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Employees from the Central Library (Service Delivery) shall be booked off at any one time, including Elected Union Officers. Such leave shall be managed by the Union in a reasonable manner and shall be subject to the operational needs of the employer. During the absence of any Employee on Union Leave, the Employee shall retain their original rights in their Unit, with no decrease in status, but without claim to any promotions effected during the Employees Leave of Absence. The Employee shall receive regular pay and benefits provided for in the Agreement when on Union Leave. The Union will reimburse the Board for all pay and benefits at the then current date during the Leave of Absence and a reasonable fee for administration purposes. The Union will provide the reimbursement to the Employer on a monthly basis or as mutually agreed between the parties. SIGNED ON BEHALF OF THE CALGARY PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD Xxxxxx Xxxxx Chairman Xxxx AsbergCEO SIGNED ON BEHALF OF LOCAL NO. 1169 OF THE CANADIAN UNION OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEES Xxxx Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx CUPE National Representative Salary Appendix 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020 (0.0% increase) CLASS STEP HOURLY BIWEEKLY ANNUAL LW 1 15.7746 1,104.2194 28,709.7035 2 16.7429 1,172.0038 30,472.1000 3 17.7919 1,245.4357 32,381.3287 LEA 1 18.00 1,260.00 32,760.00 2 19.00 1,330.00 34,580.00 3 20.00 1,400.00 36,400.00 4 21.00 1,470.00 38,220.00 5 22.00 1,540.00 40,040.00 Xxxxx 0 1 22.0898 1,546.2873 40,203.4691 2 22.6072 1,582.5044 41,145.1156 3 23.1471 1,620.3004 42,127.8099 4 23.6658 1,656.6040 43,071.7029 5 24.2047 1,694.3292 44,052.5592 Xxxxx 0 1 22.7879 1,595.1502 41,473.9057 2 23.6658 1,656.6040 43,071.7029 3 24.5427 1,717.9870 44,667.6621 4 25.4206 1,779.4407 46,265.4593 5 26.3206 1,842.4418 47,903.4874 Xxxxx 0 1 24.2047 1,694.3292 44,052.5592 2 25.2636 1,768.4523 45,979.7591 3 26.3206 1,842.4418 47,903.4874 4 27.3558 1,914.9076 49,787.5974 5 28.4144 1,989.0071 51,714.1846 Xxxxx 0 1 24.9034 1,743.2393 45,324.2212 2 26.1416 1,829.9139 47,577.7605 3 27.3558 1,914.9076 49,787.5974 4 28.5939 2,001.5743 52,040.9325 5 29.8320 2,088.2411 54,294.2677 Xxxxx 0 1 29.1341 2,039.3860 53,024.0353 2 30.7779 2,154.4546 56,015.8206 3 32.4433 2,271.0314 59,046.8158 4 34.1085 2,387.5924 62,077.4025 5 35.8397 2,508.7797 65,228.2732 Xxxxx 0 1 30.8904 2,162.3249 56,220.4465 2 32.3079 2,261.5510 58,800.3253 3 33.7043 2,359.3004 61,341.8113 4 35.1558 2,460.9065 63,983.5680 5 36.7042 2,569.2909 66,801.5643 Xxxxx 0 1 34.0189 2,381.3245 61,914.4370 2 35.3958 2...

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  • Employees Not to Benefit Texas Transportation Commission policy mandates that employees of the Texas Department of Transportation shall not accept any benefit, gift or favor from any person doing business with or who reasonably speaking may do business with the State under this contract. The only exceptions allowed are ordinary business lunches and items that have received the advance written approval of the Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation.

  • Employees and Compensation Company will not do or agree to do any of the following acts: (i) grant any increase in salaries payable or to become payable by either of them, to any officer, employee, sales agent, or representative; (ii) increase benefits payable to any officer, employee, sales agent, or representative under any bonus or pension plan or other contract or commitment; or (iii) enter into or modify any collective bargaining agreement to which it is a party or by which it may be bound.

