Every other Weekend Off Sample Clauses

Every other Weekend Off. The Hospital will allow regularly scheduled full time and part time employees (other than temporary employees) every other weekend off whenever adequate staff is available to meet operational needs. In the event such employees are not scheduled every other weekend off, the Hospital shall meet with the employees concerned to discuss the reasons, at the Union’s request. (See Appendix C)
Every other Weekend Off. The Employer will exercise its best efforts to provide every other weekend off to all Full-Time and Part-Time Employees in a department desiring such a schedule. The Employer will exercise its best efforts to recruit Full- Time and Part-Time Employees so that this can be accomplished.
Every other Weekend Off. Full-Time Employees/Preferred Part-Time Employees/ Permanent Part-Time Employees The Employer will schedule every other weekend off for Full-Time, Preferred Part­ Time and Permanent Part-Time employees. Collective Agreement between Fairhaven and QJPE Local 131 Term: January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2016 Permanent Part-Time employees as defined in Artide 2.02 c) may be excused from this Article if they present to the Human Resource Scheduler a letter expressing their desire to work weekends on a more frequent basis than stated. They may also withdraw such a letter by giving the Human Resource Scheduler a letter stating their desire to revert to every other weekend off.
Every other Weekend Off. The Employer shall endeavor to schedule employees working in 12 hour programs to have every other weekend off. Employees shall not be assigned to work more than two consecutive weekends except in the event of emergencies that result in the displacement of other staff (e.g. illness, FMLA, difficult to fill vacancies, no show). This section shall not apply to employees who are hired to work a schedule that includes the working of weekend, employees who trade weekends or employees who volunteer for additional weekend work.

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  • Services Provided by Attorneys Any services to be provided by a law firm or attorney must be reviewed and approved in writing in advance by the City Attorney. No invoices for services provided by law firms or attorneys, including, without limitation, as subcontractors of Contractor, will be paid unless the provider received advance written approval from the City Attorney.

  • Outages and Interruptions Outages.

  • Weekends The Employer will make a good faith effort to schedule all staff nurses to every other weekend off, or to two weekends off out of four successive weekends. Except in emergency situations, all such nurses shall be scheduled as stated above. The employer may schedule a nurse to less than every other weekend. The weekend shall be defined for first (day) and second (evening) shift personnel as Saturday and Sunday. For third (night) shift personnel, the weekend shall be defined as Friday night and Saturday night. However, in the event any employee agrees to work on an unscheduled weekend, all time worked on the unscheduled weekend shall be paid at the rate of double time the regular rate of pay. Time worked on the next regularly scheduled weekend shall be at the employee’s regular rate of pay. This section shall not apply to staff nurses who request more frequent weekend duty or who request weekend work on a continuous basis or who trade single or double days on a weekend.

  • Weekend Work For weekend work on which the nurse is not eligible for time and one-half pay under any provision of this Agreement (including for consecutive weekend work under Article 9.4.4), the nurse will be paid a weekend differential of $1.75 per hour worked. A weekend for purposes of this section shall be defined as all hours between 1900 Friday and 0700 Monday, except that the differential shall not be payable to nurses working a Friday shift that is scheduled to end either at 1900 or 1930 or to nurses working a Monday shift that is typically considered to be a day shift.

  • SHIFT AND WEEKEND PREMIUMS 39.1 An employee working on shifts shall be paid a shift premium of two dollars ($2.00) per hour for all hours worked, including overtime hours, between 16:00 and 08:00. The shift premium will not be paid for hours worked between 08:00 and 16:00.

  • Abuse of Sick Leave Misuse of leave, violation of orders, directives, or contractual requirements concerning the use of sick leave and other forms of leave used in lieu of sick leave are cause for disciplinary action.

  • Manager’s Use of the Services of Others The Manager may (at its cost except as contemplated by Paragraph 4 of this Agreement) employ, retain or otherwise avail itself of the services or facilities of other persons or organizations for the purpose of providing the Manager or the Corporation or Fund, as appropriate, with such statistical and other factual information, such advice regarding economic factors and trends, such advice as to occasional transactions in specific securities or such other information, advice or assistance as the Manager may deem necessary, appropriate or convenient for the discharge of its obligations hereunder or otherwise helpful to the Corporation or Fund, as appropriate, or in the discharge of Manager’s overall responsibilities with respect to the other accounts which it serves as investment manager. The Manager may fully or partially delegate its duties as defined in this Agreement to a registered investment adviser (a “Subadviser”) provided the agreement between the Manager and Subadviser is approved by the Board of Directors of the Fund, and such delegation is consistent with the Act and any interpretations thereunder. The Subadviser may fully or partially delegate its duties as defined in any subadvisory agreements to another registered investment adviser (the “Delegate”), if such delegation is approved by the Board of Directors of the Fund, and such delegation is consistent with the Act and any interpretations thereunder. In connection with the delegation, the Delegate or Subadviser may be compensated from the advisory fees paid to the Manager under this Agreement. Although the fees and services under this Agreement may be transferred between the Manager, Subadviser and the Delegate, the fees and services will be limited to those specifically described in this Agreement and any investment sub-advisory agreements on behalf of the Fund.

  • Vacations – Interruption (a) Where an employee's scheduled vacation is interrupted due to a serious illness which requires hospitalization and commenced before and continues into the scheduled vacation period, the period of such illness shall be considered sick leave provided the employee provides satisfactory documentation of the hospitalization.

  • Workloads (a) The parties agree that patient care is enhanced if concerns relating to professional practice, patient acuity, fluctuating workloads and fluctuating staffing are resolved in a timely and effective manner.

  • Notifications of Outages and Maintenance In the event that a Registry Operator plans maintenance, it will provide notice to the ICANN emergency operations department, at least, twenty-­‐four (24) hours ahead of that maintenance. ICANN’s emergency operations department will note planned maintenance times, and suspend Emergency Escalation services for the monitored services during the expected maintenance outage period. If Registry Operator declares an outage, as per its contractual obligations with ICANN, on services under a service level agreement and performance requirements, it will notify the ICANN emergency operations department. During that declared outage, ICANN’s emergency operations department will note and suspend emergency escalation services for the monitored services involved.