Existing Lenders Sample Clauses

Existing Lenders. A U.K. Non-Bank Lender which becomes a Lender on the day on which this Agreement is entered into gives a U.K. Tax Confirmation to the U.K. Borrower by entering into this Agreement.
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Existing Lenders. 1,10 Existing Letters of Credit.................................................... 10
Existing Lenders. By executing and delivering this Agreement, the Existing Lenders hereby agree to an increase of each of their Revolver Commitments from $25,000,000 each to $31,250,000 each.
Existing Lenders. Those financial institutions party to the Existing Credit Agreement.
Existing Lenders. Reference The Seller may also seek a reference from any existing and/or previous lender. Any reference must satisfy the Seller that the account has been properly conducted and that no history of material arrears exists. (c)
Existing Lenders. The Existing Lenders shall have waived all of their rights under the Guaranties and the Subordination Agreements.
Existing Lenders. Each of the undersigned Existing Lenders agrees that, on the Increase Effective Date, its Commitment shall be increased as specified opposite its name on Annex A hereto.
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Existing Lenders. At the time of sending such notice for a requested increase in the Aggregate Commitments from the existing Lenders, the Company (in consultation with the Administrative Agent) shall specify the time period within which each Lender is requested to respond (which shall in no event be less than ten Business Days from the date of delivery of such notice to the Lenders). Each Lender shall notify the Administrative Agent within such time period whether or not it agrees to increase its Commitment and, if so, whether by an amount equal to, greater than, or less than its Applicable Percentage of such requested increase. Any Lender not responding within such time period shall be deemed to have declined to increase its Commitment. The Administrative Agent shall notify the Company and each Lender of the Lenders’ responses to each request made hereunder. To achieve the full amount of a requested increase after receipt of the Lenders’ responses, and subject to the approval of the Administrative Agent, L/C Issuer and the Swing Line Lender (which approvals shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed), the Company may also invite additional Eligible Assignees to become Lenders pursuant to a joinder agreement in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and its counsel.
Existing Lenders. The undersigned Lender hereby irrevocably and unconditionally approves the Amendment and the amendments set forth therein.
Existing Lenders. As defined in the Recitals.
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