Enhancement Agreement Sample Clauses

Enhancement Agreement. An executed copy of the Enhancement Agreement pursuant to the Supplement with respect to any Series of Notes for which the Series Closing Date occurs on the Initial Closing Date;
Enhancement Agreement. Any agreement, instrument or document governing the terms of any Series Enhancement or pursuant to which any Series Enhancement is issued or outstanding.
Enhancement Agreement. This Insurance Agreement is an “Enhancement Agreement” and a “Related Document” under the Indenture.
Enhancement Agreement. THIS TRANSPORATION DISADVANTAGED MOBILITY ENHANCEMENT AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) dated as of , 2016 (“Effective Date”) by and between BAY AREA METRO, LLC D/B/A UNITED TAXI, a Florida limited liability company, with its principal address located at 17174 US Highway 19 North, Clearwater, Florida 33764 (“Provider”) and the PINELLAS SUNCOAST TRANSIT AUTHORITY, an independent special district of the State of Florida, PSTA located at 3201 Scherer Drive, St. Petersburg, Florida, (“PSTA”). In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein and the mutual benefits to be derived therefrom, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as follows:
Enhancement Agreement. SECTION 5.01.
Enhancement Agreement. Pursuant to a financial guaranty insurance policy (the "Enhancement Agreement") issued by XL Capital Assurance Inc. (the "Enhancer"), the Enhancer will agree unconditionally and irrevocably to guarantee the timely payment of interest on and scheduled principal of the 2009 Notes to the Trustee on behalf of the Noteholders as set forth in Exhibit A hereto. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in the Master Indenture or this First Supplemental Indenture, all amounts received by the Trustee from the Enhancer will be deposited into the Paying Agent Account with respect to the 2009 Notes for payment solely to the Noteholders in accordance with the terms of the Enhancement Agreement. The Enhancement Agreement does not guarantee the payment of the Optional Redemption Premium payable with respect to any optional redemption of the 2009 Notes or the payment of Additional Amounts with respect to the 2009 Notes.
Enhancement Agreement. 15 SECTION 5.02. The Enhancer as Controlling Party..............................15 SECTION 5.03. Access to Information..........................................15
Enhancement Agreement. DESCRIPTION MONTHLY COMMITMENT MONTHLY COST CURRENT EXTENDED COMMITMENT 12/15/96 - 12/31/9 1 $ [++++] $ [++++] 1/1/97 - 3/31/97 3 [++++] [++++] TOTAL $ [++++] ----------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- -------------------------------------- First Commerce Bank agrees to pay the following fees for the duration shown in the monthly commitment column. nFront(R) will provide the following services for payment of these fees(1): - Set up nBank office - ISP - Recruit new employees - Happy New Year site - New Product Suite - Bill Payment - FAQ - Site Map - Quicken export - Games/Quiz/Giveaways - Virtual Vault - Web TV - Network computers - Enhance register program - Scheduled transfers - Enhance pending register The completion of these projects is based on a full time effort by nFront and will also involve effort from First Commerce Bank. nFront will deliver a schedule of milestones to be completed by First Commerce Bank by January 6, 1996. Any additional 3rd party costs necessary to complete these projects will be presented to First Commerce Bank for approval. First Commerce Bank agrees to pay nFront these items at the time of order. nFront agrees to participate as a consultants and technical advisor for First Commerce Bank at all times. If a specific project outside of the first quarter projects begins to hamper the development of the existing project schedule, nFront will discuss the projects with First Commerce Bank and jointly set the priorities of the projects. Signatures: /s/ Charles W. Blair, Jr. /s/ Tripp Rackley ------------------------------ --------------------------- Charles W. Blair, Jr. Tripp Rackley First Commerce Bank nFront President President LICENSE AND MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT BETWEEN NFRONT, INC. ("NFRONT") A GEORGIA CORPORATION HAVING ITS PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS AT: 215 CAMBRIDGE DRIVE ATHENS, GEORGIA 30606 AND FIRST COMMERCE BANK ("CUSTOMER") HAVING ITS PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS AT: 1731 N. ELM STREET COMMERCE, GA. 30529

Related to Enhancement Agreement

  • Support Agreement CFSC will not terminate, or make any amendment or modification to, the Support Agreement which, in the determination of the Agent, adversely affects the Banks’ interests pursuant to this Agreement, without giving the Agent and the Banks at least thirty (30) days prior written notice and obtaining the written consent of the Majority Banks.

