Execution of Agreement by Transferees Sample Clauses

Execution of Agreement by Transferees. Any person or entity acquiring any Shares (except for any acquisition thereof (a) in an offering registered under the Securities Act or (b) in a transaction under Rule 144 of the Securities Act) shall on or before the transfer or issuance to it of such securities, sign a counterpart signature page hereto in form reasonably satisfactory to Pickens and to the Company and shall thereby become a party to this Agreement.

Execution of Agreement by Transferees. Prior to Transferring any Stockholder Shares (other than pursuant to a Public Sale, Approved Sale, Approved Redemption or Approved Pledge) to any Person that is not bound by this Agreement as a Stockholder (other than the Company or one of its Subsidiaries), the Transferring Stockholder shall cause the prospective Transferee to execute and deliver to the Company and the Stockholders a counterpart to this Agreement (or a joinder agreement reasonably satisfactory to the Company), pursuant to which such Transferee shall agree to be bound by the provisions of this Agreement as an Other Stockholder (or, if approved in writing by the Majority Investors, as an Investor).