EXECUTED AS OF Sample Clauses

EXECUTED AS OF. February 1999 (Lessor) ---------------------------------------- By: Title: (Lessee) ---------------------------------------- By: Franz Eder Title: President
EXECUTED AS OF. November 21, 1997 ---------------------------------- BERTRAM T. MARTIN, JR. 2805 Parkland Boulevard Tampa, Florida 33609 -11- 12 APPENDIX "A" STERILE RECOVERIES, INC. STOCK OPTION NOTICE OF EXERCISE TO: Sterile Recoveries, Inc. Attention: Chief Financial Officer This notifies you that I exercise my option to purchase _______ shares (the "Shares") of common stock of Sterile Recoveries, Inc. (the "Company") pursuant to the stock option that the Company granted to me on November 21, 1997, pursuant to the Stock Option Agreement that was accepted by me as of November 21, 1997 (the "Agreement"). In connection with my purchase of the Shares, I represent and warrant to the Company the following:
EXECUTED AS OF. SCHULLER ----------------------------------- By: -------------------------------- Title: ----------------------------- MSO ----------------------------------- By: -------------------------------- Title: -----------------------------
EXECUTED AS OF. TSU --------------------------------- By: -------------------------- Title: ----------------------- MSO --------------------------------- By: -------------------------- Title: -----------------------