  • Arrangement Agreement This Plan of Arrangement is made pursuant to, and is subject to the provisions of, the Arrangement Agreement, except in respect of the sequence of the steps comprising the Arrangement, which shall occur in the order set forth herein.

  • Reimbursement Agreement The Sponsor entered into an Expense Reimbursement Agreement (“Reimbursement Agreement”) substantially in the form annexed as an exhibit to the Registration Statement pursuant to which the Sponsor has committed to fund the Company up to $1,750,000 for the Company’s expenses relating to investigating and selecting a target business and other working capital requirements prior to an initial Business Combination.

  • Maintenance Agreement The parties will abide by the terms of the Maintenance Agreement including the capacity to dispute the classification in accordance with the Maintenance Agreement (Information Appendix C).

  • Modification Agreements The Servicer or the related Subservicer, as the case may be, shall be entitled to (A) execute assumption agreements, substitution agreements, and instruments of satisfaction or cancellation or of partial or full release or discharge, or any other document contemplated by this Servicing Agreement and other comparable instruments with respect to the Mortgage Loans and with respect to the Mortgaged Properties subject to the Mortgages (and the Company shall promptly execute any such documents on request of the Servicer) and (B) approve the granting of an easement thereon in favor of another Person, any alteration or demolition of the related Mortgaged Property or other similar matters, if it has determined, exercising its good faith business judgment in the same manner as it would if it were the owner of the related Mortgage Loan, that the security for, and the timely and full collectability of, such Mortgage Loan would not be adversely affected thereby. A partial release pursuant to this Section 3.05 shall be permitted only if the Combined Loan-to-Value Ratio for such Mortgage Loan after such partial release does not exceed the Combined Loan-to-Value Ratio for such Mortgage Loan as of the Cut-Off Date. Any fee collected by the Servicer or the related Subservicer for processing such request will be retained by the Servicer or such Subservicer as additional servicing compensation.

  • Agreement Amendment If either party hereto requests to amend this agreement, it shall notify the other party in writing, and the other party shall respond within one week. All amendments of this agreement must be made in writing by both parties, and such amendments shall be deemed as inseverable parts of this agreement.

  • One Agreement This Agreement and any related security or other agreements required by this Agreement, collectively:

  • Agreement Amendments This Agreement may be amended at any time by written instrument duly approved by the President or President's designee and accepted by Faculty Member; provided, however, no such written instrument shall be required for any increase in Faculty Member's salary or any improvement to the fringe benefits of Faculty Member's employment, or for promotion in rank, any of which may be accomplished at any time by official action of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska (Board) without the necessity for written modification or amendment of this Agreement. This Agreement and Appendix “A” attached hereto constitute the entire agreement between the parties. This Agreement supersedes all previous agreements between or among the parties. There are no agreements, representations or warranties between or among the parties other than those set forth in this Agreement or the documents and agreements referred to in this Agreement.

  • Development Agreement Upon execution of this Notice to Proceed, Subrecipient shall enter into a development agreement with the Project Developer (“Development Agreement”). The Development Agreement shall include a Rider to Development Agreement, substantially in the form to be provided by the Department. The Developer entity specified in Section 1 above, shall not be removed or substituted with a different Developer entity without the prior written consent of both the Department and Subrecipient, and the Development Agreement shall contain a provision to this effect. No Developer may be listed on any state or federal debarment list and must be in good standing with the Department and the State of California.

  • Forbearance Agreement Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, the Administrative Agent and the Majority Lenders party hereto agree to forbear, during the Forbearance Period, from the exercise of all rights or remedies under the Term Loan Credit Agreement and the other Loan Documents and applicable law (including, but not limited to, initiating any proceedings to collect the Indebtedness, initiating or repossessing or commencing a foreclosure of any Collateral), solely as a result of the occurrence of the Forbearance Defaults. The Borrower acknowledges and agrees that, at the end of the Forbearance Period, the provisions of this Section 3 shall become of no force and effect and the Administrative Agent will be free, in accordance with the applicable Loan Documents and applicable law, to exercise any rights and remedies available to them at that time on account of any Forbearance Defaults that have occurred (and, for the avoidance of doubt, and without prejudice to the reservation of rights in this Forbearance Agreement, any other Defaults or Events of Default under the Loan Documents, that have occurred), as if this Forbearance Agreement had not been entered into on the date hereof.