  • Employees and Benefits (a) For a period beginning on the Closing Date and continuing until December 31, 2013 except as provided in Section 5.8(a) of the Seller Disclosure Letter, Parent shall, or shall cause the Surviving Corporation and the Subsidiaries to, provide all persons who are employed by the Company and the Subsidiaries (including ISG) as of the Closing Date (including those on temporary layoffs or approved leaves of absence) (“Continuing Employees”), with the salary, annual bonus opportunity and employee benefits that are substantially comparable to, in the aggregate, the salary, annual bonus opportunity and employee benefits being provided to each such Continuing Employee immediately before the Closing Date; provided, however, that nothing herein shall be deemed to preclude the Surviving Corporation and the Subsidiaries from amending or terminating any plan, program or arrangement, transitioning Continuing Employees to any employee benefit plan, program or arrangement of Parent, or terminating the employment of any Continuing Employee, and; provided, further, that nothing herein shall be deemed to amend any Benefit Plan. Parent shall, or shall cause the Surviving Corporation to, assume (or, by virtue of the Merger, be deemed to have assumed) all liabilities and obligations of the Company with respect to any employment agreements in accordance with their terms, other than any employment agreement that terminates in connection with the Merger pursuant to the terms of any new employment arrangement or offer letter entered into between Parent and a Continuing Employee.

  • Employees on Layoff A classified employee who receives an Employer Contribution, who has three (3) or more years of continuous service, and who has been permanently or seasonally laid off, remains eligible for an Employer Contribution and all other benefits provided under this Article for an extended benefit eligibility period of six (6) months from the date of layoff.

  • Employees' Compensation The Consultant shall be solely responsible for the following:

  • Employees; Benefits Employer agrees that any and all benefits that were provided to the Employee shall continue until _________________, 20____. In addition, the Employer shall assist the Employee in the transfer, change, or termination to any employment benefits, including, but not limited to, health insurance plans, dental insurance plans, vision insurance plans, life insurance plans, disability insurance, childcare benefits, wellness programs, retirement plans, government assistance programs, and/or any other program or benefit that was readily accessible and being used by the Employee.

  • Employees Covered (a) Pursuant to and in accordance with all applicable provisions of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, as amended, Chrysler Canada Inc., herein called the Company does hereby recognize the Union as the exclusive representative for the purposes of collective bargaining in respect to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, and other conditions of employment for the term of this Agreement of all employees of the Company included in the bargaining units described in Schedule "A".

  • Compensation of Employees Compensate its employees for services rendered at an hourly rate at least equal to the minimum hourly rate prescribed by any applicable federal or state law or regulation.

  • Employees and Employee Benefits 7.1 Effective as of immediately prior to the Closing, Sellers will terminate the employment of all of their offshore employees who are compensated on either a hourly or day rate basis (“Offshore Employees”). Buyer hereby agrees that it will as promptly as practicable after the date hereof offer employment to all of the Offshore Employees, to be effective as of the Closing. As promptly as practicable after the date hereof, but in any event at least five (5) days before the Closing Date, Buyer shall offer employment to a majority of Sellers’ other employees who are listed on Exhibit G attached hereto (“Other Employees”). All of the Offshore Employees and Other Employees who accept employment with Buyer shall be employed by Buyer on terms as to salary and insurance benefits substantially equivalent to those presently provided by Sellers. Sellers have made and will make no other representation or warranty or any other statement or communication regarding Buyer’s right, ability, plan or intention to employ any employee of Sellers or the terms and conditions upon which any such employee may be employed by Buyer or its Affiliates, and will not make any such representations, warranties, statements or communications during the period beginning on the date hereof and ending on the Closing Date. Sellers shall pay in full all compensation, bonuses, accrued severance, and other payments that may result from the termination of employment by Sellers of any employee(s) of Sellers and any compensation due such employees up to and including the Closing Date. Sellers shall provide Buyer a list of those employees terminated by Sellers on or before the Closing Date and shall confirm to Buyer in writing the communication of said terminations. Buyer or its designee shall be responsible for and shall assume any and all costs, obligations or liabilities directly related to the termination by Buyer or Buyer’s designee of any former employee of Seller who is hired by Buyer or Buyer’s designee on or after the Closing Date. After the Closing Date, Buyer shall provide to employees of Sellers hired by Buyer the seniority such persons had as Seller’s employees, for purposes of determining employee benefits, including health insurance and benefit plans of every kind, and such newly hired employees shall be entitled to participate in all employee benefits (including health insurance) immediately upon the Closing Date, with no waiting period prior to participation, if allowed by applicable laws and regulations. Neither Buyer nor its designee is, or shall be deemed to be, a successor employer to Sellers with respect to any employee benefit plans or programs of Seller or its Affiliates, and no plan or program adopted or maintained by Buyer or its designee after the Closing Date is or shall be deemed to be a “successor plan,” as such term is defined in ERISA or the Code, of any such plan or benefit program of Sellers or their Affiliates.

  • Holiday Pay for Employees Laid Off An employee who is laid off at the close of business the day before a holiday who has worked not less than five (5) previous consecutive work days shall be paid for the holiday.