Entrances Sample Clauses

Entrances. To the best of Contributor's knowledge, access to any portion of the Land is not obtained from adjoining public roads by means of easements, rights-of-way or licenses across lands or premises not included within the Property.
Entrances. The Owner hereby agrees to construct and install all entrances, driveways, and curbing to the satisfaction of the Municipality and the County of Essex Road Department if applicable; and further agrees that the same shall be barrier free. The Owner shall maintain all entrances and driveways on the Lands to the satisfaction of the Municipality and the County of Essex Road Department if applicable. Any driveway approaches which become redundant following the development of shall be closed and the area restored to the satisfaction of the Municipality.
Entrances. Entrances shall be graded concurrently with the Roadway with which they intersect. Once an entrance has been disturbed, it shall be completed as soon as is practicable, including placing the required Base and Surface Course or stabilization. If the entrance must be constructed in stages, such as when there is a substantial change in the elevation of the Roadway with which it intersects, the surface shall be covered with a temporary aggregate stabilization course or other suitable salvaged material until the entrance can be completed and the required Base and Surface or stabilization Course can be placed.
Entrances c. Low volume access ramps (Identified in the contract documents)
Entrances. The entrances to the Property as set forth in the Site Plan shall remain unchanged without permission from the City.
Entrances back door/offices, Commons double doors, Sanctuary double doors, Santuary emergency exit)
Entrances. Number and locations of people doors:
Entrances. (i) Each Party shall maintain and repair at its sole cost and expense all present and future entrance buildings on its respective Lot that provide access to the Penang Site. Each Party shall be entitled to relocate, abandon or add entrance facilities to its Lot as it deems appropriate; provided, however, no such relocation, abandonment or addition shall unreasonably interfere with, restrict or impair the utilization of the Penang Site by the other Party.
Entrances. Security officers will be permitted to utilize sit-stand stools at times when the entrances are quiet. The sit-stand stool will be located at the security podium
Entrances. Concessionaire shall ensure that the public and customer entrances to the Premises are kept clear of any boxes, cartons, trash, refuse, barrels, or other similar items which would impede entrance/exit from the Premises. Piling of boxes, cartons, trash, refuse, barrels, or other similar items in an unsightly or unsafe manner within the Premises is prohibited.