Entitlement on Termination Sample Clauses

Entitlement on Termination. If the employee terminates after having accumulated 20 weeks' service in the calendar year, the Company will make a cash payment in lieu of any unused floating holiday credit. If the employee terminates prior to accumulating 20 weeks' service in the calendar year, entitlement will be as follows:
Entitlement on Termination. An employee terminating his employment at any time shall be entitled to any earned but unused vacation.
Entitlement on Termination. Employees who leave the service after completion of twelve (12) consecutive months of employment shall receive vacation for the calendar year in which termination occurs on the basis of one-twelfth (1/12) of their vacation entitlement for that year for each month or portion of a month greater than one-half (½) worked to the date of termination. PROVIDED THAT:
Entitlement on Termination. Any employee whose employment has terminated shall receive full vacation entitlement earned the previous year, less any such vacation previously taken, and whatever appropriate vacation entitlement earned during his/her final year of employment.
Entitlement on Termination. Employees who leave the service of the Employer before the end of the year will have their vacation entitlement calculated on a prorated basis. In those cases where an employee has taken his/her full vacation entitlement before the end of the year, an appropriate deduction shall be made on termination of employment.

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Vacation Pay Upon Termination When an employee in the bargaining unit is terminated for any reason, he/she shall be entitled to all vacation pay earned and accumulated up to and including the effective date of the termination.
Upon Termination (i) all rights granted to you under this Agreement will also terminate; and