Eventually Sample Clauses

Eventually. Client Y had to give the sell order to another investment dealer who was able to sell the shares at a profit of approximately US$5,752.00.
Eventually. The minimum quality standard is set forth in Annex A; In alternative Technical requirements for the manufacture and packaging of the Product shall be in accordance with the LICENSOR’s minimum quality standards as set forth in Annex A to this Agreement or as may be notified by the LICENSOR to the LICENSEE from time to time. The LICENSEE agrees to comply with all requirements and instructions, that the LICENSOR may prescribe, relating to the manufacture and packaging of the Product and techniques for analysis thereof. The LICENSEE further agrees to procure all materials necessary for the manufacture of the Product (including but not limited to raw materials and supplies) in accordance with the quality parameters, if any, notified by the LICENSOR;

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Outcome a desirable situation, condition, or circumstance in a member’s life that can be a result of the support provided by effective care management. Outcomes defined include:
Random Testing Notwithstanding any provisions of the Collective Agreement or any special agreements appended thereto, section 4.6 of the Canadian Model will not be applied by agreement. If applied to a worker dispatched by the Union, it will be applied or deemed to be applied unilaterally by the Employer. The Union retains the right to grieve the legality of any imposition of random testing in accordance with the Grievance Procedure set out in this Collective Agreement.
Compatibility You are solely responsible for procuring, maintaining and securing your network connections and telecommunications links from your systems (or those provided by a Third-Party Provider) to the Software, and for all problems, conditions, delays, delivery failures, costs and all other loss or damage arising from or relating to your (or any Third-Party Provider’s) network connections, telecommunications links or caused by the internet.
No Adverse Events Since the date of the AUGI Financial Statements
Redistribution You may reproduce and distribute copies of the Work or Derivative Works thereof in any medium, with or without modifications, and in Source or Object form, provided that You meet the following conditions:
measure includes any law, regulation, procedure, requirement, or practice;
Measurement All quantities of Products received or delivered by or into truck or rail shall be measured and determined based upon the meter readings at the Terminal, as reflected by delivery tickets or bills of lading, or if such meters are unavailable, by applicable calibration tables. All quantities of Products received and delivered by pipeline shall be measured and determined based upon the meter readings of the pipeline operator, as reflected by delivery tickets, or if such meters are unavailable, by applicable calibration tables. Deliveries by book transfer shall be reflected by entries in the books of Delek-Big Sandy. All quantities shall be adjusted to net gallons at 60° F in accordance with ASTM D-1250 Petroleum Measurement Tables, or latest revisions thereof. A barrel shall consist of 42 U.S. gallons and a gallon shall contain 231 cubic inches. Meters and temperature probes shall be calibrated according to applicable API standards. Delek Refining shall have the right, at its sole expense, and in accordance with rack location procedure, to independently certify said calibration. Storage tank gauging shall be performed by Delek-Big Sandy’s personnel. Delek-Big Sandy’s gauging shall be deemed accurate unless challenged by an independent certified gauger. Delek Refining may perform joint gauging at its sole expense with Delek-Big Sandy’s personnel at the time of delivery or receipt of Product, to verify the amount involved. If Delek Refining should request an independent gauger, such gauger must be acceptable to Delek-Big Sandy, and such gauging shall be at Delek Refining’s sole expense.
Prior Review With respect to each contract for goods and works estimated to cost the equivalent of $100,000 or more, the procedures set forth in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Appendix 1 to the Guidelines shall apply.
No Material Adverse Event Since the respective dates as of which information is disclosed in the Registration Statement, the Prospectus and the Incorporated Documents, except as otherwise stated therein, there shall not have been (i) any change or decrease in previously reported results specified in the letter or letters referred to in paragraph (d) of this Section 6 or (ii) any change, or any development involving a prospective change, in or affecting the condition (financial or otherwise), earnings, business or properties of the Company and its subsidiaries taken as a whole, whether or not arising from transactions in the ordinary course of business, except as set forth in or contemplated in the Registration Statement, the Prospectus and the Incorporated Documents (exclusive of any amendment or supplement thereto) the effect of which, in any case referred to in clause (i) or (ii) above, is, in the sole judgment of the Manager, so material and adverse as to make it impractical or inadvisable to proceed with the offering or delivery of the Shares as contemplated by the Registration Statement (exclusive of any amendment thereof), the Incorporated Documents and the Prospectus (exclusive of any amendment or supplement thereto).
Feedback During the course of this Agreement, Provider agrees to provide and SAP will solicit Provider’s input regarding Software, products, services, business or technology plans, including, without limitation, comments or suggestions regarding the possible creation, modification, correction, improvement or enhancement of software, products and/or services, or input as to whether Provider believes SAP’s development direction is consistent with their own business and IT needs, the technology marketplace in general, and the like (collectively “Feedback”). Provider acknowledges and agrees that any information disclosed by SAP during discussions related to Feedback shall be considered SAP Confidential Information and shall be protected from disclosure in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. In order for SAP to utilize such Feedback, Provider grants to SAP a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free license, with the right to sublicense to SAP’s licensees and customers, under all relevant Provider intellectual property rights, to use, publish, and disclose such Feedback in any manner SAP chooses and to display, perform, copy, make, have made, use, sell, and otherwise dispose of SAP's and its sub-licensees’ products or services embodying Feedback in any manner and via any media SAP chooses, without reference to the source. SAP shall be entitled to use Feedback for any purpose without restriction or remuneration of any kind with respect to Provider and/or its representatives. Provider acknowledges that the information related to Software or SAP, products, services, business or technology plans, disclosed to it under this Agreement, is only intended as possible strategies, developments, and functionalities of the SAP products or services and is not intended to be binding upon SAP to any particular course of business, product strategy, and/or development.