Extent of Authority Sample Clauses

Extent of Authority. A law enforcement officer assigned by a participating law enforcement agency to the MHOP shall be empowered to enforce all laws and ordinances applicable in the jurisdictions of the cities and counties having executed an individual agreement with TTBH, including the power to make arrests and execute warrants outside the city or county from which he is assigned, but within the catchment area of TTBH. While functioning as a law enforcement officer assigned to the MHOP in a jurisdiction other than the jurisdiction from which he is assigned, all such officers shall have all the law enforcement powers of a regular law enforcement officer of such other city or county, while within the catchment area of TTBH. Nothing in this Agreement limits the authority of a law enforcement officer to act under state law, including: (1) a citizen's arrest or an extraterritorial arrest authorized under Chapter 14, Code of Criminal Procedure, or other law; or (2) an action taken in the presence of and under the direction of or to assist another peace officer with appropriate territorial jurisdiction.
Extent of Authority. Consultant shall have no authority or right to ------------------- commit or bind Callaway Golf and/or its affiliates to any agreement or arrangement or to obligate Callaway Golf and/or its affiliates in any manner.
Extent of Authority. Unless specifically set out in a written Delegation of Authority, no member of the Authority’s or the Contractor’s team shall have the authority to:
Extent of Authority. 12.1 The Asset Manager shall carry out its duties under the overall direction and control of the Company (the Company being under no obligation to provide such direction and control) but shall have (and shall exercise) authority properly to carry out and implement any decisions of the Company and shall have (and shall exercise) authority properly to deal with, agree, carry out and implement on behalf of the Company any matter referred to in Schedule 2 (Delegated Matters ).
Extent of Authority. (1) Principal shall administer the Investments in a manner consistent with the terms of the Loan Documents and in accordance with the Standard of Care and common industry practice. Lender and Principal each acknowledge that in connection with the performance of its responsibilities under this Agreement, Principal will receive requests normally incident to the lender - borrower relationship, which may include without limitation requests for changes in Investment terms, refinancing, partial releases of security, subordination of the Lender’s security interests to easements or to other mortgages or chattel financing, leasing changes and other matters (each a “Service Request” and collectively the “Service Requests”). Principal will review each Service Request to determine whether the Service Request is material or immaterial. Any Service Request deemed material by Principal will be forwarded to Lender with Principal’s recommendation as to appropriate action an Lender shall have ten (10) days to respond with its approval or disapproval of Principal’s recommendation and if no response is received by Principal with in said 10 day limit, then Principal’s recommendation will be deemed approved. If Principal determines the Service Request is immaterial, Principal will process the Service Request and provide notice to Lender of Principal’s action. The following actions shall be considered immaterial:
Extent of Authority. The Broker will obligate the Company only to the extent authorized by the rules and regulations set forth by the Company from time to time, or as may be authorized in writing by an officer of the Company. Specifically, the Broker is NOT AUTHORIZED and is expressly forbidden on behalf of the Company to make, alter or discharge contracts or waive forfeitures, quote extra rates, extend the time of payment of any premium, extend credit, guarantee dividends or estimate future dividends except through the use of authorized projections of the Company. Further, the Broker is not authorized to receive any money due or to become due the Company except the initial premiums. All funds collected for the Company must be immediately delivered to the Company. The Broker has no exclusive territory, and has no exclusive rights in any salary budget, group, pension or other multiple- life case, or term conversions.
Extent of Authority. Neither the Authority Contract Manager nor the Contractor Contract Manager nor either of their deputies shall have the authority to:
Extent of Authority a) exercise a degree of autonomy;
Extent of Authority. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as authority for either party to make commitments which will bind the other party beyond the Statement of Work contained herein.