Expansion Space Supplemental Allowances Sample Clauses

Expansion Space Supplemental Allowances. In addition to the Expansion Space Improvement Allowance, Lessor shall provide to Lessee, at Lessee’s election in its sole discretion, additional funds to be used for costs to design and construct the Expansion Space Improvements, an “Expansion Space Supplemental Allowance” of up to $30.00 per RSF of each Expansion Space. Any and all costs to design and construct the Expansion Space Improvements in excess of the Expansion Space Improvement Allowance and, if so elected by Lessee, the Expansion Space Supplemental Allowance, shall be Lessee’s responsibility and, if performed or paid for by Lessor, shall be paid upon demand to Lessor. To the extent the Expansion Space Supplemental Allowance is used by Lessee, Base Rent shall be repaid to Lessor as follows: