee to return pursuant to the date determined in this Section will constitute grounds for termination by the School District unless the School District and the employee mutually agree to an extension of the leave.

  • Failure to Report No compensation shall be granted for the total period of standby if the employee is unable to report for duty when required.

  • Failure to Vacate If the Resident does not vacate the Residence on the expiry or early termination of this Agreement, (i) the Resident is liable for any financial loss sustained or incurred by the Institution or the Manager, and (ii) the Manager may remove the property of the Resident from the Room (whether or not the Resident is present at the time), and place the property in temporary storage in a location in the Residence of the Manager’s choice, at the Resident’s expense, without notice to the Resident and without liability to the Manager for any damage to or loss of the Resident’s property.

  • Failure to Meet Timelines The time limits in this Article must be strictly adhered to unless mutually modified in writing. Failure by the Union to comply with the timelines will result in the automatic withdrawal of the grievance. Failure by the Employer to comply with the timelines will entitle the Union to move the grievance to the next step of the procedure.

  • Failure to Defend If the Indemnifying Party, within a reasonable time after notice of any such Claim, fails to defend such Claim actively and in good faith, the Indemnified Party will (upon further notice) have the right to undertake the defense, compromise or settlement of such Claim or consent to the entry of a judgment with respect to such Claim, on behalf of and for the account and risk of the Indemnifying Party, and the Indemnifying Party shall thereafter have no right to challenge the Indemnified Party's defense, compromise, settlement or consent to judgment.

  • Failure to Return from Leave Any employee who is granted a leave of absence and who, for any reason, fails to return to work at the expiration of said leave of absence, shall be considered as having resigned their position with the City, and his/her position shall be declared vacated; except and unless the employee, prior to the expiration of his/her leave of absence, has furnished evidence that he/she is unable to work by reason of sickness, physical disability or other legitimate reason beyond his/her control.

  • Failure to Notify If Contractor fails to specify in writing any problem or circumstance that materially affects the costs of its delivery of services or products, including a material breach by the Department, about which Contractor knew or reasonably should have known with respect to the period during the term covered by Contractor's status report, Contractor shall not be entitled to rely upon such problem or circumstance as a purported justification for an increase in the price for the agreed upon scope.

  • Settlement without Consent if Failure to Reimburse If at any time an indemnified party shall have requested an indemnifying party to reimburse the indemnified party for fees and expenses of counsel, such indemnifying party agrees that it shall be liable for any settlement of the nature contemplated by Section 6(a)(ii) effected without its written consent if (i) such settlement is entered into more than 45 days after receipt by such indemnifying party of the aforesaid request, (ii) such indemnifying party shall have received notice of the terms of such settlement at least 30 days prior to such settlement being entered into and (iii) such indemnifying party shall not have reimbursed such indemnified party in accordance with such request prior to the date of such settlement.

  • Failure to Fulfill Conditions In the event that either Party determines that a condition to its obligation to complete the Merger cannot be fulfilled and that it will not waive that condition, it will promptly notify the other Party.