Employees to Sample Clauses

Employees to. Notify their immediate manager immediately, or as soon as possible, if they are unable to report for work due to an illness or injury, unless circumstances prevent them from doing so. It is important that the manager be notified prior to the start of the shift so that alternate staffing arrangements can be made; • When requested and required, submit medical information to the Third Party Disability Adjudicator as directed; and • Maintain regular contact with their manager/supervisor during the absence, including advising their manager of the return-to-work date; employees are to inform their manager in advance of the scheduled return-to-work date if they are unable to return to work on the scheduled date.

Related to Employees to

  • All Employees to be Members ‌ All employees of the Employer, as a condition of continuing employment, shall become and remain members in good standing of the Union, according to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Union. All future employees of the Employer shall, as a condition of continued employment, become and remain members in good standing in the Union from the date of hire.

  • Employees Not to Benefit Texas Transportation Commission policy mandates that employees of the Texas Department of Transportation shall not accept any benefit, gift or favor from any person doing business with or who reasonably speaking may do business with the State under this contract. The only exceptions allowed are ordinary business lunches and items that have received the advance written approval of the Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation.

  • Employees; Benefits Employer agrees that any and all benefits that were provided to the Employee shall continue until _________________, 20____. In addition, the Employer shall assist the Employee in the transfer, change, or termination to any employment benefits, including, but not limited to, health insurance plans, dental insurance plans, vision insurance plans, life insurance plans, disability insurance, childcare benefits, wellness programs, retirement plans, government assistance programs, and/or any other program or benefit that was readily accessible and being used by the Employee.

  • DISCIPLINE OF EMPLOYEES Section 1 Employees may be disciplined, suspended, and discharged only for good reason. The employer shall utilize corrective progressive discipline in such cases and shall initiate action within thirty (30) workdays of becoming aware of an employee’s conduct giving rise to such action. It is understood and agreed that corrective progressive discipline allows the Board to skip lower levels of discipline and impose higher levels of discipline, including discharge, so long as there is good reason for the discipline which is imposed based upon the employee’s conduct and/or disciplinary history.

  • Employees Covered (a) Pursuant to and in accordance with all applicable provisions of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, as amended, Chrysler Canada Inc., herein called the Company does hereby recognize the Union as the exclusive representative for the purposes of collective bargaining in respect to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, and other conditions of employment for the term of this Agreement of all employees of the Company included in the bargaining units described in Schedule "A".

  • Full-Time Employees 18 Effective July 1, 2012 each eligible Full-Time active 19 enrolled employee’s monthly contribution for the purchase of medical benefit plan 20 coverage (which includes vision and prescription coverage) will be calculated as 21 a percentage of the total monthly premium by tier as follows: Full-Time Employees Medical Plan County Contribution Employee Contribution ODS Performance Plan 90% 10% ODS Preferred Plan 95% 5% ODS Major Medical Plan (no vision) 100% 0% Kaiser Medical Plan 95% 5%