ERECTION WORK Sample Clauses

ERECTION WORK. If Unarco is required to provide for erection or installation (“erection”) of some or all of the Goods, Buyer shall have all things in readiness, including but not limited to equipment, connections and facilities, for erection at the time the Goods are delivered. Any movement of the Goods from Buyer’s warehouse or other location to the erection site shall be at Buyer’s added expense, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Unarco shall have free use of Buyer’s hoisting equipment and operator. Buyer shall reimburse Unarco for any and all expenses arising out of (i) Buyer’s failure to have all things in readiness for erection on the scheduled erection date and (ii) any and all other unusual and/or unexpected conditions that may develop or be encountered in the erection process. Buyer shall be responsible for any damage to Unarco's work caused by anyone other than Unarco or Unarco's subcontractor. Proposed changes in the scope of any erection work to be performed hereunder shall be subject to an adjustment in price to be agreed upon by Buyer and Unarco in writing prior to any obligation of Unarco to accept and make such changes.