Exhibits and Annexes Sample Clauses

Exhibits and Annexes. The Exhibits and Annexes attached hereto and the provisions thereof, are incorporated herein.
Exhibits and Annexes. EXHIBIT A Software and Database License Terms EXHIBIT A – ANNEX A Assigned Databases EXHIBIT A – ANNEX B Assigned Documentation EXHIBIT A – ANNEX C Assigned Software - Registered Copyrights EXHIBIT A – ANNEX D Common Code EXHIBIT A – ANNEX E Internal Tools EXHIBIT A – ANNEX F Parent Commercial Programs EXHIBIT A – ANNEX G SpinCo Commercial Programs EXHIBIT A – ANNEX H SpinCo Research Assets EXHIBIT A – ANNEX I SpinCo Software Programs EXHIBIT A – ANNEX J Assigned Restricted Software EXHIBIT B Trademark Terms EXHIBIT C Data Privacy and Security Terms Schedules SCHEDULE A SpinCo Domain Names SCHEDULE B SpinCo Trademarks SCHEDULE C Parent Patents INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGREEMENT, dated as of [●], 2021 (this “Agreement”), by and between International Business Machines Corporation, a New York corporation (“Parent”), and Kyndryl, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“SpinCo”).
Exhibits and Annexes. Exhibit A Joinder Agreement Annex A Representations and Warranties of the Company Annex B Representations and Warranties of each Investor REGISTRATION RIGHTS AGREEMENT dated as of May 11, 2021 (this “Agreement”), among:
Exhibits and Annexes. The exhibits and annexes attached hereto and the other documents delivered pursuant hereto are hereby made a part of this Agreement as if set forth in full herein.
Exhibits and Annexes. Exhibit 1 – NAPW, Inc. Voting Agreement Exhibit 2PDN, Inc. Voting Agreement Exhibit 3 – Form of Certificate of Incorporation of Merger Sub Exhibit 4 – Form of Bylaws of Merger Sub Exhibit 5 – Form of PDN Charter Amendment Exhibit 6 – Form of PDN Bylaw Amendment Exhibit 7Registration Rights and Lock-Up Agreement Exhibit 8 – Form of Seller Note Exhibit 9 – Form of NAPW Key Employee Employment Agreement Annex AApproving Professional Diversity Network, Inc. Stockholders THIS AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER, dated as of July __, 2014 (this “Agreement”), among Professional Diversity Network, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“PDN”), Merger Sub, Inc., a Delaware corporation and a direct, wholly owned Subsidiary of PDN (“Merger Sub”), NAPW, Inc., a New York subchapter S-corporation (“NAPW”), and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, in his capacity as the sole shareholder of NAPW (“Proman”).
Exhibits and Annexes. EXHIBIT ASTOCKHOLDER LIST ANNEX I – FORM OF JOINDER AGREEMENT ANNEX IIFORM OF SPOUSAL CONSENT AMENDED AND RESTATED STOCKHOLDERS AGREEMENT This Amended and Restated Stockholders Agreement (this “Agreement”) of Grocery Outlet Holding Corp. (together with its successors and permitted assigns, the “Company”), a Delaware corporation f/k/a/ Globe Holding Corp., is entered into as of [•], 2019, by and among (i) the Company, (ii) Globe Intermediate (as defined below), (iii) GOBP Holdings (as defined below), (iv) GOBP Midco (as defined below), (v) Opco (as defined below), (vi) the H&F Stockholders (as defined below), (vii) the Executive Stockholders (defined below), (viii) the Read Trust Rollover Stockholders (as defined below) and (ix) such other Persons, if any, that from time to time become parties hereto pursuant to Section 5.13. The Management Stockholders (as defined below) and Independent Director Stockholders (as defined below) are not executing this Agreement, but are parties to the Original Agreement (as defined below) and therefore bound by the provisions of this Agreement.