ESTONIA Sample Clauses

ESTONIA. By accepting the Option, the Participant shall be deemed to acknowledge (i) that he or she has carefully read and understands and agrees with the Agreement, the Plan and the Management Partnership agreement as of the Grant Date (collectively, the “Compensation Award Agreements”), including without limitation Sections 3.1, 3.2, 4.13 and 6.4 of the Plan and Section 13 of the Agreement and agrees that none of the terms of the Compensation Award Agreements are imbalanced or harmful to him or her, and (b) that he or she unconditionally and irrevocably waives any rights to amend or dispute the validity of any of the terms and/or conditions of the Compensation Award Agreements, or to request any court to do the same, on the basis of any law or regulation of Estonia or any other jurisdiction. By accepting the Option, the Participant consents and agrees to assume liability for any fringe benefit tax that may be imposed on or otherwise payable by the Company and/or the Participant’s employer in connection with the Option, consistent with the restrictions and limitations of applicable laws. Further, by accepting the Option, the Participant agrees that the Company and/or the Participant’s employer may withhold from Option proceeds or collect the fringe benefit tax from the Participant by any of the means set forth in the Agreement or Plan or any other reasonable method established by the Company. The Participant agrees to execute any other consents or elections required to accomplish the foregoing, promptly upon request of the Company. HONG KONG
ESTONIA. If the requirements in Section 8.6 of the Agreement to conduct an arbitration in Texas in accordance with Texas law and the rules of the Federal Arbitration Act or the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association are found to be invalid or unenforceable, all disputes arising in connection with this Agreement will be finally settled by arbitration that will be held in Helsinki, Finland in accordance with the arbitration laws of Finland then in effect. Each party will appoint one arbitrator, and the two arbitrators shall appoint the third arbitrator to serve as the chairman. The official language of the proceedings shall be English and the decision of the arbitrators shall be final. Any other requirements set forth in Section 8.6 of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect to the extent permitted by applicable law.
ESTONIA. Section 9- Title The following replaces the first sentence in this Section: When you order a Machine, we transfer title to you on the date you receive delivery from IBM.
ESTONIA. There are no country-specific terms and conditions.
ESTONIA. Section 15- Governing Law The following replaces the first paragraph of this Section: All disputes arising in conjunction with this Agreement shall be settled in arbitration. Each party shall appoint an arbitrator and the parties shall jointly appoint the Chairman. If the parties can not agree on who the Chairman will be, then the Central Chamber of Commerce in Helsinki will appoint the Chairman. In arbitration, the Law on Arbitration will be binding. The arbitrators shall come together in Helsinki. Finnish law will apply.
ESTONIA. The main goal was to reach out to the private collection owners, present them the idea of collection digitisation along with the different strategies and means of digitisation. As a mediator, ideally, a collection owners association was to be approached. After the first contact with this association, testing would start where collection owners would digitise their collections through the PlutoF workbench and publish the data to GBIF. This process would be documented and analysed and finally presented as a best practice case for a workflow of private collection digitisation and publishing of collection data and metadata to GBIF. UTARTU collaborated with the Estonian Lepidopterists’ Society (ELS) to promote the concept of private collection digitisation and data sharing. The contract was signed between UTARTU and ELS for organising a public workshop and publishing an article in the ELS yearly magazine for promoting digitisation and giving guidelines to ELS members and the wider public. The Workshop was held and the article published in winter 2019 with twelve ELS members and other public participants. Private collection owners who showed interest in the digitisation of their collections were assisted with their digitisation efforts. To this end, a specialist assistant was contracted by UTARTU. For some collection owners, access to the digital photography facilities in UTARTU were enabled to image the collection specimens.
ESTONIA. There are no country-specific provisions.
ESTONIA. Notifications
ESTONIA. No specific provisions. • Provisions of the Estonian Law of Obligations Act apply.