Employment Documents Sample Clauses

Employment Documents. Parent shall have received standard confidentiality and inventions assignment agreements from each of the current employees of the Company.
Employment Documents. Autobytel or the Purchaser, as designated by Autobytel, shall have entered into Agreed Upon Employment Documents with each Shareholder.
Employment Documents. As a condition of your employment with DataRover, you will be required to complete and sign an Employee Proprietary Information Agreement. You will also be required to provide evidence of your identity and eligibility for employment in the United States. It is required that you bring the appropriate documentation for verification with you at time of employment. The required documentation is described within this package. If you are in agreement with the provisions of this employment offer, please sign, date, and return the original of this letter acknowledging your understanding and acceptance; retain a copy for your records. This letter must be signed and returned by 5PM Friday, October 30, 1998. , I am pleased and excited about you joining the team at DATAROVER MOBILE SYSTEMS, INC! I look forward to working with you. Sincerely, Steve Schramm CEO & President DataRover Mobile Systems, Inc. enclosures
Employment Documents. The employees of Target set forth on Section 5.19 to the Target Disclosure Schedule shall have accepted employment with Acquiror. Acquiror shall have received from each such employee the executed Employment Documents, and each of the Non-Competition Agreements from such employees shall be in full force and effect.
Employment Documents. The applicable employees of the Company shall have executed and delivered to the Purchaser the agreements listed on Schedule 7.2(m), and such agreements shall be in full force and effect.
Employment Documents. The Employment Documents described in Section 6.11 shall have been executed and delivered to Buyer at or prior to the execution of this Agreement and no such Employment Documents shall have been amended, terminated, cancelled or repudiated.
Employment Documents. (i) The non-competition covenants in -------------------- substantially the form attached hereto as part of Exhibit E, and (ii) the --------- Proprietary Rights Agreements in substantially the form attached hereto as part of Exhibit E, shall have each been duly executed and delivered by each of the --------- persons identified in Exhibit E. ---------
Employment Documents. Upon termination of the employment relationship, Employer will duly fill out and send the employment documents to Employee.
Employment Documents. Each of John Belizaire, Mohammed Larbi Loudiyi (through ML&K Contractor), Phillip Ng, and Dipul Patel shall have entered into an employment or service agreement and related proprietary rights agreement with EcoChain and equity grant agreements with MTI, all in form and substance acceptable to MTI and such individuals.
Employment Documents. Buyer shall have agreed to employ the Members from and after the Closing on terms acceptable to the Members and shall have executed and delivered such employment documents as reasonably requested by Members.