Expert evaluations in WP6 Sample Clauses

Expert evaluations in WP6. This section presents the conclusions that can be summed up by the use of the Maxeler Kernel Merger tool. As the presented evaluation tests indicate, the Kernel Merger tool can offer really impressive results as far as the hardware resource utilization when multiple kernels are mapped on the same DFE chip. Especially, if the mapped kernels have high similarity, then the tool can reduce the resource utilization up to the resources used by the “biggest” mapped kernel. Last, it is important to mention that the kernel merger tool can merge resources internally into the same kernel module. In our evaluation cases, we used the Kernel Merger tool for various and we reached to some conclusions that are presented below:  The tool can offer high advantages as far as the resource utilization especially in cases where the reconfigurable mapped designs use high percentage of the available resources.  In addition, the tool can increase the parallelization level of the mapped algorithms increasing the final performance that the hardware implementation can offer.  The more architectural similarities exist among the mapped kernel, the better resource merging takes place by the tool.  The tool attempts to merge not only different kernels but common patterns that exist internally to each kernel.  The tool automates the process of building complex reconfigurable architectures by combining complex kernels. The building reconfigurable architectures using the tool is very fast and productive.  The merger also provides one more utility. The download of a bitstream to an FPGA increases the overhead of a hardware call. In more details, the first time a bitstream is downloaded, the whole process takes from 100ms to 1s. The Kernel merger tool can merge all the mapped methods in the same bitstream and thus changing from one to the other design there is no need for downloading a new bitstream.  It allows the mapping of algorithms that would not fit on a single FPGA, e.g. by merging the resources of one step of the algorithm with the next. The merged steps of the algorithm have to run sequentially but there is no need of a new bitstream for each step, while the download overhead is eliminated.  The installation of the tool needs some experience but on the other hand it is easy to use.  Our test case scenarios show that this tool can be used to a wide range of applications with impressive results.  As this tool uses a new framework, more libraries and methods need to be support...

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